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If you’re already a registered member at our mobile casino South Africa, we reckon you’ve made a smart choice as Springbok Casino remains the top-rated online gambling destination!  What determines whether you’re smart though?  How is intelligence measured – and could it be inherited?

What is Intelligence?

This is not an easy question to answer, as in reality, intelligence can be measured in many different ways.  That said, let’s first have a look at the word itself.  The literal description of ‘intelligence’ is “the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills” – but it is far from this simple.

It is also the “ability to think, to learn from experience, to solve problems, and to adapt to new situations.”  Now, if you read that – and really read into it – you might have spotted that intelligence, or intelligence quotient (IQ), is not based on one specific facet.

You might therefore find a student who tests very poorly, yet has an above average, or even superior intellectual capacity.  This shows the complexity of the human brain.  Over and above what we’ve mentioned, intelligence can also be defined by:

  • the capacity for logic,
  • the capacity for understanding,
  • the capacity for self-awareness,
  • emotional knowledge,
  • reasoning abilities,
  • planning abilities,
  • creativity,
  • and critical thinking.

What is the Average Adult IQ?

In short, around 68% of the people have an IQ of between 85 and 115 – with an average IQ of 100.  A small percentage of people have a very low IQ of below 70, or a very high IQ of above 130.  Interestingly enough, psychometricians have to recalibrate the standard tests through which IQ is measured every few years to maintain a mean IQ of 100.

Why is this necessary?  Traditional IQ tests that have been around for a century or so are outdated and heavily criticised.  This is because they fail to take things such as creativity, practical know-how and character into account.  As our concept of intelligence evolves, so does the need to re-evaluate the actual tests used to measure IQ.

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How Intelligence is Measured

Obtaining a true IQ score may not be that simple as there is a wide range of tests using different scales.  The most frequently used tests in South Africa are the Senior South African Individual Scales – Revised (SSAIS-R) and the UKs Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS), among others.

You might score 130 on one test and 148 on another.  Therefore, to gain membership into an organisation such as MENSA, candidates need to achieve a score “at or above the 98th percentile on a standard test of intelligence” – provided it is an approved method of testing.

Are Some Games at Springbok Casino for Smarter Players?

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If you have a propensity to seek out strategical games in our mobile casino South Africa games menu though, chances are you’re probably on the higher end of the IQ spectrum.  This doesn’t mean that games like poker or blackjack are reserved for smart players – not at all!

2 Greatest Minds of Our Time – Einstein & Hawking

How does the average mind compare with two of the greatest of our time – Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking?  These geniuses operated on an intellectual capacity deemed ‘very gifted or highly advanced’ (IQ range of 144+) according to the Stanford–Binet Intelligence Scale, or ‘very superior’ (IQ range of 130+) according to the Wechsler Intelligence Scales.

Both Hawking and Einstein are believed to have had an IQ of 160.

Make Way for the Grandmasters of Chess

Great news – you needn’t be a Grandmaster of anything to play at our mobile casino South Africa.  If you did, we’d hardly have any players at all!  This is because Grandmaster Chess players are actually anomalies.  They are believed to have the highest IQs in any profession – in fact, the top Grandmasters of Chess have IQs of about 180!

Both Russian chess Grandmaster, Garry Kasparov, and Norwegian chess Grandmaster, Magnus Carlsen have an IQ of 190!  We’ll stick to playing casino games at our mobile casino South Africa before taking on these two fellas!

Musicians Have a Higher IQ

According to the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) “Converging evidence has demonstrated that musical training is associated with improved perceptual and cognitive skills, including executive functions and general intelligence, particularly in childhood.”

The current pandemic and the resulting lockdown provided the perfect opportunity to test this theory. is the largest DIY community – and they co-ordinated a 6-month study involving 4,694 volunteers taking up a new hobby, such as knitting, playing at our mobile casino South Africa, or learning an instrument.

To establish a baseline, each volunteer had to take an IQ test prior to the study.  Thereafter they were grouped together according to the hobby they chose.  After the 6-month period ended, each volunteer had to take the IQ test again – and their scores were indexed and averaged.

Out of all the hobby categories, the greatest increase game from those who chose to learn an instrument.  On average, these new musos added 9.71% to their brainpower.  Prior to the study, the average IQ score in this category was 103 – this average increased to 113!

Are We Born with Our General IQ?

If you’re a smarty-pants, now’s the time to go thank your mama!  Genetics do play a role in intelligence – more precisely, there are specific genes that control cognition.  Many of the alleles responsible for cognitive intelligence are carried on the X-chromosome.  Since females carry double X-chromosomes, it is more likely that these alleles will be passed on to the children.

If you feel like you got the short end of the stick, don’t despair as the brain is plastic and forever changing.  Just as you can learn to play any game at our mobile casino South Africa, you can increase your IQ by acquiring knowledge – or finally learning how to play the piano, which will literally rewire the neural pathways in your brain!

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