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Break the bank at the best online casino South Africa and you too could be bidding for… a lot!  From 120-year-old chocolate to celebrity jackets – that is what clever collectors are snapping up at auction.  Here are 6 of the pricier items to go under the hammer.

1.  Cadburys from the Cache of Doomed Polar Explorers – R10,300

When you think of Cadburys Chocolate, images of deliciousness probably spring to mind.  Well, that is not really appropriate for one particular chocolate bar.  Unlike Springbok Casino, which is under a decade old, the sweet stuff is estimated to be twelve times that.  The question is – why the fuss… and a R10,300 auction price?

Among 1,500 kg Cargo of Chocolate

Anybody who knows their polar explorers, has heard of Captain Robert Falcon Scott – he of Scott versus Amundsen fame.  While preparing for his second, and sadly ill-fated expedition to Antarctica in 1910, Scott added 1,500 kg of cacao and chocolate to provisions.

Sold in Pristine Condition

The chocolate bar sold at auction was unopened and untouched, as Scott and his five companions succumbed to minus 40-degree Celsius temperatures while traversing the treacherous Ross Ice Shelf.  They were just 20 km away from the next support depot at the time.

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2.  Leather Jockstrap from Cinderella Man – R91,000

The next lot is a jockstrap.  Say what?  Yup, that tight piece of underwear designed to protect and support the ‘crown jewels.’  In this context, the said article of clothing was worn by Australian actor Russell Crowe.

Crowe played the role of the Irish American boxer, James J Braddock, in Cinderella Man.  Although the movie did not break box office records, it was a fair success and even got nominated for three Academy Awards.

A Lot in the Crowe Divorce Auction

Crowe managed to hang on to the slinky apparel piece, made solely from whole grain leather, until an acrimonious – and expensive – divorce forced him to auction it off.  He included the breastplate he wore in Gladiator in the lot.

His total takings for the day?  How about a cool R1,7 million – with the breastplate ultimately being the big-ticket item!

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3.  The Original Map of Winnie The Pooh – R8.5 Million

A beautifully illustrated piece of literary memorabilia, which undoubtedly catapults us all back to our respective childhoods, is the original Winnie The Pooh map.  It was sketched in 1926 by renowned illustrator, E H Shepard and sold for a small fortune in 2018.

Exotic Locations of Pooh’s Adventures

Apart from providing a snapshot of the wonderful world created by AA Milne, The Hundred Acre Wood Map features exotic locations connected to Pooh’s adventures – ‘Sandy Pit where Roo Plays’, ‘Where the Woozle Wasn’t’ and ‘Pooh Trap for Heffalumps’.

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4.  Thriller Jacket Worn by The King of Pop – R25 Million

Controversial, sublimely talented and a Twentieth Century cultural icon, Michael Jackson is one of the most celebrated performance artists in history.  His sixth album ‘Thriller’ sold more than 65 million copies and is the best-selling album of all-time.


Red, Black and Fabulously Futuristic

The futuristic jacket he wore during the Thriller video became the epitome of eighties cool.  It is red with black stripes, has large angular shoulders and lots and lots of zips.  What do you think a totally unique clothing item, emblazoned with an iconic M logo, would fetch at auction?

Got R30 Million to Spare?

Does R25 million smackeroos sound about right?  Bear in mind, the transaction took place ten years ago.  When taking inflation into account, the Thriller jacket has a sales value of around R30 million today!  How is that for cool?

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The Day the Music Died

Richie Valens, The Big Bopper Richardson and Buddy Holly all died in the same plane crash on 3 February 1959, on a tragic day that has long been referred to as ‘the day the music died’.  That is a free snippet of rock and roll history, compliments of the best online casino South Africa!

5.  Beep-Beep – R38,5 Million for R2D2 is a Steal!

As a Star Wars droid, R2D2 is much more than sophisticated gadgetry.  He is everybody’s friend, from Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi to Leia Organa and C-3PO.  The little guy was introduced in the first ever Star Wars movie and has starred in 10 of the 11 releases to date.

R2D2 Smashes Star Wars Memorabilia Records

Although only 110 cm tall, the original astromech robot sold for R38,5 million a couple of years ago.  Besides setting a record price for Star Wars memorabilia sold at auction, the bot was appropriately inducted into the Robot Hall of Fame.  The charismatic mini-machine also hosted the 50th Academy Awards, together with best bud, C-3PO.

What is next for Artoo?  The title role in a progressive jackpot slot at our popular online casino South Africa, perchance?  We will have to wait and see what George Lucas and company have up their sleeves!

6.  Harry Potter Chair – R5,4 Million

We are all aware of the wizardry associated with Harry Potter and his minions… but did you know JK Rowling has the magic touch?  We are not referring to her awesome literary achievements, but rather an inspired re-decoration of a well-worn oak chair.

A Million-Rand Makeover

The 1930s era dining room chair, one of four mismatched chairs in a set, was Rowling’s seat of choice as she wrote her first two Harry Potter books.  Prior to auctioning it off for charity, the multi-award-winning author added her own dab touch to proceedings.

With the liberal use of green, rose and gold paint, and a few choice words like ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Gryffindor’ and ‘You may not find me pretty but don’t judge on what you see’, the chair was transformed into a bestseller all of its own!

A Final Bid Eight and a Half Times More Than Expected

After changing hands several times, the Harry Potter chair most recently went under the hammer for more than R5,4 million – a full R4,8 million higher than what was expected.  Talk about the Midas touch… and the darn thing can’t even fly!

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