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Do you have moments when nothing, not even Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes, elicits enthusiasm? Are you constantly exhausted, or feel as though you are wading through treacle?  You are not alone.  Fatigue is the number one malady the world over.

Possible Celestial Causes?

Depending on who you talk to, this all-out assault on energy levels is due to any number of things.  The fact that this year, 2021, is host to three Mercury retrogrades may be the explanation we are looking for.  It is, after all, the astrologer’s obvious choice.

As many of us are acutely aware, chronic tiredness is not only a 2021 thing.  It has been around for a lot longer than that.  As advocates of celestially induced effects point out, last year was particularly eventful in terms of planetary alignments.  In fact, it was the first year since 1226 that the great conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn was observable from Earth.

Did this manifest in mass lassitude?  Did everyone pass on the chance of claiming Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes simply because they were tired?  Based on our stats, we can confirm that this was probably one area of daily activity that was not affected by celestial events.  In fact, we can safely say our bonus codes were as zealously received as ever.

Mercury in Retrograde

Where we can poke holes in the Mercury retrograde theory is what the planet represents.  What is in no doubt whatsoever is that Mercury is not typically associated with fatigue.  It is actually quite to the contrary.  As the name suggests, Mercury is known as the Swift Planet due to its super-quick orbit around the Sun.  Hardly a harbinger of torpor or somnolence!

When Mercury retrogrades, the worst that can happen is communications are disrupted and technology fails.  That does, of course, have a direct impact on Springbok Casino and the real money gaming services we provide.  The thing is – the planet doesn’t actually reverse its orbit and move backwards.  That much vaunted anomaly is an optical illusion.

If Mercury doesn’t actually retrograde, there is no scientific reason whatsoever for our combined lethargy.  Similarly, there is no proof at all that the speedy celestial messenger is responsible for your not having sufficient umph to capitalise on our Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes.

The Lunar Effect

So, if it isn’t ‘Mercury in retrograde’ that’s figuratively knocking us off our feet, what is it?  Another theory points to the Moon as the key culprit.  According to this hypothesis, humans are as affected by the lunar body as the tides in the ocean.

We know the Moon’s gravitational tug generates a tidal force.  This powerful force causes the water on Earth, particularly in our oceans, to expand on the side closest to the Moon, and retract on the other.  The moon is literally what causes high and low tides!

When one considers that as much as 60% of the human body is water, it stands to reason that the Moon has an influence on us too.  In any event, that is how the theory goes.  If high tide in the human body is associated with high energy, then low tide could well result in fatigue.  Perhaps even extreme fatigue when we experience it as humans on a biological level!

What About Lunar Phases?

Then, of course, there is that little matter of the lunar phases.  When, for instance, the Moon has shifted in its orbit so that the Earth is positioned between it and the Sun, the Moon is full.  This is the phase when the whole of the Moon is visible from Earth, and we perceive it as full moon.

When that happens, our pets become super energetic, animated and vocal.  As a rule, we are also more agitated and tend to get less REM sleep.  That may not be an issue for the night owls who regularly redeem Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes in the dead of night.  For the rest of us, it is stressful and exhausting.

According to some studies, a full moon can even trigger slight changes to the cardiovascular system.  Combine lack of sleep and a temporarily ‘dicky’ heart and there is a good chance chronic tiredness is a full moon by-product.

That does not explain the sudden onset of fatigue.  Let’s face it, the Moon has been doing the rounds for billions of years.  The burning question is, why are so many people finding it difficult to do everyday activities without running out of steam?

Even Low Energy Activities Are Hard

Claiming Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes is not a high energy activity.  Nor is playing the best RTG developed slots at Springbok Casino.  It is not as if you have to run a marathon to login, hit the ‘Promotions’ tab and take your pick of Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes.

All it takes to unlock free play at Springbok Casino is a quick virtual visit to the Cashier.  Once there, you can enter the code under the Redeem Coupon field.  Total calories used?  Less than 41 – the equivalent of one slice of apple!  Yet for some, turning on the PC is not an option.

If it isn’t the Mercury Retrogrades, great conjunction of planets or phases of our Moon generating mass fatigue in humans, then what is?  A major clue can be found in the fact that fatigue is not a standalone sickness or disease.  It is a symptom of an underlying issue.

Are Underlying Issues Responsible for Mass Fatigue?

In the medical context, fatigue can be an indication of diabetes, heart disease or hyper- and hypothyroidism.  It can also be caused by excessive alcohol consumption, the use of certain medications, or lack of exercise and proper diet.

Let’s start with the medical issues.  We absolutely agree fatigue can be a sign of disease… but not everyone with chronic fatigue is sick.  As for alcohol consumption, you’d have to guzzle down bottles of the hard stuff daily.  In terms of medication, that can always be a cause, but not everyone takes medication with fatigue as a side-effect.

With a tough few years behind us, we might not be paying as much attention to what we consume and otherwise ‘healthy eaters’ might have slipped up a bit.  As we are what we eat, diet could be a culprit – but again, this is not the case with everyone.

That leaves us with only one feasible explanation for the uncontrolled tiredness experienced on a global scale.  It is not a physiological or physical malady driving the massive global spike in chronic fatigue.  It is a psychological malaise, fed by surging levels of stress, grief and depression.

Chronic Fatigue Follows Traumatic Events

Chronic fatigue is not a 21st Century syndrome.  It has been recorded in human history from as early as the Crimean and Anglo Boer Wars.  Across the ages, soldiers, veterans and civilian populations have experienced unexplained and persistent fatigue following traumatic events.

Wars, natural disasters and, most pertinently, pandemics have triggered high levels of stress in entire populations.  Stress – as with underlying medical conditions and poor lifestyle choices – is one of the most potent causes of fatigue!

If you are more irritable than usual, have sore aching muscles and your short-term memory is effectively gone, join the club.  Similarly, if you have no appetite at all and your decision making is impaired and reflexes virtually non-existent, you could be a victim of the current global climate.

It is not Mercury, Jupiter or the Moon that is slowing you down to a snail’s pace.  It is personal losses, the increased negativity and seemingly never-ending ‘bad news’ we’re exposed to.  This is a worldwide occurrence that can single-handedly explain why we’re collectively exhausted, disoriented and afraid.  What can you do about it?

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