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Here’s a fact.  Whether you are at the beach, a swish restaurant or the best online casino in South Africa, dogs are omnipresent.  Fido and friends are part and parcel of life on this planet and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  That said, there is so much more to our four-legged BFFs!

Dogs Really are Sentient Creatures

What makes dogs so special… and why is it that we can’t do without our furry friends?  Here are a few facts that will have you appreciating your hounds even more.  Just a little FYI – our passion for pets has nothing to do with the money you can make playing doggy-themed slots online at Springbok Casino!

If you are still in any doubt that dogs are sentient beings, keep reading as we’re about to give you the facts, based on science and observation.  Dogs are oh so human in many respects.  For one, they display a common human emotion, which is jealousy.  Yep, dogs can be as jealous as it gets.  Show a bit of love to another pooch doing the rounds and you are sure to arouse the green-eyed monster in yours.

Other common human characteristics such as separation anxiety is often witnessed in dogs.  In fact, perhaps even more so in canines.  They have such a close bond with their human that often when left home alone, they’ll spend hours either howling in despair, or they might destroy your favourite pair of shoes in protest.

You can expect that kind of despairing grumpiness to last only for as long as your duplicitous behaviour because dogs are also so forgiving.  Return home, and they’ll be all too happy to see you…  Your absence being instantly forgiven.  They’ll even forgive you for playing at our online casino South Africa – as long as cuddle-time on the side is included!

Sleep Patterns and Advanced Intelligence

Do you want any more evidence that pups have deep feelings, just like us?  Well, according to studies conducted by a team of neuroscientists, dogs have sleep patterns similar to ours.  As anybody who owns a hound will attest – these fellas have really active dreams.

Where they do differ from us is this.  Dogs’ dreams are visualisations of real-life events – like chasing that darn squirrel, gambolling with like-minded mates or having a snarly tiff with some doggy dude they don’t like.  With dogs, it is memory rather than fantasy driving the content of their dreams.

As for intelligence… well, canines are smart.  They can recognise more than 250 words and learn to differentiate one room in the house from the other via the spoken word.  Dogs can solve problems, open doors, forecast the weather and even predict natural disasters.

If Rover was human for the day, he could easily be a scientist, physicist, meteorologist, diagnostician and cracker of safes.  He could be a hunter, super sleuth and psychoanalyst.  Even in his current canine form, Rover is a star character.  Here is a list of just some of the jobs that modern-day dogs do:

  • Emotional support dogs – not only do they offer calm companionship, but they are also often medically trained to alert the human if a seizure is pending, when to take medication, and some are even taught CPR!
  • Military and police dogs – these dogs may be used as detectors, trackers, sentries, and scouts)
  • Search and rescue although some dogs are specially trained to only do search and rescue, they often work hand-in-paw with police and military in this capacity
  • Guide dogs trained to help those who have visual or auditory impairments to go about daily life, being their eyes and ears with utmost loyalty
  • Detection dogs they are trained to detect everything from illicit substances, to explosives, blood, and human remains. Some detection dogs even learn to detect cancer and blood sugar levels!
  • Herding dogs – these dogs are often heavily relied upon by farmers to herd cattle and sheep, etc.

Along with the likes of Benji, Bolt, Slinky and Scooby-Doo, are famous around the world.  They regularly appear in feature films, video games and the real money RTG casino games you can play at the #1 online casino in South Africa!

Intuitive Time Keepers, Navigators and Super Sleuths

Dogs intuitively know when it is time for dinner, treats and the day’s walk – all down to the precise hour and minute.  They can detect cancer and covid and track down bombs, guns and heavy artillery.  They can even find drugs and contraband amongst hundreds of thousands of pieces of luggage.

Our faithful hounds can tell when we are anxious, angry, lonely or depressed.  Best of all, they pull off all these remarkable feats with nothing more than grey matter and a perpetually wet nose!

Dogs are so well attuned to the planet – they even defecate in alignment with the Earth’s magnetic field.  In their considered opinion, only a north south axis will do.  When you next see your pup circling around at a rate of knots, know this.  They are busy activating their onboard navigational equipment to find the perfect spot.

The dog’s inner apparatus may not be as swanky as the Springbok Casino gaming software.  That said, it is equally matched in terms of efficiency.  Where the online casino South Africa has a search function, Fido has an olfactory sense 100,000 times stronger than ours!

Besides their incredible sense of smell, pups can hear at higher frequencies than us.  That makes them a shoo-in as a pre-quake alarm.  This is because dogs and other wild animals have the inherent ability to detect P-waves.  These are the initial seismic waves that occur just before the earthquake hits.  When they pick up the rapidly moving longitudinal waves, they bark and howl in distress.

Talking about acute hearing, all in all, there are 18 muscles orchestrating the movement of a dog’s ears.  That is why they have the ability to move in several directions, seemingly at once!  That little fact aside, from Lassie to Rex, the famous military dog from the film “Megan Leavey” based on true events, it is evident that dogs truly are humans’ best friends.

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