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African Wild Dogs are anatomically built for the hunt.  They are smart, democratised and operate as a group.  It’s not only at an online casino South Africa that having a strategy pays off!  These wily carnivores are capable of running long distances, and can crank up the speed, culminating in a hunting strategy that almost always delivers dinner!

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How did the Wild Dog earn the evocative nickname Painted Wolf?  Well, contrary to popular opinion, it is not an artistic notion – but rather a direct translation of its Latin name ‘Lycaon Pictus'.  That does of course mean that even scientists have a penchant for artistic creativity.

Whether its pure science or science with an arty twist, Painted Wolf is an apt description of the canine’s kaleidoscope-coloured pelt featuring bright russets, chocolate browns, pitch blacks, buttery yellows and feathery white tail bits.

An Agile and Creatively Camouflaged Predator of the African Bush

The intricately overlayered patchwork of hues serves as camouflage capable of concealing the animal in a range of habitats.  That, together with speed, stamina and tried and tested tactics, makes the Painted Wolf one of the deadliest predators in the African bush.

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Speed, Stamina and Tactics Pay Off in a Big Way

What is the top speed of this graceful canid?  A blistering 70 kph that can be sustained for more than an hour!  Although the strength and pace of the animal is undeniably impressive, it is the strategy they adopt for the hunt that is unique and carefully co-ordinated.

When African Wild Dogs spot potential prey, all the adults work together in a cohesive and constantly communicative group.  Some chase the hapless creature at speed while others lope slowly behind.  Once the frontrunners are tired, they are replaced with fresh sets of legs that pursue the prey until it falls exhausted to the ground.

For the African Wild Dog, the best hunting strategy almost always leads to a communal feast.  At the number one online casino South Africa, tactics can be as rewarding.  Instead of sinking your teeth into a tasty treat, there is always the chance of cashing out with a nice fat bankroll!

Anatomically Evolved to be a Killer

Scientists believe the Painted Wolf has evolved anatomically over the millennia to become the rapid and rapacious killer it is today.  Unlike other members of the canid family, Wild Dogs only have four toes rather than five.  The de-digitisation apparently facilitates increased speed and the extended length of the stride.

What is interesting is there is a tiny fifth digit concealed beneath the skin of each forepaw.  What is the function of this diminutive inner toe?  Scientists believe it enhances the animal’s awareness of the position and movement of its body – or in scientific speak, proprioception.

What is more, the Wild Dog’s leg muscles are elongated and contain fatigue-resistant muscle fibres.  Rotational capabilities of the animal’s wrists and forearms are reduced, ostensibly to maximise stability while on the run.  There is even a coiled ligament in the forepaw that thrusts the dog forward like a spring!

That is only the stuff the scientists actually know about – and there are sure to be many more revelations to come!

Conceived, Designed and Developed to Entertain

At Springbok Online Casino South Africa, we may not have evolved over the millennia to become the best online casino platform.  We were developed that way.  In fact, we have got all the functions and features to deliver an awesome real money gambling experience all round.

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Caring, Sharing and Consensus-Reaching Canids

Although these carnivores are particularly ferocious on the hunt, they are caring and empathetic to fellow clan members.  The injured, ill and young are given first dibs of the kill.  If the pups are too small to tear off chunks of meat and chew, the adults regurgitate part of their meal directly into their gawping little jaws!

Although the clan is dominated by an alpha male and female that mate for life, the social structure is more democratic than was once believed.  In fact, the dogs use a variety of hoots, yelps, yaps and sneezes to cast their vote, predominantly over whether it is an opportune time to hunt or spend another lazy afternoon relaxing in a heap.

It’s a Sneeze-to-Vote Society

When it is time to say yay or nay, the dogs gather in what is known as a ‘rally’ to perform a highly excitable pre-hunting ritual.  They wag their tails, gently butt heads, dash around like playful pups and sneeze.  What is the significance of the achoos and bless yous?

Sneezing is the clever canines’ version of casting a vote.  The numbers needed to reach consensus depend on who started the nasal exertions in the first place!  How awesome is that?

According to one study of the Wild Dogs of the Okavango Delta, when an alpha dog takes the lead in sneeze-induced decision-making, only three other pack members have to respond accordingly to arrive at consensus. When an ordinary dog calls for a vote with a sniffle or loud sternutation however, 10 additional sneezes are required to get the entire pack up, alert and ready to hunt!

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