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Online gambling, e-gaming and e-commerce… what is next on the tech trajectory?  How about e-skin, the fresh frontier in wearable tech?  Economists have pencilled in the skin electronics sector as a potential money spinner – and it is easy to see why.

Sensitive, Wearable and Suitable for Small and Large Applications

Malleable, flexible and containing tiny sensors and microelectronics, e-skin is where the smart money is.  It is a blanket term for a growing collection of sensitive, self-healing ‘devices’, which can be scaled up or down as the need dictates.

Nano Engineered Electronic Skin

To the untrained eye, electronic skin looks like a transparent band-aid with a few pretty patterns and odd bits and pieces of detritus stuck underneath.  In reality, the band-aid is a highly complex form of nanomembrane, innovated by a team of chemists, material scientists and nanotechnology engineers.

What makes this base material so incredibly awesome is the fact it contains coils of nanowires, yet has a thickness – if you can call it that – of only 250 nm.  That is the equivalent of the thin-film UV coating applied to the lenses of a pair spectacles!

Stretchable and Super-Conductive

Despite its structure, the membrane is 1,000% stretchable – and, yes, we do mean one thousand percent!  It also has supercharged conductivity; the element required to transmit electrical signals to a paired device.

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An Adhesive Self-Contained Electronics Hub

What the latest innovation means is e-skin is a self-contained electronics hub.  More significantly, it now has the ability to move seamlessly with the human skin it is adhered to, without splitting, cracking or falling off.

The development of the new material is the breakthrough scientists have been searching for – and one that is arguably as satisfying as the advances in software and digital technology required to power online gambling platforms, like our very own Springbok Casino!

Key e-Skin Applications – Now and Into the Future

What is the purpose of this revolutionary advancement in wearable tech?  To date, skin electronics have largely been used to track vital signs in the human body.

One such application is a wireless e-skin patch, which is used to monitor prem babies in neonatal intensive care.  The patch, which is the width of an adult index finger, is non-invasive and eradicates the need for all the wires typically connected to monitoring devices.

Sophisticated Real-Time Medical Monitoring

Existing and potential applications in the medical field are endless.  Skin electronics can be used to detect cortisol levels in the wearer’s perspiration, alerting them to rising stress levels and associated healthcare risks.

A more precise type of heart rate monitoring, known as seismocardiography, relies on electronic skin to consistently measure the vibrations in the chest.  The collected data is transmitted to an attending physician in real-time and on a device like a tablet or smartphone.

Electronics Outside and Inside the Body!

E-skin devices are being used to assess UV exposure in patients with melanoma, skin hydration in people with eczema or psoriasis and blood sugar levels in diabetics.

A more extreme application, currently in the nascent stage, is the placement of biodegradable electronics inside the body to repair damaged nerves.  When the device has done its job, it degrades and leaves the body in the usual way.

Paired with Prosthetics to Deliver a More Comfortable Fit

Skin electronics can be used to deliver drugs, heal wounds and assess recovery.  It can even emulate the skin’s response to heat, pressure and pain… and the brain’s reaction to it.

Electronic skin can consequently be used to clad prosthetics, enabling a more comfortable and sophisticated sensory experience for the patient.

Truly Tactile Soft Robotics

Similarly, e-skin has the capabilities to revolutionize soft robotics.  In fact, sensor-rich e-skin has already given robotic hands a softer and more refined sense of touch.  What is the significance of enhanced senses in humanoid robots like Elon Musk’s Optimus?

In the not too distant future, robots will have the ability to discern hot from cold and hard from soft.  Enhanced sensory capabilities will obviously open up a world of opportunity for automatons in manufacturing, agriculture, mining, light industry and countless other sectors.

Advanced Motion Sensing for Oh Wow Animated Online Gambling

Skin electronics is driving more advanced motion sensing, which can be used as input in animations featured in movies, video games and – the cornerstone of online gambling at Springbok Casino – web-based video slots.  Imagine that?

When it comes to sensitised virtual reality, electronic skin is set to be a game changer.  For the first time ever, the virtual touch may be so authentically sensitised it really can add a touch of ‘reality’ to physical interactions with the virtual environment… and the people sharing it!  That sounds reminiscent of the famous scene involving a wearable helmet from the 1993 film, Demolition Man, doesn't it!

e-Skin is Driving the Future

Skin electronics is destined to streamline so many things, from the early detection of dread diseases to enhancing the performances of athletes.  Even AI powered robots are now equipped with the sensory abilities required to mimic humans in every conceivable way.

What is more, video gaming and online gambling are destined to become more immersive and excitingThe optimised motion sensing generated by data delivered by skin electronics is the key to more realistic animations of the cards, online slots symbols and gambling paraphernalia, like the dice and online roulette wheel.

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