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We know Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes unlock free stuff and that nuclear bombs go ‘kaboom!’.  The first is generous in the extreme, the second is deemed super destructive – but that’s not always the case.  There’s a feel-good nuclear narrative… and it involves the radioactive rhino horn!

Radical Solutions are Required to Save the Rhino from Extinction

When you consider the plight of the rhino, a nuclear solution sounds about right and at Springbok Casino we certainly approve.  Something radical has to be done if we are to preserve these prehistoric looking creatures for generations to come.  In the past decade or so, more than 10,000 rhinos in South Africa have lost their lives to the poacher’s gun.  That is an average kill rate of 1,000 animals a year.

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What is driving the wholesale slaughter?  It’s all about the demand for rhino horn as an illegally trafficked commodity fetching around R700,000 per kilogram on the black market.  Let’s put the life of a rhino into perspective.  As the average horn tips the scales at around 3 kg – that is R2,1 million in blood money sitting in the crosshairs of a high-powered rifle.

Think about it this way.  One rhino horn is the bush equivalent of a network-funded progressive jackpot at Springbok Casino.  The difference is, it takes a single bullet to hit the target and land the payload.  In the gaming world, you might not hit an instant mega prize with our Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes – but we would rather take that chance and preserve our rhinos!

Protect the Rhino – Destroy the Intrinsic Value of the Horn

Every rhino walking this earth is effectively a living, breathing, majestic giant… with a target on its back.  How do you protect wild animals with a million and more bounty on their heads?  You spoil the product.  When that happens, the demand dries up and the entire supply chain implodes.

On the other hand, demand for our Springbok Casino no deposit codes will never dry up – neither will the supply!

So, how do you spoil a rhino horn?  As most horns are crushed and added to weird and totally ineffective ‘medicinal’ concoctions, you turn it into a mini-nuke capable of making humans really, really sick.  That may sound extreme but it is essentially what the Rhisotope Project is all about.

One Nuclear Conservation Project – Two Goals

Although still very much in the pilot stage, the Rhisotope Project is focussed on achieving two primary goals, namely:

  • stopping the demand for rhino horns in its tracks and
  • ensuring trafficked horns are easily detected along the length of the supply chain.

Until this project is greenlighted, claim free Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes, win real money – and donate a share towards a worthy cause to save our rhino!

Tackling Rhino Horn Trafficking Through ‘Taint and Track’

By injecting a safe dose of radioactive material into the horn of an animal, both the goals are achievable.  Firstly, the horn is obviously not fit for human consumption.  Secondly, sensors deployed at ports of exit and entry all over the world can easily alert authorities to cargo carrying tainted rhino horn.

At this point in time, the team is testing the safety of the radioactive material.  The first challenge is to determine whether it can spread from the horn and into the animal’s head.  By injecting amino acids into the horn, they are busy tracking how the material disperses, without harming these plant-based giants.

The Project Plans to Save Africa’s Elephant Population Too

Once given the go-ahead, the team is aiming to inject nuclear material into thousands of wild rhinos.  If all goes according to plan, the same procedure may well be used to protect Africa’s elephants – yet another iconic mammal increasingly under threat.

Why is so much time, money and effort going into conserving the rhino?  That’s easy to answer.  The rhino is one of the most endangered species on Earth.  Of the 500,000 or so animals that roamed the African continent not too long ago, only a fraction is left.

Home to the World’s Largest Rhino Population and the Best Online Casino

South Africa is not only home to Springbok Casino and our legendary Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes.  The southernmost tip of Africa has the largest rhino population in the world.  Recent estimates peg the total number of rhinos in Mzansi at 20,000… but you can sadly bet on that statistic reducing day by day.

Rhinos Becoming Endlings? Not On Our Watch!

What is incredible is rhinos have been living in this part of the world for more than 10 million years.  It surely can’t be on our watch that we lose the last of these unique and beautiful beasts.  With promising projects to preserve the rhino population underway, rhinos will not become endlings or become “extinct” on the IUCN Red List on our watch – even though the black rhino is currently listed as “critically endangered”.

Do you want to know more about the ever-so endangered member of South Africa’s Big Five?  Here are a few fascinating facts to share with your friends as you claim the very best Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes and enjoy free real money gaming online.

Fun Facts About Rhinos: The Heavyweights of the African Bush

There are two species of rhino in South Africa – the black rhino and the white rhino.  The black rhino is the smaller of the two but still weighs in at around 800 kg to 1,400 kg.  The lighter of the two is the equivalent weight of a Citroen C1 – a zippy little ‘around town’ car with attitude!

How does the white rhino compare in the heavyweight stakes?  An average adult male tips the scales at 2,300 kg.  That is equal in weight to a four-door Mitsubishi Shogun – a beast of a SUV with more than enough room for seven adults!

How About the Hardware?

In terms of the hardware – and by that we mean the horns – the black rhino only just loses out to the white rhino.  The front horn of the black rhino typically measures up to 140 cm to the white rhino’s 150 cm.  The front horn is the longer of the two and the one desired by just about everyone who is looking to profit!

‘Small’ in Stature and Big on Aggression

Where the two species do differ markedly is on the aggression front.  Rather unexpectedly, it is the ‘diminutive’ black rhino that likes to kick up dust, so much so it has the highest combat-related mortality rate of all the mammals on the planet.

Rhinos are Powerhouses with Built-In Speed

The truth of the matter is nearly half of all black rhino males – and a third of all females – die from war wounds caused by rumbling with their own kind.  Rather ironically, one of their weapons is speed.  On a good day, a black rhino can reach a top speed of 55 kph… which is 10 kph faster than the average human!

Imagine the force created by a 1,8 metre tall and 3,75 metre long bulk as it runs at speed into you… or a long-despised fellow group member during what is known as a ‘crash of rhinos’.  Here’s a tip: if you’re visiting the bush and something triggers a rhino – put foot on the accelerator!

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