Springbok Mobile Casino South Africa may not have wheels or wings but our games are amazing and our support services tops!

It wasn’t too long ago that even the idea of a mobile casino South Africa was enough to raise an amused smile. Now it is the preferred platform of millions of players who probably can’t imagine a world without digital technology.  Extrapolate the speed of innovation to futuristic concepts like robocars, flying taxis and vacuum-based mass-transit facilities and the future… is now!

A few decades ago, drones, virtual reality headsets and multi-purpose hand-held devices were strictly the props in sci-fi movies.  Today they are no big deal at all.  NASA barely gets a mention, intra-galactic travel is unremarkable and there is a permanently manned station in space. 

Privately owned companies are about to blast tourists into orbit and consumers can buy anything and everything remotely online.  Even the mobile casino South Africa has evolved from a pretty rudimentary tool.  Now days it is a fully functional gambling platform that is an extension of Springbok Casino in all the important ways.  

Our mobile casino South Africa is responsive, agile and packed with the features required to support a seamless gambling experience on the move.

In the context of vehicles, Isaac Asimov, HG Wells and Arthur C Clarke punted electric cars, reusable rockets and self-driving shuttles in their best-selling novels more than fifty years ago.  In 2020 electric vehicles (EVs) are plying road routes worldwide.  Hang, they are even available in various makes and models right here in SA. 

As for the reusable rockets, our very own Elon Musk is the brain behind the Space-X missile.  In a series of recently conducted tests the missile settled snugly back onto its launch pad after being sent thousands of metres into the stratosphere.  If EVs are a reality and recyclable rockets not too far off, when are we going to see driverless cars, flying shuttles and transit systems that can reach speeds of 1,000 kph and more? 

Here is a round-up of fabulously futuristic vehicles that have already made an appearance right here on earth.  If the slow but steady tech-based evolution of Springbok Mobile Casino South Africa is anything to go, you can expect to be whizzing around rather effortlessly in no time at all:

Flying Cars - Inner-City Commutes at 320 kph! 

Cars may not quite be circumventing the skies but if Uber has anything to do with it, there will be a fleet of on-demand air-borne taxis doing the rounds by the end of next year.  The massively successfully ride-hailing platform recently launched a prototype of their air taxi… and it is pretty impressive to say the least.

 Uber, in collaboration with automotive manufacturer Hyundai, came up a fully electric vehicle fitted with eight counter rotating blades - some fixed and others adjustable. 

The partially finished product is quiet, manoeuvrable and capable of tight vertical take-offs and landings.  Battery recharges take under 10 minutes, cruising speed is a mind-blowing 320 kph and each vehicle has a 100 km range.  As far as comfort goes, there is more than enough head- and leg-room for four bulky passengers.  If Uber gets its way, there will be air taxi hubs located on the ground all over the world’s major cities in the not too distant future. 

How do you get to and from your Uber air ride?  Well, an army of driverless vehicles is planned to shuttle passengers around.  With hair-raising velocity coupled with Uber’s reliability, the air taxi gig promises to be a quick inner-city commute if ever there was one! 

In way of comparison, it is kind of similar to the speed at which the games load at the #1 instant play and mobile casino South Africa… you know, the highly recommended gaming platforms bearing the Springbok Casino brand?

Hyperloop - Hyper-Fast Travel in Smart Skins  

If you are looking for an energy-efficient mass-transit system that can get you from A to B at a maximum speed of 1,223 kph, the Hyperloop matches your requirements… and then some.  It is another incredibly innovative concept dreamt up by the very same Elon Musk who has given us the reusable rocket and the Tesla electric car. 

The Hyperloop is essentially a series of interlocking tubes, four metres in diameter, that are placed on six metre high pylons.  Moving at high speeds inside the tubes are pressurised capsules clad in smart skins.  Electrodes embedded in the skins constantly monitor information like temperature, stability and the integrity of the system and transmit it in real-time to a centralised hub.

Each capsule accommodates up to 50 passengers and is intentionally designed for the ultra-high speeds generated by the low-pressure vacuum inside the tube.  The integration of solar panels on the exterior of the tubes has made the system even more energy efficient. 

With a 40 second departure rate from stations, and the tubular segments engineered to go above and below ground, the Hyperloop is a game changer.  It is already fully operational at two separate sites - a test track outside Las Vegas and the SpaceX HQ in California.

Our mobile casino South Africa may not be as smart or as fast as the Hyperloop but it has the entertainment value that even Elon Musk can’t buy!  Why not sign up and see what all the fuss is about?  We may not be revolutionary but we sure are fun… and we pay out winnings quickly and in hard cash!

Private Robocars - Complex, Convoluted and Some Way Off 

Autonomous cars may seem comparatively simple compared to our other futuristic vehicles but according to the engineers out there… they are so not.  One of the major problem areas is the fact there are real drivers on the road.  Unlike algorithms, software and machines, human beings are unpredictable… and that’s what makes it so difficult to create a safe autonomous driving system that’s effective on a large scale.

In the meantime, robocars are busy doing what they do best but only in controlled environments that have been scanned, mapped and stress-tested.  That means you are only likely to see driverless pods delivering groceries in urban areas in Texas or autonomous shuttles ferrying retirees around in old age communities in Florida.  

The dream of semi and fully self-driving cars is still very much alive but it is going to take lots of careful computing to get things to a point where road safety is no longer an issue.  Maybe they should consider programming predictability into us humans instead!

Springbok Mobile Casino South Africa - Futuristic and Fun! 

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