Eat grapes, drink wine and be healthy – learn how to grow your bankroll at the best Kiwi online casino at the same time!

Whether you are tanking back the wine as you power up the #1 Kiwi online casino or popping perfectly sun ripened Black Beauties into your mouth, grapes are central to New Zealand culture.  The good news is grapes aren’t only the antecedents of fine wines.  They are packed with health-optimising compounds!

How Grapes Can Enhance the Happiness Factor

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that grapes – upcycled into the finest Pinot Gris, Malbec or Tempranillo – is happy juice… for the first few bottles in any event.  What is interesting is the fact that it is not only the alcohol per volume that makes dour people ecstatic… it is the compounds in the grapes!  Get this though – they may be anti-depressive in nature, but their names are enough to make a grown man cry.

What are these decidedly cheery compounds called?  How about dihydrocaffeic acid and malvidin-3-0 glucoside, for heaven’s sake.  They may as well be pared down to something incomprehensible like DHCA and mal-gluc – which, in reality, they really are.  See, the joke is on you and we haven’t even started drinking yet!

These clever compounds modulate inflammation and synaptic plasticity to create a change in how the synapses send messages to and from the brain.  Hit a bottle of Cloudy Bay Te Wahi Pinot Noir, and there is a good chance you will grin widely – even as you lose your inhibitions and resultantly your bankroll at the best Kiwi online casino… and we all know the best Kiwi Online Casino is Springbok Casino NZ!

Scientists may not understand exactly why polyphenols in grapes have therapeutic qualities, yet they only know that they do.  That is good enough for us.  So, drink up and be merry – whether you win a wad of banknotes playing Kiwi online casino games… or not!

The Fruit of the Vine is Nature’s Sunblock

Ever wondered why the inebriated never get sunburnt?  Well, that is not entirely true.  We’ve seen how passing out in the midday sun after too many brewskies can lead to a human resembling a lobster more than anything else.  Yet, according to a recent study conducted in Spain – home to the best Rioja, Albarino and Cava – some of the flavonoids extracted from grapes can protect the skin against UV damage.

These plant-based polyphenols apparently inhibit the generation of compounds in the skin that eventually result in cell death.  All you have to do is eat around two and half cups of grapes a day, for 14 days, and you won’t look like an over-ripe tomato after spending time in the sun.

Alternatively, you can opt to drink a bottle of wine instead.  Why?  Well, there are around 1,204 grapes in a bottle of wine and 32 grapes in a cup.  That means it takes 37 cups of grapes to make a bottle, and only 30 minutes to get the necessary amount of flavonoids into your system to avoid getting sunburnt!  Capiche?

Whether you eat the grapes or drink the wine, the flavonoids block the harmful UV rays. They even repair DNA damage to the skin… and that is a proven fact!  The takeaway?  Drink wine and ditch the brewskies!

Cheers! Let’s Drink to Better Heart Health

Grapes are extraordinarily rich in all sorts of mineral and vitamins.  Guzzle down the equivalent of a cup of grapes – and we know that is about 32 berries – and you will get around a tenth of the recommended daily intake of potassium.

Without sufficient levels of potassium in your system, your muscles do not operate optimally, your nerve function is below par – and your kidneys are half-hearted in their attempts to filter impurities from the blood.  What is more, potassium is the trigger for every single heartbeat and your heart beats around one hundred thousand times a day without stop!

A low intake of potassium is linked to an increased incidence of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.  With that said, it is clearly time to stuff in the grapes, pop the corks and play the best real money casino games at Springbok Kiwi online casino!

A Question of Clink and Don’t Blink

Common age-related eye diseases like glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration are given a resounding smack from the polyphenols and flavonoids found in grapes.  With copious amounts of red- and green-skinned table grapes as part of your diet you will see better, for longer.

According to the researchers who have explored the wellness efficacy of grapes, it is that all-important compound called resveratrol that is key to better eye health.  This heavyweight polyphenol has powerful anti-inflammatory qualities and is nature’s response to vine injury or when the plant is under attack from viral and bacterial infections.

What is more, grapes contain antioxidants called zeaxanthin and lutein.  These compounds destroy free radicals and absorb excess light energy to prevent damage to the eyes.  They are especially effective at blocking high energy blue light from reaching the retina and have been associated with the prevention of macular degeneration.

If you want optimum vision in your old age and keep your eyes safe from blue light emitting screens while playing at our Kiwi online casino, we highly recommend you eat grapes every day.  Failing that, a carafe of ice-cold Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay will do.  Best to keep the carafe down to just one or you may find the day passes in a blur.

It is probably a good time to mention that you will need your wits about you when you play Blackjack, Deuces Wild or Caribbean stud at our Kiwi online casino!  That means putting the brakes on the quaffing while you focus intently on the cards.

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We have ascertained that grapes – and by extension wine – are really good for you.  The trick is to indulge but in moderation.  That kind of applies to everything you do, from eating and drinking to gambling real money at Springbok Casino.

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