Fun at the Online Casino

We repeat this mantra again and again: online gambling at Springbok desktop and Springbok mobile casino should be fun first and foremost.   In this article, we will go into a little more depth on some of the ways many gamers successfully place fun at the top of the list of reasons to play at our online casino.

Play Online

When you play at an online casino, you can more easily keep your gaming in perspective.  You can play, clean house, work, go to the gym or pool, and do myriad other things.  Gaming may be important but it isn’t the sole reason you’re at the casino.

When you go to a land-based casino, gambling truly is the sole reason you’re at the casino.  All the free stuff they give you and all the bells and whistles are just background noise.  The real purpose is gambling and since people have already invested money getting to the casino, they are determined to get the most gambling under their belt in 24 -48 hours as possible.

So, in order to emphasize fun at the casino, it’s better to play online.

It’s a Game, Not a Mission

If you were playing a board game at home with family or friends and one of the players got all hot and bothered over an unimportant detail, you would probably think that he or she was a big baby.  Gaming is called gaming because it is really just gaming.

We always emphasize the game aspect over the winning aspect.  A lot of players understand this, too.  For instance, mobile gaming is now more popular than desktop gaming.  One aspect of mobile gaming is that people do it when they have a few minutes in their otherwise busy days.  People indulge in mobile gaming in short spurts whilst desktop gaming lends itself more to long stretches of gaming.

Mobile gaming at home is a relaxing activity; one we do at leisure whilst lounging on a soft sofa or stuffed chair.  The comfort that mobile casinos have brought to online gaming has allowed the game side of gaming to be front and centre rather than in the background.

Get Happy Quick, Not Get Rich Quick

Online gaming allows players to roam about the casino sampling from the many different games on offer.  People like to roam be it in nature or at the shopping mall.   Whilst on holiday in exotic locales, we all love to roam about the enchanting outdoor stalls where locals sell their wares to travelers and locals alike.

It is much, much easier to roam about an online casino than a land-based casino.

The notion that we can get rich quick at a casino tends to downplay the fun side of gaming in favour of the money side.  Very few gamers get rich quick at a casino.  This doesn’t mean that it’s wrong to take a fling at the progressive jackpot.   It’s fine to do so.  In fact, a lot of the short bursts of mobile gaming are on progressive slots. 


We suggest that players should view gaming as part of their entertainment budget.  In that way, players accomplish two very important goals.  One is to maintain a sound entertainment budget and, two, is to always see gaming as part of the fun side of your life.

Entertainment covers a vast spectrum of activities from eating in restaurants to cooking at home; from hiking in nature to lolling at the beach; from movies to concerts; and from Pong to poker!  No two people see the same things as equally entertaining.  But in the modern leisure packed world, everyone likes to be entertained.

Not every entertainment costs money.  But when it does cost money, we usually have a sense of how much we are spending on entertainment.  For instance, we might like to go out to eat but if we find that a given restaurant is quite expensive we’ll simply skip it in favour of another restaurant.

The same attitude applies to gaming.  This leads to a discussion of proper money management in gaming.

Money Management

The first step is to set a formal budget for gaming.  Even high rollers do this although they may not be fully aware that they are doing so.  A high roller may look for the casino that gives them the most benefits for gambling in high amounts there.

An average player has to set about to play with a set amount of money per session.  Once this wagering limit is settled, it is possible and quite desirable to see every game you play as part of an entertainment tapestry. 

There are a number of clichés to pertain to gambling.  Quit whilst you’re ahead; don’t throw good money after bad; money doesn’t grow on trees; and many others.

At an online casino, the random number generator determines every outcome so there is no logic to the notion of quitting whilst you’re ahead.  People who think that way and follow that motto don’t have much fun at the casino.  They quit when they get ahead.  Their main purpose in gambling at the casino is to get ahead so they can quit!

The random number generator also means that there is really no such thing as good money or bad money at an online casino.  If you see gaming as entertainment, then any money you might have lost so far in a gaming session is simply part of your entertainment budget.

Money most assuredly does not grow on trees; that’s why we set a budget for gaming.

Finally, we often tell our gamers to pay themselves a percentage from each win.  That way a gaming session might be shorter than it would be if they could bet all their winnings as well as their predetermined budget but it also means that there will always be money left over when a gaming session comes to a close.

In Short

The fun side of gaming is to experience many games; to play for the pure entertainment of playing; and to manage your money soundly.  Following these three precepts will always leave a smile on your face.