Online slots real money South Africa are the gaming equivalent of cutting edge medical implants and devices!

When it comes to innovation, online slots for real money in South Africa are the benchmark of gaming.  On the medical front, there are exciting new advances being made every day.  Here are 3 smart devices that have the capacity to preserve and extend quality of life.

1. The Intelligent Alternative to a Human Heart

Heart failure is a pervasive health issue world-wide and it affects millions of people every year.  As with every vital organ, donor lists are years long and many patients in dire need perish before they receive a lifesaving transplant.  Now, there is an alternative to a full heart transplant – and it is small, portable and self-adjusting.

TAH, or Total Artificial Heart Therapy, is really a snazzy name for just one device.  This device is the medical fraternity’s answer to the human heart.  In reality, it is a centrifugal pump that works like any other pump.  In this particular application, the pump is inserted into the chest cavity in place of the heart!

TAH is the healthcare sector’s equivalent of Springbok Online Casino and our advanced online slots real money South Africa gameplay.  It has taken an integral part of the human body and completely re-imagined it.  This is science and human life preservation at its finest!

Magnetic Levitation and Smart Design

What is even more extraordinary is the role that magnetic levitation plays in the picture.  It is basically used by the implant to stay where it should be.  In other words, the device is suspended in the body via the support of magnetic fields.

What is the significance of the magnetic fields?  They provide the magnetic force required to counteract the gravitational pull and prevent the device from shifting downwards in the chest cavity!  How cool is that?

If you think that is smart, how about the design of the mechanical heart?  The pump, which has an anticipated life span of more than a decade, has just one battery-powered moving component.  As ‘simple’ as that!

It is small enough for a child, yet powerful enough for an adult and it is regulated by an external controller.  The real standout feature is the smart internal controllers.  They auto-adjust the pump-enabled blood flow to match the patient’s activity!

Who would have thought a mechanical device would have the capabilities to deliver full cardiac output?  When you consider the mere idea of playing online slots real money South Africa on a phone was laughed at a few decades ago, anything is possible.  Now look how sophisticated gaming platforms, such as Springbok Online Casino, have become!

2. Zapping Hay Fever with Electrodes

If you suffer from hay Fever, you will know how difficult it is to cope with the coughs, sniffles, sneezes and congestion.  Despite the common occurrence of hay fever, especially during the high pollen seasons, most of the existing treatments are largely ineffective.

As they always do, scientists have come up with a cutting-edge solution… and it is in the form of a device called the Neuromere.  It looks similar to a glue gun but has a long, thin hollow tube extending from the nozzle.  It works like this:

  • The tube is inserted into the patient’s nose.
  • The physician pulls the trigger.
  • A cluster of tiny electrodes are released from the tip of the tube.

A Smart Solution to the Inflammatory Response

What scientists have figured out is radio frequency (RF) energy, administered in low power doses, is effective at stopping the inflammatory response of the surrounding nasal tissue.  Inflammation is responsible for all sorts of ailments, including hay fever or rhinitis.

By zapping the nerves in the nasal wall with energy, the inflammation is reduced.  The result?  Near instant relief from those nasty symptoms of hay fever.  Say goodbye to those cupboards full of ineffective over-the-counter hay fever meds!

What is even more extraordinary is the intelligence of the system.  It uses advanced propriety algorithms to pinpoint the problem areas in the nose.  Through smart targeting, the Neuromere delivers precision doses of energy where it is needed the most!

Now that is smart.  We’d say, just about as smart as the RTG developed online slots real money South Africa supplied by Springbok Online Casino!

3. Non-Invasive Spinal Fusions

Age, disease and accidents can erode and damage the vertebrae, causing instability of the spine.  The conventional solution is to create a stabilising effect via the insertion of a rod and pedicle screws.  Thanks to the Zygofix, all that is about to change!

What is the Zygofix?  It is a small flexible 3-D printed implant that is inserted into the affected joint.  Although it is manufactured from titanium, it has the ability to conform its shape to fit that particular joint’s anatomy.

New Bone Growth Supports Natural Fusion

Even through titanium is one of the strongest metals, the implant was designed to also be porous.  This allows it to support new bone growth and encourage natural fusion.  Rather than building an external bridge to affect stabilisation, the Zygofix uses the body’s natural processes to ‘heal’ the vertebrae.

What is arguably more significant to patients is the non-invasive nature of the process.  It involves two small incisions, rather than the standard six.  It is also totally screw and boltless.  That of course means there are no hard protrusions from the joint, and none of the associated pain, irritation and damage to the surrounding tissue!

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