Moore’s Law, or not, join Springbok online casino for the fastest high-tech gaming online!

The technology that powers our online casino is ever evolving.  We’re sure that our players at Springbok Casino can attest to the lighting fast speeds at which our slots spin, how many hands of blackjack you can play in a short time, and how fast a single game of video poker plays out.  With our software driven by the latest tech, what will our online casino look like in 2050?

Springbok Casino Speed is Determined by the Latest Technology

RealTime Gaming (RTG) is the true power behind our brand, delivering ingenuity as it unfolds.  This in turn allows us to provide world class casino software and games that are as realistic – and perhaps even faster than – games played at B&M casinos.

How you experience our software on the user-end, such as our overall gaming interface, our cashier, our help services, etc., is also pre-determined by the technology that is available to us.  Or rather, the latest technology that is currently available.

We could then argue that the smoothness and slickness that you’ll encounter at our online casino is determined by what is currently humanly possible.  This at the same time means that we are also limited, in a sense, as we evolve as technology does.  We are also limited by device capabilities…  You know, that little chip in your computer known as the processor, or CPU?

The question is – how fast can computer processing speeds really get, and is there an ultimate limit to it?  To answer this question, we need to turn to a little lesson in science, or more specifically, the empirical relationship known as Moore’s Law.

What is Moore’s Law?

Firstly, unlike a ‘law of physics’, which is supported by scientific fact and discovery, Moore’s Law is supported by experiment and observation.  This is distinguished as an empirical relationship, or phenomenological relationship.  There have been instances where empirical relationships were later proven to be fundamental physical constant – resulting in it becoming a law of physics.

Now back to what Moore’s Law is…  In 1965, co-founder and former CEO of Intel, Gordon Moore, theorised the doubling of the number of components per integrated circuit every year.  He revised his observation in 1975 to state that this occurrence will happen every two years – a 41% compound annual growth rate (CARG).  Since his ‘prediction’ has proved accurate since 1975, it became known as a law, aka, “Moore’s Law”.

If we look at how computational technology has evolved, resulting in the super-speed you experience at our online casino, we can see how this geometric progression ratio has been accurate, thus far…  We say, ‘thus far’, as another question needs to be asked – and that is, “is there a limit to Moore’s Law?”

What to Expect from Springbok Casino by 2050

Springbok Online Casino was launched in 2012.  A decade later, our initial platform has transformed to offer a high-tech experience on par with the best on the web.  Part of our improvements over the years can be attributed to Moore’s Law.  Since our launch, and computational power has increased 6 fold!

Let’s look into the future…  If Moore’s Law continues to hold true, we’ll see an additional increase in processing speed of 14 times that of what we currently have available to us by the year 2050.  Let’s break that down into byte sizes.

ENIAC was the world’s first computer, at a gargantuan size of a house – but with a speed worse than the worst dial up connection you can imagine.  By 2010, the z196 (zEnterprise 196) was introduced by IBM, boasting processing capabilities of 5.2 GHz – the quickest commercially available processor on the market at the time.

Let’s break it down further.  Processing speed is determined by the number of set clock ticks it requires a processor to execute an instruction, or task.  The more clock ticks that can squeeze into a second, the more tasks can be completed in that time.  The z196 processor operated at a cycle of 5.2 billion per second!  This is why a 5.2 GHz processor is more powerful than a 3.2 GHz processor.

Now, if 5.2 GHz reigned supreme in 2010, what can we expect at our online casino in 2050, if Moore’s Law continues to remain factually correct?  If the empirical relationship maintains, we’re looking at computer chips capable of delivering processing power of 5,452,595 gigahertz, or nearly 5.5 PHz (petahertz)!

Ideal Processing Speeds for a Fully Virtual World

With 5.5 PHz of power, complex computational problems will be a breeze… and if we think we have an inkling of what virtual reality might look like, we ought to get ready for our minds to be blown!  Elon Musk’s dream of uploading the human consciousness into a machine will be an actual reality – life as we know it will transform entirely.

Never mind our online casino or artificial intelligence – everything will go digital in this new world.  Technology will be feasibly incorporated into everything from buildings and roads, to transportation, clothes, medical treatments and devices.  The application is endless and everything will have the possibility of becoming ‘smart’.  Perhaps even smarter than what the human brain is biologically capable of in the best scenarios…

Is Moore’s Law Truly Infinite – or Is There a Limit?

There is one reality that we need to factor in.  Computer speed is linked to the microchips within them – and to be more precise, the number of transistors on the actual microchip.  Although Mr. Moore was almost ridiculed for his observation in the mid-60s, given how unbelievably fast that meant computers would get, he was right.  We’ve observed this exact doubling of speed over the past four decades.

The crux is this – as with most things in life, there are natural limits, and this seems to be what might ultimately lead to Moore’s Law no longer being applicable.  Engineers are already placing roughly twice the amount of transistors on chips every other year – but they are running out of space.

The size of the transistors that are already being made are only a few atoms in size – imagine that for a moment!  Eventually, we’ll break that ultimate boundary of the atom…  What then?  Whilst you contemplate that tiny scale, know that scientists already are too, which is why quantum computing has become an important area of study.

Enjoy Blistering Fast Gaming at Springbok Online Casino – Now and in the Future!

Although us plebs couldn’t possibly predict what the future of any online casino will look like in terms of technology, we do know that it will keep getting better… and faster!  Even with what is currently available to us at Springbok Online Casino, we’re able to offer top-notch gaming at impressive glitch-free speeds.

Don’t believe us?  Go on!  Sign up at our online casino, grab our special welcome bonus and give us a spin!  As for the future of Springbok Casino, and what will happen if we finally reach the pinnacle of Moore’s Law?  We’re betting that quantum computer scientists will have the answer when the time comes.  If not, the robots might very well have an idea or two!