Exciting New Zealand

There are over one thousand online casinos these days.  What makes one casino stand apart from all the rest?  Similarly, there are many places that people can visit whilst on holiday.  What makes one holiday destination stand out from all the others?  Let’s see why New Zealand and Springbok Casino are a lot more than the sum of their parts.


Springbok Casino is much more than a safe place to play online casino games.  Springbok caters to players from all over the world but we do emphasize our connection to gamers from South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.  As such, we like to say that Springbok is the top online casino for New Zealand.

New Zealand

When people from other countries think about New Zealand they usually think about cold weather, a country far from any other country, snow-covered mountains or conversely miles upon miles of beach.  Some people actually know the word kiwi and have eaten the fruit by that name.  Some know that New Zealanders call themselves Kiwis as well!

More than Games; More than “Kiwis”

Both Springbok Casino and the island nation of New Zealand are much more than the sum of their parts.  Let’s look at Springbok Casino first.

Springbok has a few hundred games.  Most of the games are slots or pokies depending on what you call them.  The casino also features many other games.  Believe it or not, there are casino gamers who prefer blackjack, roulette, craps, or table poker variations.  Some come to the casino just to play video poker, bingo, keno or another game whilst some use the advantage of playing online to “travel” across the casino sampling from every game on offer!

At Springbok, you can try out a different game in free play mode and stay with that game as long as you wish.  And you can return to your favourite game at any time!

New Zealand

Some people like mountains and some people like coasts.  In New Zealand, locals and visitors alike can “travel” from mountains to coasts in a very short time.  The mountains are rugged and cold affording great views of valleys, the coasts, cities, or the vast empty expanse of ocean.  The coasts may have sandy beaches or form the perfect juxtaposition of contrasting natural beauty: rugged, rockiness with the pristine beauty of beach and ocean.

New Zealand is two main islands and a large number of smaller islands.  Visitors with enough time can and should spend time on both islands.  You are never far from a city and the cities are the best that urban life offers: not too big or full of themselves.

It is even possible to walk from one end of the bigger cities to the other end.  Walking is the best way to see a city since you can look at every sign, peruse in every window, go into interesting shops, or sample Kiwi street food.  After some tine in a city, the warmth of the country folk welcomes travelers as well.

Benefits of a Coldish Climate

There are no poisonous snakes or insects in New Zealand.  If you go on holiday to any of the permanently warm places, you can never be sure that there isn’t a bug ready to pounce or a snake ready to snap at your boot heels.  You don’t have to travel all the way to ever-frozen Antarctica to see penguins; penguins live at the southernmost point of the South Island!

New Zealand offers many places where you can stand at water’s edge, in a fjord, and look out at snow covered mountains and watch the morning fog roll in and then roll out again.  In the rest of the world, you need to be in Norway for the perfectly shaped fjord lined by mountains and you need to be in San Francisco to watch the fog roll in and then roll out again!  Try doing those things on the same day!


Since New Zealand is a series of islands that actually are the tops of volcanic mountains plunked down in the middle of the ocean, you can walk in a volcanic landscape.  In the United States, you might want to be in Los Angeles and in Yellowstone National Park on the same day and at the same time but, alas, they are more than one thousand miles apart.

New Zealand is also a culinary delight.  With over 14,000 miles of coastline, you would expect to find the finest seafood and deep sea salt water fish and with many lakes and streams, you can also sample a wide variety of fresh water fish.

Meat eaters will savor the many ways Kiwis prepare lamb.  The Maori were the native New Zealanders.  Like many indigenous peoples, they have their own unique cooking method called the Hangi.  The Maori can prepare anything with the Hangi from meat to fish to delicate desserts.

In short, New Zealand offers a lot of holiday fun in a small package.

Springbok Casino

We hope you now realize that New Zealand has a great deal to offer holiday seekers.  Similarly, Springbok Casino has a lot to offer online gamers.  In addition to the wide assortment of games, the casino has many promotions to keep the gaming juices flowing.

One of the most popular promotions is daily slots tournaments.  These so-called competitions are arranged to emphasize the pure fun of playing pokies!  The entry fee for Springbok slots tournaments is usually no money at all!  Where there is an entry fee, it is always very modest.

The prize money is commensurate with the low entry costs so players who play in the tournaments do so for the fun of spinning the reels and not for the chance to hit a giant jackpot.

Springbok also has much to offer players who do hope to hit a giant progressive jackpot!

The casino runs a very favourable comp points promotion, has a state of the art mobile adjunct to the parent desktop casino, and Instant Play so you can play directly on your computer through your server without needing to download the entire casino.

Springbok offers deposit bonuses every day and they come with very favourable wagering requirements so you’ll quickly be able to withdraw winnings if you wish to do so and have had a modest degree of luck.

Springbok Casino has a customer service office that never closes.  We welcome calls, emails, and chat at any time.  We’re always prepared to answer any question and to get the answer quickly if by some chance the representative doesn’t know the answer off hand!

Putting Two and Two Together

The draw of Springbok Casino means that locals and visitors alike can play excellent casino games in excellent online conditions and spend the rest of their free time exploring the magnificent islands of New Zealand.