What the post-Covid-19 era might look like – and how you can play online casino games to safely wait out the storm!

The Covid-19 pandemic is re-shaping the world as we know it.  When all the dust has settled and the final body counts are in, we are going to re-enter a world that may not be unrecognisable… but different nonetheless.


As with all major changes, there are going to winners and losers, and by all accounts, it’s big tech that’s going to be laughing all the way to the bank.  

Meanwhile, people like you and I will be mourning our loss of privacy, our loss of mobility and our loss of the joie de vivre of belonging to a clan, a tribe or a family that we can hug, hold and embrace.

Screen Time Set to Skyrocket… Again  

In real terms, that means more screen time in the form of Zoom-enabled meetings, Skype-based greetings and PC-powered gambling sessions where online casino games are king.  Doctors consultations will be done telephonically and billed astronomically… whether you’re a paid-up member of a medical scheme or not. 

Teaching will feature the best remote educators wielding the best digital teaching aids but only for children of the wealthy and well-connected.  For the rest of the learners, school will still mean huddling together in ill-equipped classrooms, running the gauntlet of a shared latrine! 

Hey, we hear you cry!  What about peer interaction, however?  How are our kids going to learn social skills?  The easy answer on big tech’s lips is ‘via our super-cool social media platforms of course’… and that’s a terrifying prospect all of its own!  

Distributed Work Teams to Flourish  

Work from home will be as ubiquitous as ‘home work’.  The home office serenade has burst into full song and with the general populace nursing its wounds inflicted by the coronavirus long after it has come and gone, geographically dispersed work teams will remain the new-normal.

What was once an exclusively personal space where we could sleep, chill and entertain has morphed into a fragmented and busy space where everything goes. 

In the post-Covid world, home is the office, the classroom, the doctor’s rooms, the gym, the movie theatre and the casino where paying for online casino games is quick, easy and cashless.

One Big Deliveroo!  

Those of us born on the right side of the yawning financial divide will have everything delivered to our door in double quick time – by drone, driverless vehicle or in the case of developing countries such as ours, a semi-impoverished person on a motor bike with no personal protective equipment in sight!

Window shopping will mean tapping into store specials and squinting at options on the small screen.  Then it’s a tap to select, a swish to pay and a tap to release one big deliveroo!

Even data, documents, statistics and business systems and processes will be strictly deliverable via cloud and streaming technologies. 

If you fancy your online casino games in the live dealer format, you can get the action streamed in real-time to your device… and on-demand too! We know that’s already happening and has been for a while – but just a gentle reminder that there’s more to work… remember to play!

Supply Chains Will Go from Global to Strictly National  

The concept of globalisation has been dealt a resounding blow.  Cross-border trade as we know it is likely to shatter into a million small pieces.

If there is one thing we’ve learnt from the Covid-19 debacle it’s the fact that once trusted global supply chains can break down – leaving healthcare workers unprotected and potentially infectious people unscreened and untested.

The offshoot of failed supply chains is more locally manufactured parts, components and goods and for a country like South Africa, that can’t be a bad thing.  More local manufacture means more jobs – and more jobs means enhanced levels of security and contentment… and boy, can we do with some of that!

A Hidden Workforce Will Emerge That’s Unappreciated and Under Paid 

A future that relies almost exclusively on the services and innovations of big tech is a future with a very different labour market.

Teachers, doctors, shop assistants, event organisers, travel agents and drivers will be less in demand while tens of millions of underpaid and over-exploited worker bees will toil away in content writing mills, data centres, warehouses and electronic workshops, pumping out products and services developed by big tech.

Wherever possible, automations and machines are destined to replace human beings in the immediate future.  We are after all not only deeply fallible but a major weak link in the biohazard chain!

In our no-touch future, anyone who interacts face-to-face in the course of their work will have to re-invent themselves – or join the increasingly expanding ranks of the unemployed.

That means places like Sun City, Macau and Las Vegas are going to feel the heat as due to the after-effects of Covid-19, online casino games will definitely gain supremacy.

Everything You Do Will be Trackable and Traceable 

Now that governments all over the world are collaborating with tech companies to track and trace people with the coronavirus, the flood gates of personal data mining has begun.

That means big brother is keeping tabs on everything you do… from who you talk to and where you go to what you buy. We all know once bureaucrats have a stranglehold on our actions and movements there’s no such thing as privacy only acquiescence to the higher power and not a benevolent one at that!

That’s the Future… in the Meantime, Chill Out and Play Online Casino Games!  

All the predicted trends discussed right here are for a future without Covid-19.  What we have to focus on right now is taking care of ourselves… and that means staying at home in an effort to arrest the rate of infection.

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