With the smart cars of the future, windows are gaming interfaces and Springbok mobile casino South Africa is king!

Optics of a mobile casino South Africa displayed on a car’s windscreen, and on-board fingerprint scanners transforming vehicles into payment platforms.  That is a sample of the smart automotive tech doing the rounds in 2022… and guess what?  Technology never rests, as we know, which means there is more to come!

What is Advanced Automotive Tech?

Advanced automotive tech is basically anything that refines the ride.  Traditional car fundis may primarily be interested in enhancements in performance and speed.  That said, there are equally exciting innovations that are comfort- and convenience-driven.

Here is a quick analogy.  Without the development of super-functional gaming software, web-based gambling platforms like Springbok Casino would not exist.  That is tech breakthrough number one.

Then, the world witnessed the rollout and widespread adoption of the iPhone.  As a global phenomenon, the smartphone boosted the development of agile and responsive apps.  The mobile casino South Africa was born.  That is tech breakthrough number two.

Thanks to these core innovations, real money gaming is currently more popular than ever before.  The accessibility and convenience components of a mobile casino South Africa are largely responsible.  In fact, they are arguably the key drivers of the massive success of a global market valued at more than $71 billion in 2021!

How About Integrated Automotive and Gaming Tech?

What happens when two giant industries collide?  The consensus is… something really amazing.  Although it is still early days, an Israeli optics and imagery start-up has developed a transparent film that can be integrated into a car’s windscreen.

The purpose of the film is to enable the display of just about anything on top of the real-life view of the windscreen.  It is, for all intents and purposes, an outsized AR head-up display (HUD) system capable of showing the usual real-time data, like speed and navigational instructions.

That is the more conventional application planned for the new automotive tech.  How about touch-enabled in-cabin applications on the side windows of the car?

With just a few tiny modifications, anything is possible – like surfing the net, watching streamed content.  What else?  That would be playing Springbok Casino games at the best mobile casino South Africa… using the car window as an extra-large interface!

Easy Authenticated In-Car Payments

Mercedes Benz has effectively converted their latest model vehicles into mobile payment portals.  They have developed a cutting edge onboard electronic system that automatically supports payments via fingerprint authentication.

The digital e-payment platform consists of a built-in biometrics scanner paired with the Mercedes Me app.  Once you have entered and stored your banking data in-app, for the first and last time, the fingerprint sensor instantly enables the transactions – on the road.

Thanks to a combination of state-of-the-art hardware and software, the sleek, shiny and incomparably luxurious Mercedes Benz vehicles are not only high-end people carriers.  They have evolved to be secure and efficient payment devices, with two-factor authentication built-in!

With a Merc, you do not have to pull over and stop to deposit funds into your Springbok Casino account.  You can do all your transactions directly from the driver’s seat – and enjoy uninterrupted access to the number one mobile casino South Africa!  Playing whilst driving is obviously a no-no… but park that bad boy and you can spin the reels while sitting in your wheels, curtesy of the Mercedes App and biometric technology!

Keyless Vehicle Access and Operation

Luxury automotive brands like Jaguar and BMW are renowned for providing that little bit extra.  Now they have come up with even more convenient and secure ways of locking, unlocking and starting their vehicles.  Key fobs and car keys are, after all, easy to misplace.

Jag has gone the route of a wristband.  It is basically an added security feature intentionally designed for active men and women.  The idea is to leave the original key fob locked in the car while you surf, ski, hike or run.  The wristband, which is lightweight, durable and waterproof, is tapped against the Jag marque on the boot to lock or unlock the car.

From the smartwatch enabled mobile casino South Africa to the tap activated Activity Key – wearables are clearly revolutionising the way in which we live, work, travel and exercise!  This innovative wristband is the quintessential example.

On the other hand – and just as impressive – BMW has paired vehicle access and operation with the My BMW smartphone app.  When you Invest in the latest model Beemer, you won’t get a key fob at all.  Instead, your smartphone doubles as a digital key that you hold against the door handle to lock or unlock the vehicle.

How about the engine, how do you get that purring along?  You just pop your smartphone into the wireless charging tray… and you are literally good to go!  You can even use the app to securely share the digital key with up to five people.  Impressive indeed.

Smart Predictive Capabilities for Rough Roads

Back to the luxury German car marque, Mercedes Benz.  They have invested a small fortune in R&D, with an emphasis on enhancing the driver experience.  Their most recent on-board innovation is Magic Body Control – a predictive system that reacts with the car’s suspension to deliver a smoother ride.

The system uses two small cameras in the windscreen to scan the road surface, up to 15 metres ahead.  When any bumps, potholes or undulations are detected in the road, the cameras remit information to the car’s suspension.  The suspension then automatically uses active hydraulics to offset the impact of the uneven surface.

The system is also capable of reading and reacting to any corners approaching in the road.  Data, like the speed and steering angle of the car, is fed to a curve tilting function.  This innovative feature enables the vehicle to lean into the bend and cause minimal discomfort to the passengers.

With sophisticated tech capable of providing a smooth and seamless driving experience, the latest model luxury vehicles are much more than cars.  They are smart, AI-powered assets capable of supporting endless activities.  From payment transactions to real money gaming at the top ranked mobile casino South Africa – the future is now, people!

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