Innovative inventions can either crash or succeed – can you guess which category Springbok Kiwi online casino falls into?

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, robotics and the Internet of Things, the world as we know it is fabulously futuristic – and includes access to Springbok Casino!  Ordinary apparel, appliances and utensils are re-imagined for the modern milieu and new inventions are launched every day… some more ‘creative’ than others.

Springbok Kiwi Online Casino – A Testament to Innovation

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Plenty of Splash-And-Crash Inventions

Not all conceptual designs and developments have been as warmly welcomed – or efficient – as our Kiwi online casino, Springbok Casino.  There has been a steady supply of way-out inventions, many of which have faded away into obscurity.

Here is a round-up of a few off the wall creations which made an initial splash… before sinking into a bottomless pit:

Fragrance-Based Taste Optimising Forks… Huh?

If you are a foodie, it is the combination of tastes, ingredients and flavours that get the gastronomic juices flowing… right?  Nope.  It is actually the aroma which is all-important.

That is according to one inventive bloke who decided to pair food fragrances with a carefully modified fork.  The idea was to deceive the brain into thinking a mouthful of steak, for example, was actually infused with ginger, basil, wood smoke… or one of 24 oil essences.

Synchronised Duplicitous Dining

The catch?  The extracts were not added to the food at all.  They were dropped, in minute quantities, onto an absorbent pad inserted into a depression on the fork’s handle.  The delicious fragrances assaulted the senses as the food hit the palate to create a taste sensation… which really wasn’t taste at all!

How is that for duplicitous dining?  Anyone for banana and butterscotch blitzed burgers… or fish fingers with a hint of passion fruit and chocolate?

Fine dining may not be on the menu at the number one Kiwi online casino but, rest assured, the online casino games, Springbok Casino bonuses and customer support services are as authentic as can be!

LED Slippers Lighting the Way… With Some Difficulty

Getting to and from the bathroom at night can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you are at an advanced age.  Enter LED slippers – warm and comfy footwear that helps you see in the dark.  What is the tech behind the all-seeing soft shoes?

Sensors, Timers and LED Bulbs

Besides the powerful cone-shaped LED lights capable of illuminating around 7.5 metres in front of the wearer, light sensors, weight sensors and built-in timers add more heft to the concept.

How do the devices improve night time navigation?  The slippers only turn on in the dark.  Step out of them and the LEDs automatically switch off after a 20 second delay – and that is just enough time to hop back into bed.

The only problem is the gizmos and gadgets integrated into the footwear weigh so much, it is difficult to put one foot in front of the other…  Considering that this is marketed towards seniors, it’s not such a bright invention after all.

Forget Gadgets and Zoom into Gaming Platforms Instead

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Not all inventions bomb – and bomb badly – on launch.  There are dozens of clever concepts changing the way we work, interact and communicate.  Here are two ultramodern inventions that may just be destined for bigger things:

Good Golly… a Robotic Exoskeleton to Beef Up Strength and Endurance


How would you like to slip into a robotic exoskeleton capable of giving you superhuman strength?  If you work as a freight handler or maintenance guy at an American airline, that is about to be part of the standard apparel.

What is the Guardian XO?

The Guardian is a full body, battery powered mobile system built to maximise the strength and stamina of the wearer.  Although the partial suit-like system clocks in at 68 kg, it supports its own weight.

By all accounts, the Guardian XO transforms heavy lifting into a no-sweat performance stunt.  Even better, it only takes 30 seconds to put on and take off!

Inspired By the (Dung) Beetle

When safely ensconced in the wearable tech, workers can lift payloads of 91 kg for up to eight hours… without feeling any adverse effects.  The designers claim they were inspired by the armoured exoskeleton and flexible joints of a beetle – all key elements integrated into the active robotic suit!

Mechanised Muscle Available Soon

That is an example of what a fine combination of nature and technology can do for human productivity… and worker safety too… and guess what!  The Guardian XO is expected to go mainstream any day soon, so sign up for your share of mechanised muscle.

If you can’t afford to wear endurance tech, you can build stamina by gaming at our virtual tables.  Our ever-expanding selection of online slots is complemented by a full quota of video poker and table games… hence our reputation as the leading Kiwi online casino!

A Smart Dog Collar Tethered to your Dog's Emotions


Have you ever wondered how your pooch is feeling?  A brand-new dog collar, which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning, may have the answer.  According to the developers who use big data as an analytical tool, it is the frequency and tenor of a dogs’ bark that is the emotional marker.

Activity Tracking and Bark Recording Capabilities

The nifty little gadget is paired with a mobile app and comes in various sizes and colours.  Along with a microphone and USB charging port to power up the tracking and recording capabilities, the collar has a LED display revealing the dog’s current emotional status.

Is Buddy Happy, Sad, Angry or Anxious Today?

Bark data gathered by the device is sent to the app via wi-fi where it is analysed to reveal one of five emotional states – happy, sad, angry, anxious or relaxed.  An accelerometer integrated into the collar calculates the number of calories your pooch has expended per hour, day, week and month.

Tap into Your Pet’s Emotions with 80% Accuracy

The app uses a database of thousands of bark samples from more than 50 small, medium and large breed dogs to deliver an emotional reading accuracy rate of 80%!  How awesome is that?

Our Kiwi Online Casino Makes Players Happy – It’s All in the Numbers!

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