The war against Covid-19: let’s play casino games and be happy

As you calmly play casino games on your PC or phone, the world is collapsing into chaos.  Leaders of the western world are looking increasingly infantile in their feeble attempts to combat the all-new scourge of planet Earth – the inimitable novel coronavirus.

Covid-19 Denialists and Parking Lots for Quarantine 

Deadly denialists like Jair Bolsanaro – and dare we say duh Donald – have blood on their hands, and LA is herding the homeless into covered parking lots to quarantine them off from the well-hung and well-heeled of the capitalist Californian city.

Boris, the other guy with really bad hair, is himself suffering from the contagion – but it’s not the Corona beer virus he has to quaff down and swallow – it is genuine Covid-19.  Had herd immunity been imposed as a defence strategy, the puffed-up PM would be a sacrificial deer and legions of old folk collateral damage!

SA Law Enforcement in Lockstep

Right here in South Africa, the SANDF is marching in quick step with the SAPS in an effort to contain millions of people who really have nowhere to hide.  Grey-haired gogos are forced to brave an increasingly alarming infection rate to grab a grant and queue for hours just to get food on the table… and all the while there’s a lockdown in full force!

In the meantime, the clever okes are self-isolating and reading great American novels, wining wads of currency playing casino games online, and getting the downward facing dog just right on their balcony-ensconced yoga mats.

The only revolt brewing in the leafy suburbs is an open defiance against the bans of dog walking, cabernet sauvignon and cigarettes!  From Constantia, Knysna and Kenton-On-Sea to Houghton, Hilton and Sandton City, casino games are in and jogging is out!

Testing All Around Should be the Global Cry 

Italy has been decimated and Spain is on its knees… but over in Germany, Angela Merkel has been singing the ‘testing, testing, testing’ tune, to awfully good effect.  Whether its German austerity or the jackboot mentality, the Saxons are streets ahead when it comes to battling the virus of all viruses, eyes front and head on.

The USA is back to the dark days of 9/11 but this time the terrorists are silent, opaque and horribly efficient. The bulk of Republicans may be pushing for a full-blown return to economic activity – by Easter nonetheless – but it really is sheer lunacy considering the fractious country has the highest infection rate of all.

Interestingly enough, had you watched the now ‘trending’ Netflix documentary “Pandemic” (which happened to hit screens on 22 January 2020), you’d have seen Dr. Syra Madad – senior director of New York City’s Health and Hospitals System-wide Special Pathogens Program at the forefront of the “next pandemic battle”.

Yet look at the current state of the Big Apple?  It is evident that the next big one was predicated, as per “Pandemic” – yet New York is overcome with Covid-19 infections and over 1000 deaths.  Is it a failure on their part – or is President DT not doing what is necessary to flatten the curve?

How Things Have Changed... 

Respirators are more valuable than a barrel of oil or ingot of gold, face masks are no longer the sole apparel of bandits and dental hygienists – and the nefarious among us are using SARS-Cov-2 as an excuse to hack, pillage and steal… and an original Vincent van Gogh nogal!

A Mexican brand has become instantly recognisable as purveyors of the beer coronavirus and no self-respecting mama will ever encourage her son or daughter to become a healthcare worker again.

Sports betting at your local bookie has all but disappeared, online casino games are everyone’s BFFs and guys like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have to learn to take radical pay cuts on the chin!  Even Wimbledon and the Olympic games have been given short shrift by a self-replicating lurgy with a license to kill!

Lockdown-Induced Domestic Violence Down Under  

Down under in Australia, isolation-induced domestic violence is on an upward trajectory.  Sheilas are not only doing their darndest to avoid infection, they are having to stay lithe and agile in an effort to avoid Bruces’ blows – nice one fellas!

Japan is now on the back foot, with infection rates and fatalities creeping up and up yet South Korea is a model of efficiency when it comes to flattening the curve.  Yet across the border in Pyongyang a little plump guy with a bad buzz cut is dancing with the devil – and firing missiles that fizzle out and fall into the sea.

A Directionless Planet Floating in Space 

Where can we expect to get direction from during the most challenging and frightening pandemic the world has ever seen?  Well the populist American president and his best bud across the pond simply don’t cut it; the Queen and her cohorts are waiting things out in wayward Windsor, and the Sussexes have gone and jumped ship.

The Pope is preaching to the converted in an increasingly unoccupied Vatican City and guys and dolls like Xi Jinping, Moon Jae-In and Tsai Ing-Wen are themselves only emerging from the protracted nightmare of the fully fanged Covid-19.

Our President is a Man with a Plan! 

South Africans are duly impressed by the calm and considered approach of our President who happens to be a man you can turn to in times of trouble...  He’s a man with a plan – and a good one at that!  If it weren’t for his corrupt predecessor and the unforgiving ratings agencies that has literally branded our economy as “junk”, we’d be leaping like a Springbok (Casino) and flying like a bateleur!

President Cyril Ramaphosa did the right thing and promptly enforced national lock-down, leading the applauded example set by South Korea.  The only thing still lacking over here (but apparently in the works) when compared to the South Korean strategy, is mass-testing, testing, testing!

Lockdown is So Much More Bearable with Springbok Casino Games! 

As a caring collective with only one aim in mind – to flatten that frigging curve, we’re dealing with Covid-19 and holding steady.  If we have to spend the next six months in containment with only RTG casino games at Springbok Casino as entertainment, we’re all in as we, well most of us, realise the severity of the situation...

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