Get info on ground-breaking technologies at Springbok Online Casino South Africa – from pollen paper to printed reefs!

Paper and printing may not be integral to our online casino South Africa. We are, after all, digital! For most other applications, however, they are essential. Now, scientists have turned convention on its head. They have come up with self-folding pollen paper and 3D printed marine restoration techniques!

Self-Foldable Sunflower Pollen Paper

Just when you have got your head around smartphones, bots, virtual assistants and the online casino South Africa, technology takes another great leap. This time it isn’t the cross-platform agility of Springbok Casino that is leaving you scratching your head. It is the production of non-allergenic paper from sunflower pollen!

Besides the use of self-sustaining, naturally occurring raw material, there is a lot more to pollen paper than meets the eye. Sure, the properties of the paper are turning heads. It is, after all, super strong and only around 100 micrometres thick. That is about half the thickness of a sheet of A4.

What is more confounding is the paper’s ability to morph into complex shapes. Under the right conditions – and with a few strategically placed printed lines – pollen paper can fold itself! Add a few layers and this baby is a shoo-in for rapid self-fabrication of fast food cartons, paper cups and straws.

How does paper – any paper – morph into shapes all on its own? Well, unlike the online casino South Africa, where the key driver is RTG gaming software, pollen paper reacts to moisture. Even the humidity in the air causes the paper to curl, twist and fold.

By printing vertical lines on a sheet of paper, you can create a system of joints that fold into a carton or box. When a weight is placed in the centre of the sheet, it bends into the desired shape. Now isn’t that about as smart and ingenious as the best remote gaming platform, Springbok Online Casino South Africa?

Re-Usable and Unprintable

An even bigger USP of pollen paper is its re-usability. According to the smart fellas who designed the material, it can be re-used repeatedly. Unlike conventional paper that has to be re-pulped, de-toned and re-constructed, pollen paper is basically good to go for another round!

All that is required is a quick dip in an alkaline solution to remove the printing. Even a full-on high resolution colour image magically disappears. This process, known as unprinting, leaves the paper in an undamaged and pristine state… ready for its next application.

When it comes to repetitive use, with zero compromise to the user experience, the best example is our online casino South Africa. All the online casino games, bonuses and promotions can be used multiple times. Springbok Casino is, as it were, ever-ready for endless gambling action! Plus, with such a large selection of games, it can very well be like playing at a fresh-off-the-press online casino every time.

How Pollen Paper is Made

We’re sure you’re itching to know… How is pollen paper made? Once the pollen is harvested – with a good few achoos, we assume – it is saturated in potassium hydroxide. This process removes the cellular components that cause allergies – so, no itching or sneezing involved at all, actually! It also transforms the pollen into gel.

The gel is cast into a mould and air-dried for about 24 hours. It is then peeled off and used as a single sheet – or layered for more durable applications. The good thing is that the planet probably won’t be running out of sunflower pollen anytime soon.

As with the abundance of games offered at our online casino South Africa, the country offers something else in surplus. In South Africa alone, around 3.8% of total cultivated land is used to propagate the crop. That is around 13 million hectares of sunflowers… all producing masses of pollen!

3D Printed Reef Architecture

Global warming and rampant urbanization is having a devastating effect on the oceans’ coral reefs. Iconic natural treasures, like Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, are being destroyed by bleaching. Thankfully, our online casino in South Africa is virtual. It does not have to withstand sun, rain or inclement weather!

Now, scientists have come up with the perfect solution – 3D printed coral reefs. The technique involves scanning dozens of photographs of reefs. The idea is to assemble 3D models that are as close to the real thing as possible. Kind of like how our online casino South Africa emulates a B&M casino with the realism of our games!

To achieve this, genetic data is collected from the underwater environment at the molecular level. This information, along with a whole lot of other pertinent stuff, is fed into a purpose-designed 3D technology algorithm.

This algorithm is like the sophisticated computer algorithm behind the random outcomes of all the casino games at our online casino South Africa. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to declare our game results as fair and random at Springbok Casino. In the same way, the algorithm used to print 3D coral reefs is an integral part of the process, as without that, we might very soon end up with a sterile ocean landscape devoid of life.

Thankfully – and thanks to the new technology – a parametric interactive model of a reef can be built. To mimic the penetrable properties of a coral reef, a unique porous ceramic is used as printing material. The results are so realistic, even Nemo and his BFFs are fooled.

How is the project going? Well, as per the creators of this ground-breaking tech, it is so far, so good. Coral larvae have happily adopted the man-made architecture as their own. They are hard at work creating authentic coral reefs capable of attracting diverse marine life once again!

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