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An online slots real money South Africa casino is a high-tech adaptation of a gaming hall in the same way that electric vehicles are modern-day automobiles. This is simply due to advances in technology. In the natural world, however, evolution is key to survival. Some creatures adapt… and others do not.

Adapt or Die In Nature, Of Course...

Zombie caterpillars, blood-sucking bats and self-amputating reptiles are usually the stuff of nightmares. When they are not keeping us awake at night, they are entertaining us. Who doesn’t enjoy getting scared out their wits by movies like Army of the Dead, Wyrmwood: Apocalypse or Only Lovers Left Alive?

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In the real world, these creatures do actually exist. One or two have undergone extraordinary genetic modifications over hundreds of millions of years. Others have been invaded by naturally occurring viruses. Mass subjugation has resulted in uncharacteristic behavioural changes.

Let us take a look at the primary protagonists in our story, and how they have inspired a few of the game themes at our online slots real money South Africa casino:

Vampire Bats – Perfectly Adapted for a Blood Fest

Popularised by Bram Stoker in his now legendary book, Dracula, vampires are mythical creatures that drink human blood. They only hunt at night and use their hypnotic powers to lure unsuspecting maidens to their deaths. That is in the literary world.

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In the real world, there are creatures that share the ‘qualities’ of Dracula – and the themed character symbols at our online slots real money South Africa casino. These highly evolved creatures are called vampire bats. They live solely off the blood of large mammals.

How does a bat, which weighs just 40 grams, feast off the blood of a horse or cow? Well, it swoops in undetected in the middle of the night, using heat sensors in the nose to detect the choice blood vessels lying just beneath the skin.

With its razor-like teeth, the bat makes a neat incision on the flank or neck of the sleeping animal. It laps up the blood, which flows freely due to an anticoagulant in the bat’s saliva. As with Edward Cullen, Louis de Pointe du Lac and other famous vampires, the bats prefer the blood of females, especially those in oestrus!

How Vampire Bats Genetically Compare to Other Bat Species

What is really mind-blowing is vampire bats have undergone a number of genetic changes. The end-game? To support their blood-only survival technique. When comparing vampire bat genes with that of other bat species, scientists have discovered some interesting anomalies.

Vampire bats, for instance, have a radically reduced sense of taste. When you consider a lack of taste would make blood more palatable, then it is an imminently sensible genetic aberration.

As for the lack of genes required to raise insulin levels, convert and store sugar or produce gastric acid to break down solid food, well, there is an obvious explanation for all of that. Blood has little to no sugar content. It is also a liquid. Hence, there would be no use whatsoever for the capabilities outlined above.

These clever little creatures have even reduced the absorption of iron by their gastrointestinal tract. As blood is rich in iron and vampire bats typically gorge around a quarter of their body weight in blood each feed, in this context, less is definitely more. Rather than potentially poisoning themselves, vampire bats excrete the bulk of the iron instead.

Self-Amputating Lizards with Detachable Tails

Lizards are remarkably well-adapted creatures. One of their most successful survival strategies is to detach all or part of their tail – either as a decoy or to avoid a predator’s grip. The question is how does the tail stay on when it is engineered to fall off?

As with our online slots real money South Africa casino, agility of design is key to the lizard’s end-anatomy. Rather than the tail being one continuous fixed appendage, it is made up of several connected segments. The tail can drop off at any of these fracture points.

Although definitely not comparable in taste, a lizard’s tail is similar in structure to a chocolate bar. Odd comparison – but hear us out! The multiple sites capable of intentional amputation are like the artificial stress points on a Cadbury’s fruit and nut! See, that makes sense.

What holds the fracture points together until an extremity ejection is required? That would be bundles of muscles that look very much like the prongs of an electrical plug. These prongs are designed to lock into the corresponding stress point – like a plug in a socket! Isn’t nature amazing?

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We have talked about the vampire bat and self-amputating reptiles. How about the zombie caterpillars? Where do they fit into the picture?

The Zombified Undead of the Insect Kingdom

What prompts an ordinary low latitude caterpillar to climb to its death at the top of the tree canopy? That would be an invasive virus that makes Covid look like a bit of a picnic. This particular intruder actually manipulates the genes of the bug – and unlike our online slots real money South Africa, it never results in a happy ending!

In this instance, the victim is the young of the bollworm moth. This particular member of the Lepidoptera family likes to pupate underground, away from the sunlight. Infected caterpillars do the opposite. The diseased insects climb ever upwards towards the light… and die in the process. Why do they behave counterintuitively? The virus infects the genes associated with the caterpillars’ vision!

Rather than avoiding the light, the hapless offspring literally become zombies and follow the sun, no matter the obstacles that lie in their way. As you have no doubt guessed, the undead of the insect world play no part in the reproductive cycle.

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