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What has got Herculean processing power, the speed of Hermes and intelligence that far surpasses that of the Fagaku supercomputer?  Here is a clue.  It uses qubits to solve intractable problems.  If you are curious about quantum computing, read on.

Quantum Computing Tipped to Revolutionise the World

Why is quantum computing such a big deal?  If all the reports are true, quantum computing is poised to radically alter the world.  It is based on simulating the unexpected in order to solve problems far beyond the realm of conventional computers.

What the Future Looks Like with Quantum Computing as the Mainstay

With this exciting new technology, online casino games are more random than ever before.  Game maps, puzzles, bonus games and character encounters in video games are unpredictable, in every sense of the word.

A New Breed of Games that Challenge Even More

Playing online casino games and video games alike becomes infinitely more challenging and rewarding once quantum computing is thrown into the mix.  For the first time in human history, the playing field is indeed level… for the players, the developers and even the operators, right here at Springbok Casino.

Failsafe Data Encryption

Data encryption becomes so advanced and sophisticated not even a genius can crack the code… unless he or she possesses the key.  Sensitive information at Springbok Casino is not just secure – it is literally hack-proof.

That of course means your real money deposits are safe and your bankroll is primed and ready to fund the best RTG online casino games.

Innovation is beyond the realm of possibility… and manufacturing output is so fast, it’s difficult to keep up.  With quantum computing in action, the world is a better place all around!

A Super-Charged Problem-Solving Tool

That of course is a future scenario.  A future when quantum computers are readily accessible – like the smartphones, apps, laptops and PCs are today.  In the meantime, we have to be satisfied that the IT giants are harnessing the power of qubits and moulding the quantum computer to create a super-charged problem-solving tool.

How Does Quantum Computing Differ from Classic Computing?


In essence, a classic computer is a calculator on steroids.  It is a virtual bean counter that relies on input, in the form of a programmed set of instructions, to achieve a task.  In the modern-day iteration, beans are replaced with bits, and bits exist in only two possible states – 0 and 1.

Bits are 0 and 1… or On and Off

An analogy that is often used to describe computer bits is the light switch.  It is either on (0) or off (1).  No other possible states exist.  In the world of online casino games, bits are the equivalent of the yes or no button in the Double or Nothing feature in Springbok Casino video poker!

Sequences of Bits are Algorithms

Long sequences of bits in various combinations create what are known as algorithms.  It is these algorithms that essentially decipher the data we enter into the computer and make the decisions required to solve problems.

An algorithm that most of us use multiple times every day is the Google search algorithm.  It sorts through hundreds of billions of webpages in the Google search index to find the site you want – and it achieves results in a fraction of a second.

Qubits are On, Off and On and Off

A quantum computer, on the other hand, relies on qubits to resolve problems.  Qubits aren’t arranged in sequences of 0 and 1.  Using the light switch analogy again, they can be on or off.  Here’s the kicker.  Qubits can be on and off – and anywhere in-between.  In the world of psychics, this is known as a superposition.

The Spinning Coin Analogy


To best explain this, consider a spinning coin.  When the coin eventually comes to rest is shows either heads – 0, or tails – 1. The superposition is effectively the coin spinning on its axis.  It is neither heads nor tails… but represents both sides of the coin across an entire spectrum of movement!

Qubits Simulate Unpredictable Subatomic Behaviour

In the real-world setting, qubits replicate the behaviour of minute atomic and subatomic particles.  Now one would think that everything in nature would be structured and predictable.  In the main state of thinking that is true.

When you deep dive to the smallest scale, however, particles do not behave as they should.  They have the ability to take on two or more states – individually and at the same time.  They can be particles and they can be waves… and they can be waves of particles.

It is a bit like a cat being a cat and dog.  In the world of quantum, nothing is certain or predictable!

Uncertainty is the Keystone of Intractability

Why are qubits developed to mimic uncertainty?  That’s because conventional computers can’t – and uncertainty and unpredictability are the keystones of intractable problems.  With the quantum computer it is possible to solve problems that are out of reach of the existing supercomputers.

Multi-Tasking and Electrifying Computing Speed

Now we already know computers deliver results in fractions of seconds.  The problem is they can only do one thing at once.  Take a maze for example.

A standard computer navigates every single path, one by one, until it finds the correct route.  A quantum computer, on the other hand, goes down each path simultaneously.  One can’t even imagine the speed it takes to resolve exactly the same problem.

Expect Quantum Computing to Deliver True Randomness at Springbok Casino!

How can quantum computing enhance the online casino games experience at Springbok Casino?  It can and will overhaul random number generator software and how it works.

Rather than relying on sequences of 0 and 1 to create randomness, it will simulate the uncertainty of the quantum world in order to deliver what will be true unpredictability!

Now we know quantum computers aren’t going to be rolled out to you and I any time soon.  They are unstable, susceptible to electrical interference and have to be kept in a suitably chilled environment, colder than deep space.

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That does not mean the online casino games at Springbok Casino are not as fair as they can be at this point of time.  You are as protected as you can be against the current level of threats that are out there in cyberspace.

You will also be amazed at the generosity of our bonuses and how quickly the online casino games load in your browser… though certainly not at the computing speed of a quantum computer!  Why not sign up at Springbok Casino and try our software out?  We are sure you’ll be suitably impressed!