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Going wild has various connotations. In online slots real money South Africa games, the term ‘wild’ is linked to potential gains. For teenagers, going wild is associated with parties and all the fun things they get up to. In the particular context that we are going to talk about, we are referring to connecting to nature.

The Human Cost of the Digital Age

Along with an endless assortment of gizmos, gadgets and technologies, the digital age has transformed how we interact with the world. Machines are doing more and more, and thus, human beings are doing less and less.

Rather than being task-driven, we have become data driven. Even then, computers are identifying, sourcing and arranging information – and spewing it all out within in a few microseconds. Brain power has in many ways been replaced by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The upshot of all of this is we are all screen-bound and sedentary. Even our online slots real money South Africa gaming sessions are presented on virtual platforms like Springbok Casino. Shopping, playing, communicating, learning and teaching is conducted remotely.

In the 21st Century, the natural world is an increasingly alien environment. Children, particularly those living in developed countries, have seldom left the rigid confines of the city. Some have never walked barefoot on a beach or spent an afternoon catching tadpoles in a stream.

Is Technology Depriving Our Kids of Health and Happiness?

Instead of enjoying the beauty that the outside world has to offer, we are allowing our kids to become slaves to the screen. If it is not gaming consoles that are depriving our youngsters of what it means to be inhabitants of our planet, it is some other device. iPads, smartphones, gaming apps and social media are major contributors too. In some ways, technology is stealing our children’s health and happiness – along with ours too.

How can we stop the procession towards sloth, obesity, anxiety and depression? We can choose to:

  • Stream and binge-watch movies and series.
  • Play online slots real money South Africa titles at Springbok Casino.
  • Order groceries through a delivery app.
  • Buy everything else on eCommerce platforms.

The alternative is to take a plunge into the spectacular natural environment which we, as South Africans, have at our disposal. That said, in reality, it is not a zero-sum game. We can do both! It is all about moderating our – and our children’s’ – screen-based activities.

Here are why frequent breaks in the great outdoors really are worth a lot more than what you may have bargained for…

1. Enhanced Serotonin Levels

Spending time in a forest, beside a river or in the bushveld encourages the secretion of serotonin in the body. As a key neurotransmitter, serotonin has all sorts of positive physiological and psychological effects. It is a mood stabiliser, a natural sedative and a sensual stimulant.

Without sufficient levels of serotonin, we are anxious, depressed and sleep deprived. That may work well for night owls who prefer to stay at home and play the best online slots real money South Africa games into the wee hours. For the rest of us, it is a bit like being in purgatory!

2. Increased Exposure to Vitamin D

When we are outdoors, we are exposed to sunlight. Sunlight stimulates the body to produce Vitamin D. It is, in fact, dubbed the sunshine vitamin for a reason! Why all the fuss about a vitamin? Well, this particular naturally occurring hormone has a raft of wellness functions.

It boosts the immune system, optimises the growth and development of healthy bones and teeth and reduces the risk of heart disease. Kids, in particular, require optimal levels of vitamin D to fight disease and support skeletal development.

Those of you who simply cannot do without online slots real money South Africa gaming sessions do not have to be deprived of sunlight. You can open the Springbok Casino app in your mobile browser and get your daily dose of Vitamin D!

3. Better Air Quality

According to a recent report, 11 of South Africa’s cities are amongst the most polluted cities in Africa. If you happen to live in Pretoria, Sasolburg or Secunda, it is a good time to get some fresh, unpolluted air into the lungs.

Taking a vacation in the Karoo, the KZN North Coast, the Garden Route or the lowveld may just be the tonic the doctor ordered. This is especially the case if you, or a family member, suffer from the likes of asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

You may also consider re-locating to Mokopane, Gqeberha or Cape Town. All three are ranked the least-polluted cities on the continent. They also have reliable internet connectivity. That of course is a key requirement if you want to win big playing online slots real money South Africa titles on your desktop.

4. Reduced Inflammation

Studies have proven that spending time in a lush, green environment reduces the levels of inflammation in the body. Inflammation is associated with a host of ills, from rheumatoid and osteo-arthritis, lupus and Grave’s disease, to inflammatory bowel disease and cancer.

Scientists believe that it is the phytoncides produced by plants that act as natural anti-inflammatories. These volatile organic compounds are also linked to maximised immune system function in humans.

Phytoncides apparently stimulate the production of killer T-cells in the body. What are killer T-cells? They are a type of white blood cell tasked with detecting and annihilating infection and disease. Plants essentially have superpowers!

5. Lower Blood Pressure

Exposure to sunlight can have another extraordinary impact on human health and wellness. Studies have shown that the sun’s rays adjust the levels of nitric oxide in the skin. The upshot is widened bloods vessels, lower blood pressure – and a reduced risk of a heart attack or stroke!

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6. Quicker Recovery Times

People recovering from surgeries experience less pain and get back to full health more rapidly when exposed to green spaces. Now, doctors have gone one step further. They are actively urging people suffering from chronic pain to exercise in beautiful natural surroundings.

One recent study by American psychologist, Roger Ulrich, is particularly fascinating. It demonstrates that healing can be sped up when the patient does nothing more than look at a vibrant, green and shaded place, like a hospital garden!

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