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In our brave new world, robots are ubiquitous. Some online slots real money South Africa casinos are allegedly considering bot players as stand-ins for real patrons. Automated drones are indoor surveillance sleuths… and AI chefs are replicating the efforts of Michelin star maestros!

Soft Robots are More Human Than Ever

With robotics becoming increasingly sophisticated, automatons are set to invade every aspect of our lives. Now, with the advent of soft robots, machines are creeping ever closer to us – in looks, intelligence and capabilities.

These all-new automatons are clad in soft, flexible materials to enable freedom of movement. They are using eye imaging technology to see better, avoid obstacles – and navigate complex environments. Within no time at all, man-made humanoids may even be taking our virtual seats at the likes of Springbok Casino!

Introducing ‘Active Matter’ Tech

New and exciting breakthroughs are being made all the time. One extraordinary concept, which could prove to be a game changer in the world of soft robotics, is that of ‘active matter’. Physicists are cladding materials in active units or nano-robots that work together to initiate movement and function.

In other words, individual parts of robots will soon be controlled by tiny bots that work in synergy. It is a concept that is based on the human anatomy, where muscles and tendons operate in unison to allow us to walk, climb stairs and lift items.

What that essentially means is the next generation of robots will be capable of picking up fragile items and carrying out delicate tasks. They will also be pre-programmable to perform a wide array of jobs. That could include consistently hitting the bet and spin buttons at top ranked online slots real money South Africa gaming platforms, like Springbok Casino.

2022 has seen a flurry of new launches, all involving really smart and practical robotic solutions. Some are multi-tasking bots that work alongside humans. These so-called cobots are part of a hybrid team but designed to take on the dirty, dangerous and downright boring jobs that people do not want.

Others are more task-driven. They include autonomous coffee-making machines and smart devices that track and monitor the health and happiness of domestic cats. A self-cleaning litter box that monitors the cat’s weight and bathroom habits is part of that particular package!

Here are three intelligent machines that caught the eye:

Smart Food Delivery Robot and Busboy

Delivery RobotT1 is a cute little guy with expressive customisable eyes. Its job is to zoot through restaurants and hotels at a top speed of 1.2 metres per second. In-built trays can be laden with perishable goodies and delivered to the guests’ table or door.

When the meal is over, our affable bot is loaded up again with dirty plates, cups and knives and forks. It really is adroit at morphing from waiter to busboy in no time at all. One tap of the touch sensor sends RobotT1 scurrying back to base, along the same route and in double quick time.

Our automated delivery guy is overflowing with clever features – smart voice recognition, infrared obstacle detection and multi-robot cooperation capabilities. A set of digitised ‘eyes’, that can be customised to display happiness, confusion, anger or sorrow, creates more meaningful communication.

If you are lucky, you may get a playful wink or an intense narrowing of the eyes as the 58 kg lightweight mimics a throaty, albeit silent, laugh. The award-winning delivery bot has a 20,000-hour operating life, 15-hour endurance time and a four-hour charging time!

RobotT1 has definite investment potential for late night gamers. Imagine how nice it would be getting served piping hot food and beverages… right around the clock.

That is especially true for those of us who relish playing real money online casino games day and night. When it is at the best online slots real money South Africa gaming platform; so much the better!

The A1 Michelin Chef

Alain Ducasse, Pierre Gagnaire and Martin Berasategui may have 45 Michelin stars between them but their very existence is under threat. A South Korean start-up has come up with an AI operated chef. This extraordinary machine is tipped to democratise the concept of fine dining.

The AI chef is smart as smart can be. It cribs the recipe in real-time, reverse engineers the meal all the way down to the molecular level and recreates the dish to absolute perfection.

As you have no doubt gathered, the buy-in of a gastronomic wizard is required for the system to work. How does it work?

  • A top chef provides the recipe and demonstrates it in a bespoke, robot-friendly kitchen
  • An in-built food sensor scans and digitises the meal, as it is being made
  • Every iota is analysed to ensure both texture and taste is properly replicated

The robot learns all the information within 24 hours. It then whips up the meal just like the original Michelin star chef. According to the developers, it is impossible to tell one dish from the other!

If you are into protracted gambling sessions at Springbok Casino – rated the #1 online slots real money South Africa casino – it may be a case of ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’. An AI chef paired with a delivery bot? That really is like manna from heaven!

Autonomous Indoor Surveillance Drones

Fleets of intelligent autonomous drones are being deployed in warehouses, office blocks and retail stores. Their mission? To detect and identify any anomalies and send images and alerts to remote controllers in real time.

These flying ‘eyes in the sky’, which dock and charge on smart tiles mounted on the ceiling, offer an innovative and efficient means of securing assets. The drones have the capabilities to detect intruders, smoke, fire, leaks and a wide array of unusual objects and events.

Accurate smart mapping allows them to navigate any space, large or small. They can perform scheduled flybys and respond to ad-hoc events.

When very large premises require protection, the drones can hop from ceiling tile to ceiling tile. That way, they can cover the most ground with incomparable efficiency. What’s more, the drones can rest and recharge along the way!

Future Role of Robots at the Online Slots Real Money South Africa Casino

Is there a role for bots and automatons at Springbok Casino? Right now, the answer is no. In the future, that may all change. Pundits are already tipping the emergence of futuristic virtual player bots.

In a sense, these robots would be similar to customisable avatars. In their predicted iteration, however, they would not be virtual at all. They would be real machines… possible clad in some sort of soft, malleable material.

Through programming and machine learning, the gaming automatons could be taught anything. In fact, they could be particularly adept at playing high variance online slot real money South Africa games on your behalf.

The advantages are obvious.

  • Bots never get tired
  • They make decisions quickly and dispassionately
  • Robots don’t have the capacity to cheat you out of the payouts
  • They don’t require a cut of the winnings

With fully automated gamblers in your corner, you may just find your overall win rate skyrockets! In the meantime, we suggest you sign up at Springbok Casino, claim a bonus and play the best RTG online slots real money South Africa titles… for FREE!