What do Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes and near death experiences share? They both elicit feelings of euphoria!

Near death experiences (NDEs) are common phenomena.  They are mostly defined by clarity of thought and feelings of peace, timelessness and complete bliss…  Perhaps some of the same feelings associated with cashing in on Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes.

Are near death experiences a window into the afterlife… or are they hallucinations of a dying brain?  We explore some of the fascinating spiritual explanations and plausible scientific causes.

Near Death Experience – A Blissful State of Being

People who have had close shaves with death often describe idyllic, otherworldly experiences.  All reach a point at which pain and panic ceases and only radiant light and beauty remains.  Memories – which are crisp, vivid and fast moving – flood the consciousness in waves.

Everything is as it should be and there is an overwhelming sense of oneness with the universe.  That is until optimal blood and oxygen flow resumes to reboot the brain and wrench the so-called ‘experiencer’ back into a conscious state!

Recovering from a near death experience is a bit like being awakened from a pleasant dream… but this time there are no cash winnings associated with the Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes!

Are NDEs Manifestations of “The Promised Land”?

To those who have not had profound religious experiences, NDEs offer a palatable version of the afterlife.  Rather than the suffering and trauma associated with death – dying appears to be serene and sublime.

What does this calm and blissful transition point look like?  Heaven, Paradise, The Promised Land – or however you refer to it – is described as a verdant meadow where plants resonate with colour and brightness.  It is mostly defined as a long tunnel through which the experiencer effortlessly travels towards the light.

The ’other side’, as witnessed by the near-death experiencer, is a place of tranquillity where time and space do not exist yet everything else is portrayed in four, five or even six dimensions.


How NDEs Compare to Springbok Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes and Games

In the context of online gambling, NDEs are the equivalent of Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes in terms of joy and excitement.  They are the high-resolution Springbok Casino games… the games that have broken the shackles of form and dimension as they transition to the HTML5 platform!

An Existential Meeting Place

Besides a calm, glowing and ethereal place where experiencers feel safe and unconditionally loved, many people who have cheated death report meeting up with late family members and friends.  Some have interacted with ‘heavenly beings’.  Others claim to have been in the presence of God.

Mind and Body Detachment

Another shared experience is the innate ability to detach from the body.  Many experiencers talk about leaving the physical form and floating gently above it.  A few have even reported travelling far beyond the confines of the room, building, neighbourhood and even city that their physical body was in!

Elevated Viewpoints of Strangers… Playing Springbok Casino Slots

Those declared unconscious or clinically brain dead can recall conversations between people at their bedside.  In one or two of the more prominent cases of NDE, experiencers have been able to describe physical items found in completely different locations… and from a viewpoint only possible through elevation.

Experiencers have even reported witnessing complete strangers doing random things miles away from their location, with their ‘visions’ later confirmed.  Imagine someone telling you that they saw you redeeming Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes at a specific time and date, while you were hundreds of miles away?  Mind-blowing stuff!

A Sneak Peek of What Awaits Us at End of Life

When seen through the lens of religion or spirituality, NDEs are manifestations of what awaits us when we die.  It is a sneak peek into the glory of everlasting life.  It is the ‘ultimate’ destination as described in the holy books and scriptures.

For large swathes of the global population, near death experiences are proof of the spiritual journey we are all destined to make.


How Science is Grappling with NDEs

Science and scientists have a completely different take.  The problem is there is that there is no certainty or consensus around the cause of NDEs.  At this point of time, there is a minefield of theories and hypotheses out there, none of which can be tested in a properly controlled environment.

Random Events Happening at Random Places at the Speed of Light

By nature, NDEs are random events which present scientists with only the smallest window of opportunity.  How do you analyse brain activity as a climber is falling off a rockface, or as a passenger is travelling at high speed towards an oncoming car?

It is like trying to determine the random outcome of a Springbok Casino slot… or which players are claiming Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes as they enter the information at the cashier.  It is simply not possible.

Promising Theories About NDEs

What are the most promising theories swirling around near death experiences?  A few neuroscientists believe it is a dreamlike state sandwiched somewhere between wakefulness and REM sleep – the stage of sleep where the brain is most active and memories are established.

Trauma Triggers a State of ‘Morpheus’?

Described as a ‘neurological borderland’, this dream state is capable of creating powerful hallucinations.  The very same type of imagery is associated with the recreational and medicinal use of hallucinogenics like LSD, morphine and psilocybin mushrooms.  Could it be the brain reverts to this dreamy state when ones mortally is threatened?

Feel Good Neurochemicals?

Another theory is when the brain is severely stressed, it floods the body with chemicals similar to endorphins.  These ‘feel good’ chemicals reduce the pain, dampen the trauma and trigger the strong feelings of euphoria typical of NDEs.

Endorphins are typically secreted when we exercise, achieve a set goal, or when the brain is active, stimulated and engaged.  This could probably describe the pleasant emotions we feel when Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes deliver real money winnings… for FREE!

Physical Changes in the Brain?

What is arguably one of the most feasible explanations revolves around changes to the brain.  The lack of oxygen through asphyxiation or near drowning can, for instance, trigger confusion, feelings of disorientation and hallucinations.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is associated with strong feelings of disembodiment.  Vision, especially periphery vision, is radically affected by inconsistent or reduced blood flow, leading to tunnel vision.

A Dying Brain Can Generate Weird Phenomena Associated with NDE

When the brain is dying, different areas responsible for different cognitive tasks power down one after the other, leaving a trail of physiological changes in their wake.

Could these changes manifest in a hyperactive brain capable of churning out thoughts, images and memories at a massively accelerated rate?  That is for you to decide.

In the meantime, you can chill out, claim our Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes and play the best RTG slots and table games.  There is, after all, a vast coterie of scientists postulating precisely that question!