Futuristic architecture is tipped to save the world, so is powering the online casino South Africa with renewable energy!

Our online casino for South Africa has a low carbon footprint and is easily accessible.  We can happily say we’re not a major part of the ‘problem’.  Resolving Mother Earth’s problems is about preventing large scale desertification, feeding a surging world population and mitigating the effects of natural disasters.  Are futuristic architects finding the answers?

Renewables to Power Up Springbok Casino Games

If the scientists are to be believed, the clock is fast ticking down on the life of our planet.  Key risks are all related to one factor – that of climate change.  If we don’t succeed in reversing the damage, we have to find ways of managing the results.

That doesn’t simply mean turning to renewables to power up your EV, eye-level oven – or even to fire up your PC to login to play Springbok Casino games.  Nope, unfortunately, the quest for a low carbon future involves a lot more than clean electricity.  Even green gaming at the number one online casino for South Africa won’t cut it.

Are high-tech high-rise buildings the answer?  If the out-of-the-box concepts submitted to an annual architectural competition are anything to go by, the answer would be a resounding yes.  Here is what the skyscrapers of the future may look like:

The Cloud-Generating Tower

Global warming is already having a dire effect on agricultural land use.  Now, a team of South Korean brainiacs have come up with a self-sustaining skyscraper that can regulate the weather.  The building itself is constructed on a large circular platform that floats on the ocean surface.

Integrated into the construction is a cloud generator, solar roof panel and wind power generator.  Water – harvested from the ocean – is pumped into a high-temperature pressure tank in the cloud generator.  As it rises as water vapour, it passes through the wind generator, creating electricity along the way.

The water vapour then circles the building in the form of clouds, which are stored in a vast membrane controlled by a circular control ring.  A dedicated satellite in space transmits meteorological information to the control ring, in real-time!

Based on the information it receives, the ring calculates the movement of clouds according to the wind direction.  It then dispatches the clouds to the target area, or areas, with the help of drones.  That way, onsite scientists can:

  • make it rain in dry areas
  • absorb clouds in heavy rainfall areas
  • reflect radiation from the sun on blisteringly hot days!

With fleets of climate control towers anchored off the coasts of the most vulnerable countries in the world, who needs to worry about the weather?  Just think.  There will be more time to do what you love doing best, like playing real money games at Springbok Online Casino for South Africa!

The Tsunami Mitigating Mangrove Platform

Tsunamis can have a devastating effect on lives and livelihoods.  Now a group of Chinese architects have designed a modular coastal city on stilts.  The concept is based on a natural mangrove swamp and consists of a conglomeration of buildings built on different levels.

All the levels are interconnected.  They are anchored to the sea bed by thick concrete columns made from porous materials.  The idea is for the columns to break up the tsunami, thereby dissipating its enormous force.  The lifestyle levels themselves are constructed above the average crest of the wave.

Each level is equipped with a water cistern.  It absorbs the sea water and transfers it to a desalination unit built-in to the columns.  At the same time, the unit generates electricity via the ebb and flow of the powerful tsunami tide.

Finally, at the very top of the multi-level building, is a sky garden.  These gardens can be used for a number of purposes – to grow food, act as a safe recreational space and a lookout point for spotting pending disasters.  Best of all, in an event of a tsunami, the ‘building’ and its inhabitants are completely self-sufficient.

Everything needed for basic human survival is contained within and generated by these buildings – ingenuity at its finest! There is ample water, food and power onsite.  In the normal state – when there are no overt risks of disaster – the area around the columns is used for fishing, boating, floating markets and other recreational activities.

The multi-level tsunami-mitigating mangrove platform is likely to be a lot more effective than the New Orleans levees!  Thankfully, tsunamis are exceedingly rare in our neck of the woods.  It is safe to load our online casino for South Africa onto your phone and play top RTG slots… on the beach!

The Agro-Everything Skyscraper

You may find it takes a bit of imagination to wrap this futuristic building around your head.  It has the design and styling of a gigantic wheat ear.  The skyscraper itself consists of hundreds of garden modules constructed around a central core.

Each module represents a particular biome and has its own unique plants, microorganisms, soil type and micro-climate.  The idea is to experiment with the biomes, introducing new plants, animals and soils from one to the other.

In essence, the ‘building’ is one huge food incubator of the future where seeds are harvested and deployed to suitable farmlands all around the world.  The central core acts as a laboratory and lecture space, seed and plant tissue banks, data centres and high-tech composters.

The modules themselves are interchangeable and constructed from timber to enable agile assembly and disassembly.  There are even ladders that act as habitat webs to encourage the activity and movement of small animals within each biome.

Now, we know that the concept of an online casino for South Africa was once considered far-fetched.  How about a massive wooden skyscraper that acts like a multi-biome botanical garden, seed bank and herbarium rolled into one?  That really is innovative thinking!

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