A flat Earth would mean black skies, freezing temperatures and no way of accessing our online casino for South Africa!

Why is Springbok Casino the #1 online casino for South Africa?  All our systems and processes operate in perfect synergy.  Reprogramming code or deleting apps would transform the platform beyond recognition – and that is what would happen to Earth if it didn’t behave as it should.

Earth is one of eight planets in the solar system.  It races around the sun on a constant elliptical orbit and rotates counter clockwise on its own axis.  Rotational speeds reach a heady 1,670 kilometres per hour at the equator, tailing off to zero at the poles.

Here is What Could Happen If Things Went Awry

All the while, we are doing what we always do, oblivious to the gravitational tugs and incredible velocities required to keep our spherical planet trundling along.  Most of us never give a thought to what would happen if things suddenly went awry.

Here are a few scenarios that would change the world as we know it… or lead to a more abrupt ending than the biblical Armageddon.

1. A Rotational Swing from Prograde to Retrograde

What would happen if the Earth started spinning backwards?  Firstly, it would take monumental force to reverse direction from the current west to east.  At some point, the planet would come to screeching halt… and that would have a ginormous impact, all of its own.

Switch the Reel Direction in Springbok Casino Slots?  No Way!

The effects of a clockwise, rather than a counter clockwise, planetary rotation would be similar to those created by switching the direction of the reels in Springbok Casino slots.  The actual mechanics would have to come to a complete standstill to enable the rotational change.  In our online gaming analogy, that would:

  • reverse the random number generator (RNG) sequence,
  • influence the outcome of the game and
  • negate the fair play certification of the top ranked online casino for South Africa.

What is the Impact of Changing the Earth’s Rotation?

How would transitioning from a prograde to retrograde rotational direction transform the planet?  The Earth’s basic layout would remain the same.  The big bits, like the oceans and continents, would be where they have always been… but with an entirely new environmental makeover.

Arid areas like the Sahara and Kalahari deserts would be lush, green eco-systems teeming with life.  The Amazon basin would consist of towering sand dunes and nothing much else.  Canada and the Northern USA would be desolate thirst lands and Central Africa and the Middle East, the bread baskets of the world.

Expect Weird Weather Patterns

Why would Earth’s ecosystems change?  The pull and push of the planet’s rotation creates wind flows and ocean currents which, in turn, produce weather patterns.  When the rotational direction is reversed, the weather patterns reverse along with it.  The upshot is heavy rainfall over what were previously deserts and dry conditions over former rainforests.

2. Yikes… The Planet Has Stopped Spinning!

Now to the end game scenario… and we are not talking about hitting a progressive jackpot at a key online casino for South Africa.  Rather, we are referring to an abrupt halt in the Earth’s rotation.

If that happened, every movable object – and even some immovable ones – would continue soaring along at an eye watering 1,670 kilometres per hour.  Imagine the debris that would be flung forcefully into space as large objects scoured the Earth’s surface, hacking off bits of planet en route?

From Planetary Fragmentation to Regeneration

The good news is a fragmented Earth would eventually regenerate.  According to scientific simulations, the planetary puzzle pieces, orbiting around the sun, would respond to the gravitational pull of the Earth and ‘come home’ again!

Here is the fascinating bit.  On impact, the fragments would release heat, turning the Earth’s surface into a molten maelstrom.  As a result, they too would be absorbed into a liquified geological soup which, when cooled, would form a brand-new surface crust.

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Fortunately, Springbok Casino is neither molten nor liquified.  Our promotions, bonuses and Real Time Gaming (RTG) developed online casino games are, however, considered ‘hot’.  That is precisely why we are independently rated the best online casino for South Africa!

Now to our next ‘what if’… and it is directed at the proponents of the flat Earth society and the followers who've been dubbed "Flat Earthers"!

3. What If the Earth Were Flat?

If the Earth were flat, the world would be a strange place.  There would be no gravitational pull to anchor us, or our cars, homes, kids and pets, firmly to the ground.  Vacation time would be heavily curtailed by elongated travel time… whether free-floating or flying across a flattened planet, rather than around what is our spherical globe.

A Planet Bereft of Air, Water and Bright Blue Skies!

Without gravity to restrain the atmosphere, there would be no oxygen to support breath.  All living organisms, including you and I, would expire from mass suffocation.  Surface temperatures would be way below freezing and blue skies would be black.  Why, you may ask?  Without atmospheric gases blanketing the Earth, there would be nothing to refract the light radiating from the sun.

To add to a growing list of problems, water would become a non-existent resource, in one of two ways.  It would either freeze, along with the rest of the planet, or vaporise, due to zero atmospheric pressure and associated low boiling point.

All the Oceans and Rivers Would Flow Towards Centralised Gravity

If there was gravity of any kind, it would be centralised around the magnetic North Pole which, as all flat Earthers know, is slap bang in the middle of the world map.  Centralised gravity would pull the flow of rivers and oceans towards the centre of, what would essentially be, a flat disc, leading to a bulbous body of water with no waves, tides or outflow.

Trees and plants would grow progressively sideways as one moved further away from the gravitational centre.  If there was indeed weather, rain, hail and snow would fall vertically at the Arctic Circle and horizontally at the far edges of Earth!


Whaaat? No Orbiting Satellites to Enable On-Demand Access to Springbok Casino?

A flat Earth would be a dead, despairing place, constantly bombarded by asteroids, obsolete satellites and space detritus, and slowly broiled by the sun’s relentless rays.

Worst of all, there would be no orbiting Starlink satellites to provide internet connectivity.  Gamers like you and I would have a hard time logging in to a fully functional Springbok Casino.  That would mean missing out on the infinite attractions of platform voted the best online casino for South Africa!

As you can see, the science – let alone the technology that proves the Earth is round – well, proves that the Earth is not flat.  Now, this might come as a shock to the Flat Earthers out there – but hey, we don’t like to beat around the bush… or the around the round Earth for that matter.