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Browse through our online slots real money for South Africa casino and what do you see?  Iconic superheroes of yesteryear!  Who are these mythical figures?  Why the interest in them?  Well, they are precursors of blockbuster comic book characters.

Play Mythical Warrior Slots at Springbok Casino

Most of us have cut our teeth on Superman, The Avengers, The Hulk and Wolverine.  These very same characters populate video games, feature films, comic books and animated movies.  There are even online slots featuring heroes and anti-heroes from the Marvel Universe.

Have you ever heard of superhero fatigue?  It’s an actual thing where even the biggest fans need time out.  So, at Springbok Casino, we have settled on more mythical warriors.  Guys like Achilles, Thor and Helios strut their stuff across the reels.

As an online slots real money for South Africa casino, our mandate as such is to provide non-stop entertainment, and we do so very successfully with our mythology-theme online slots!  Who could possibly get tired of tales of historical deities filled with intrigue and mystique?  We certainly can’t!

What is interesting is every culture around the world has their own super-charged stars.  Stories about their feats and adventures are passed down through the generations.  All these mythical characters are imbued with special physical or psychic powers.

They are all fearless protectors fashioned as giants, gods, high kings and ordinary men and women.  From the tribes of West Africa to the Fianna of Gaelic Ireland, there is always someone remarkable who creeps into the fairy tales, bed time stories, poems and songs.

Let us take a look a few of the lesser-known superheroes of ancient civilisations.  The guys who have not as yet made it to the international big time.  Some you may have heard of, others not so much.  All have the potential to slip right on into our online slots real money for South Africa titles.

Finn McCool with the Magical Thumb

With a name like Finn McCool, you’d be forgiven for thinking this dude hailed from the 21st Century.  Well, you would be wrong.  Finn – or Fionn mac Cumhail, as he is known in Gaelic circles – has been around since the Iron Age.

The son of the leader of a band of hunter gatherers, and grandson of a druid, Finn has the physical stature of a giant.  He was brought up in secrecy in the mystical forest of Sliabh Bladma.  By the age of six, he was proficient in the arts of war.

This guy is credited with creating the Giants Causeway.  He apparently tossed the stepping stones into the North Atlantic to avoid getting his feet wet as he meandered across to Scotland.

What is the special weapon in his arsenal?  Nope, it is not a sword, spear or dagger – although they are central to several of his most famous endeavours.  It is a magical thumb!  Get it?  A thumb with powers of a sorcerer.  We wonder if the idiom 'under the thumb' could have anything to do with McCool!

Whenever this fella got into a bit of a bind, he relied on his thumb to devise an exit strategy.  Legend has it the largest digit on his right hand was bestowed with great wisdom.  Rather than using brawn to defeat his legions of enemies, Finn McCool out fooled the lot.

At Springbok Casino, we don’t have a dedicated tribute to our Gaelic hero.  More is the pity.  He saved the city of Tara by killing a fire breathing dragon with nothing more than a spear.  Today, he slumbers somewhere safe and will rise again to defend his beloved Ireland.

What we do have is hundreds of online slots real money for South Africa games.  Some feature sorcerers and witches as title characters.  One is potentially more lucrative than the next!

Anasi the Anthropomorphised Spider

Long before Peter Parker acquired arachnid attributes, Anasi the trickster was terrifying children from Ghana to the Caribbean.  This unlikely mythological hero used cunning quick wit and creativity to out manoeuvre powerful enemies.

Anasi is a key character in the oral tradition of West Africans.  He is as famous with the offspring of their brothers and sisters who were sold into slavery.  One of his most daring endeavours was gaining the Stories of the World from the mighty Sky-God, Nyame.

To do so, Anasi the trickster had to capture four of the most lethal creatures on the planet – Omini the python, Osebo the leopard, Fairy Mmoathia and the Mmoboro hornets.  He accomplished these arduous tasks, not through might, but through guile and deception!

Anasi appeared in many forms.  In some tales, he is a spider with a human face.  In others, a human being with arachnid features.  What we know for sure is Anasi is and always will be the original Spider Man!

Would you play casino games with a creepy spider-theme at our online slots real money for South Africa casino?  With a back story much more interesting that Peter Parker, we bet you would!

Gilgamesh, the Mighty Warrior of Mesopotamia

Gilgamesh is a mythical king who presided over the ancient city of Uruk in Mesopotamia.  According to legend, he was 17 feet tall and 2.5 feet wide across the chest.  Along with being hailed as a warrior-protector, this guy had some kinky habits.

Despite his obvious carnal prowess, Gilgamesh is best remembered for killing the protector of the Cedar Forest – the fearsome monster, Humbaba.  With his long hair and good looks, he unintentionally seduced the goddess of love, Ishtar. Ishtar was so smitten, she promised to give Gilgamesh a chariot of gold and lapis lazuli if he married her.  He turned her offer of matrimony down.

The half-god, half-human undertook many brave exploits.  He murdered the Bull of Heaven, a terrifying beast that could fell 100 men with one snort.  He also led a revolt against the great Aga of Kish.  If truth be told, this outsized Sumerian is the natural precursor to The Hulkand his much smaller alter ego, Doctor Bruce Banner!

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