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Did you know Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes are the key to free dinosaur slots?  Yup, those massive Jurassic creatures are all yours.  Now, we are going to explore 2 mammals following in the footsteps of the triceratops, stegosaurus and T-rex… and they are still alive today!

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Before we get into fascinating private lives of the pangolin and colugo, here is what you need to know about Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes.

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Let’s get back to the matter at hand – our pair of weird and wonderful mammals.

The Prehistoric Pangolin

As you are no doubt aware, dinosaurs were wiped off the planet by a mass extinction event at the end of the Cretaceous period.  What is less well known is some of the smaller animals survived and emerged in the Palaeocene epoch, around 66 million years ago.

Adapted for Excavating, Mining and Foraging

One such animal is the pangolin, a way-out looking creature with an impossibly long tongue and hard, overlapping scales on its body.  Its body is protected by hard scales made from keratin.  This little fella is perfectly adapted to foraging for its favourite food – ants, termites and fattened larvae and grubs.

A keen sense of smell, paired with strong forearms and razor-sharp claws, makes the pangolin a highly effective excavator of termite mounds and ant nests.  Rather surprisingly, pangolin are picky eaters and will travel long distances under the cover of darkness to find precisely the kind of main course they are after.

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Now back to the pangolin…

A 200 Gram Daily Diet

Besides the awesome 40 cm or more length of the tongue – the pangolin’s key feeding tool – it is narrow and coated with sticky stuff.  As a result, a daily meal consists of around 200 grams of creepy-crawlies which, to human carnivorous, is the weight equivalent of a chicken breast.

The Haasbek of the African Bush

As the pangolin chiefly predates on really small insects and uses its adhesive tongue to pull them in, it has no teeth.  It is, for all intents and purposes, the ‘haasbek’ of sub-Saharan Africa… with a few equally toothless species in Asia too.

What the pangolin does have instead of molars and incisors is a gizzard filled with ingested stones, similar to that of an ostrich.  These stones accumulate in its tummy and serve as grinding tools, turning ingested ants into easy digestible powder.

Watch Out for the Secret Weapon

In addition to the body armour, which would make a Roman Legionnaire feel adequately protected, the pangolin has another secret weapon.  Get too close and it will spin around, aim its butt in your direction and fire off a malodorous spray from the anal glands!

Pangolin Pups are Soft, Pink and Snow White

When pangolin babies are born, they are pink and snowy white and their scales are soft and flexible to the touch.  Pups are well looked after and get around by either clinging to mum’s tail or riding on her back.  When predators are around, the little ones curl up with mum into an impenetrable armour-plated ball.

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The Colugo – The Mammalian Equivalent of a Wingsuit


Do you want cute?  The colugo of Southeast Asia is the epitome of adorable.  The squirrel-like creature has huge and beautiful eyes, tiny pink ears, and soft lustrous fur with a tree bark colouring.

The tiny little mammal glides from tree to tree using a fur covered membrane – known as a patagium – as a built-in wingsuit.  Imagine having the equivalent of a permanent parachute as part of your anatomy?  It too has been around for eons and is perfectly adapted for its extended lifespan on Earth.

50-Million-Year-Old Creatures of the Eocene

How long have these creatures been around?  Since the Eocene – a period marking the dawn of a new species of fauna more than 50 million years ago.  The colugo shared the primordial space with early bats, beavers, rats and mice… all of which are small when compared to the previous inhabitants of Earth.

When you see the colugo hopping up a tree with its gliding membrane hanging like Batman’s cloak in its wake, it is not difficult to imagine this strange looking mammal frequenting pre-historic forests, nibbling on giant ferns along the way.

Eyes Built for Nocturnal Vision

Besides patagium-enabled aerial acrobatics, the colugo’s eyes are its most memorable feature.  They are large and expressive and provide excellent depth perception and night vision; just the attributes required for nocturnal gliding and foraging… and redeeming Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes in the dead of night!


Miniature Hair Combs as Teeth

Unlike pangolin, which have no teeth at all, the colugo has quite a formidable set of gnashers.  In fact, each tooth looks more like a miniature hair comb with multiple tines.  Along with shredding its food, which is by and large leaves, flowers and occasionally fruit, the colugo uses its teeth as a grooming tool.

How small is small in the context of our freewheeling floating mammal?  The colugo has an average length of 35 cm to 40 cm and weighs just 1 to 2 kg – most of which is attributed to the fleshy flying coat.

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