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We know that Springbok Casino will still be the best mobile casino South Africa in future… but have you any idea of what the food of the future will look – and taste – like?  Here is a clue.  It hops, it wriggles and it is grown in foetal serum!  Want more tasty information?  Keep reading!

Innovative and Eco-Friendly Eating Alternatives

Food technologists may not have the star power of crypto creators or EV developers but they are hard at work producing the next generation of food.  When it comes to innovation, they are right up there with the best.  Toss the preservation of our fragile natural environment into the equation, and these folks are way – and we mean w-a-y – ahead of the pack.

Besides an estimated 9.5 billion mouths to feed by 2050, climate change is already extracting a devastating toll on our natural resources.  Land suitable for grazing and agriculture is diminishing at a rapid rate – and that is why nutritionists and technologists are thinking out of the box.

Almost Two Thirds of Animals on Earth are a Source of Food

The current state of affairs, where 60% of all animals are domesticated and only 4% are wild, is unsustainable and ethically and morally wrong.  What do we do?  We come up with ground-breaking alternatives to food as we know it – and we have more time to spend playing cash games at Springbok mobile casino South Africa!

Here is what you could be eating in the shortest of whiles… that is if you aren’t already an ardent follower of the meat-free generation – or, to be precise, the no kill meat-free generation!

Faux Fish and Synthetic Seafood

Whether it is grunter, salmon, steenbras or hake, fake fish is taking off in a big way.  These delicacies of the ocean are no longer caught on longlines or in illegal drift nets.  They are cultivated en-masse from plant-based derivatives like spirulina, wheat protein, algae and soy.

What is the most popular lab synthesised seafood?  It is crumbed or coated shrimp – and by a country mile.  When you order the Fruit de Mer of the future, you can enjoy guilt-free cuisine along with most of the USA, and an impressively high percentage of the Far East.

Plant-Based Seafood Market is Predicted to Boom


Have consumers embraced the idea of plant-based seafood?  To a large extent, the answer is ‘yes’ – and proponents of alt fish are particularly bullish about the future.

In fact, the market is expected to boom over the next decade, reaching an estimated $1.4 billion – or 13 times the existing value!  That is pretty much what happened when the first mobile casino South Africa hit the World Wide Web… the market exploded, and with it, the player numbers at Springbok Casino!

Now let’s move on to food that is really a mash-up of design, printing and culinary leftovers

3D Printed Snacks

One particularly resourceful company in the Netherlands is using food waste to create high tech 3D printed snacks.  The residual food, like unused rice, stale bread and spoilt fruit and vegetables, is blended into a puree and 3D printed into unique and funky designs.

Drying and dehydrating the finished product adds crunch and texture.  It also extends shelf life.  What is fascinating, is the producers have teamed up with some of the finest restaurants in Italy and the Netherlands.

Michelin Star Restaurants Revamping Residual Food Flows

Their mission?  To collaborate with chefs in order to revamp residual food flows into delicious standalone snacks or personalised accompaniments added to signature dishes.  Recipes use old bread or leftover rice as the base, paired with spices, fruits, and vegetables which are too ugly to make it onto the plate!

Would you eat mashed up leftovers fed through a machine?  As Michelin Star restaurants are getting into the action, it is obviously going to be part of the upcoming haute cuisine revolution!

All that is required of you is to gird your loins, pinch your nose and tuck in.  Or you can give the idea a miss altogether and play the best Springbok Casino slots at our #1 mobile casino South Africa instead!

Lab-Grown Alt Meat

Meat cultivated in the lab is clean, free of antibiotics and hormones and does not lead to the suffering and death of an animal.  It is a rapidly growing industry which has moved on from burgers and is now producing yummy chicken, pork and beef products.

How is cultivated meat actually produced?  It is grown in foetal or plant-based serum in bio reactors using cells harvested from live animals.  The ‘meat’ is then combined with plant-based ingredients to produce the final product, which is shaped into burgers, nuggets, sausages and cutlets… and served at a restaurant near you.

Alt Meat as Nutritious as Real Meat

Lab-grown meat has the same nutritional value as real meat.  Now, thanks to an accelerated synthesis process which produces haem from soybean roots and yeast, it has a rich meaty flavour.  Seriously?  What is there not to like about alternative meat?   Right now, there is even a company in the USA producing textured products, like steak.

Is there a significant shift to cultivated meat products?  Yup, there sure is, so much so that conventional meat producers are buying up stakes in alt meat producers.  Predictions are that by 2040 almost 90% of meat will be lab-grown!


In fact, the only farm animals you are likely to see are the ones headlining the action in Wild Hog Luau, Spring Wilds, Pig Winner and Kung Fu Rooster.  They are a small sample of the Springbok Casino slots you can play right now at our download, instant play and mobile casino South Africa!

Creepy Crawlies

We have, of course, saved the best for last… that is if you prefer crickets over crackers, fruit flies over falafel –and meal worms rather than mac and cheese.  Insects may not be your idea of food but they are already being mashed and ground down to form protein powders, oils and textured products integrated into alt meat.

From a purely nutritionally point of view, insects are surprisingly high in protein, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.  In their natural state, they are so not appetising but when processed, you are unlikely to even know they are in the flour, gravies, pasta, pastes, baked goods and energy bars sold world-wide.

A Rapidly Growing Edible Insect Market

How viable are insects as a food of future?  When you consider the edible insect market is forecast to be worth around $4 billion in the next seven years, it may be time to invest in a cricket or fly factory of your own!

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