Online casino gaming takes our minds off everyday matters

Some people see casino gaming as a trivial activity.  This approach is meant to denigrate playing online casino games.  Naturally, we at Springbok, the top online casino for New Zealand disagree with this point of view and see the entire matter quite differently.

In this article, we will talk about how online casino gaming is a great way to help us keep everyday matters in perspective.

Online or Land Based Gaming

One of the elements that pervades online gaming in this regard is completely absent from land based casino gaming.  When we play online, we have the flexibility of playing for as long or as short a time as we choose.  When we travel to a land-based casino, on the other hand, we likely want to get the most gaming in so we play on and on even when in our heart of hearts we know that we should stop for the time being.

Land based casinos know this so they almost always have neither windows nor clocks.  Gamers quickly lose their perspective of time whilst, when you play online, you always know the time and whether it’s day or night.  You don’t feel compelled to keep playing in order to get our “money’s worth” of gaming in before we have to return home.


Having said all this, we are also well aware that the type of perspective most players want is how to maintain an even keel in these uncertain times.

Entertainment is the way most of us get our minds off of the litany of daily events that trouble us.  Recent events in New Zealand have brought this point to the fore.  Some might say that looking to be entertained in the wake of horrible events is immoral.  This is a very serious mistake.

Human beings are hard-wired to laugh, smile, and be happy.  Smiling, laughing, and being happy is the essence of entertainment and we can no more give up entertainment than we can give up the many other aspects of life that sustain us.

Online casino gaming is just one small part of the vast world of entertainment.  It is no less important to the gamers who enjoy it than are movies, television series, restaurants, stand up comedy, museums, or any of the hundreds of other ways we keep ourselves entertained and through entertainment keep a healthy perspective on everyday matters.

What is Perspective?

In this sense, perspective means a healthy way of looking at events.  The stress is strongly on the concept of “healthy”.  Without the element of mental and emotional health, we might quickly fall into the trap of cynicism or depression.

How Does Online Gaming Help?

Online casino gaming is a perfect conduit for getting away from it all”.  Whether a gamer plays the games of pure chance such as slots, roulette, or craps, or the casual games on offer here at Springbok, or they play the more cerebral games such as poker, video poker, or blackjack, the perspective gaming offers is essentially the same: we find a way to let go for a while and in so doing stay on an even keel amidst the waters raging all about us.

How Professionals Describe Perspective

Professionals, primarily psychologists, and sociologists talk about ways to maintain a healthy perspective.  We’ll discuss a few of them and will show how casino gaming helps.


Feeling a deep sense of thankfulness at the best that modern living has to offer is one major way to keep perspective.  Pokies are the perfect gaming format for this side of developing and maintaining healthy emotions.  Modern people often complain that “others” have more money and more luxuries than they have.

Gratitude looks at this in the exact opposite way.  Modern people, even poor people, if they live in an advanced economy are far wealthier than the really wealthy were in centuries past.  When we play a pokies game from ancient Greece or Rome or from the Inca or Aztec societies, we can enjoy the vicarious experience whilst at the same time reveling in our great good fortune to be alive in modern times!

Play as Therapy

In his monumental work of psychology “The Road Less Taken”, M. Scott Peck spoke about the importance of play from the perspective of childhood.  He encouraged adults to reconnect with their childhoods by observing children.  In his terms, everything children do is a form of play.

Controlling Our Emotions

We mentioned maintaining healthy emotions.  Gaming in every form from casino gaming to Sudoku and all other games ought to give us a powerful sense of just how much modern life is given over to “gaming”.  The ancients and not from millennia ago but rather from mere centuries ago spent the bulk of their time surviving.

Of course, even thousands of years ago people played games but they did so in the shadow of dangers and forces they did not fully understand.  We can surely see that keeping our emotions in a healthy mode is part of what gaming is all about.

Online casino gaming must not become a pursuit of instant wealth.  Rather, it should be the pursuit of “instant fun”.  By emphasizing fun, and to do so we need to stay within our financial means at all times, we control our emotions instead of having them control us.

Point of View

Perspective in the sense we mean here is related to point of view but not as opinion.  Rather it means a vantage point.  Just as we look for theatre tickets for seats with a good vantage point, so do we need to see everyday events from a healthy vantage point.

Playing casino games allows us to vicariously enjoy many vantage points.  Every game is slightly or greatly different from all the others.  In one place, the online casino, we have many varied vantage points.  The experience we get from playing these many games can be replicated in our daily lives as we begin to see the same events from different “angles” so to speak.

Gaming is More than Mere Gaming

As inconsequential as gaming may seem at first glance, the fact that so much of modern life is a form of gaming leads to a very different conclusion: that gaming is a vital part of modern daily life and that online casino gaming is a superior form of casino gaming.