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Cute, cuddly and charitable, cat meme coins are all the rage.  The same can be said about our feline-themed online slots real money South Africa games.  It does not matter if you trade, create NFTs or spin the reels, there is money to be made through cats… meow!

Cats Rule: From Cartoons to Online Slots Real Money South Africa Games

Who would have thought our fluffy felines would take the World Wide Web by storm.  Yep, it is a fact.  Cats own the internet.  Whether it's Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub, Venus Cat or Fatso, the Keybroad Cat, the net is their personal scratch patch.

When you switch across to the number one online slots real money South Africa casino, the picture is essentially the same.  Mousers like the titular character in Copy Cat slot and the delightfully dainty wild, bow-tie and teacup kittens in Purrfect Pets slot, hold sway.

From cartoon strip cats like Garfield to Felix the Cat in the Great Comic Book Tails, these critters have cornered the multi-media market.  Now it is the age of memes featuring all manner of fur balls.  Viral images and videos have since morphed into virtual tokens and crypto coins with Felis catus as the centrepiece.

Here are three cat meme coins that dare to do things a little differently:

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Big Eyes Coin is the best of both worlds.  It enables holders to trade tokens and make money.  Plus, it aims to donate a percentage of turnover to environmental causes.

The core objective of the Big Eyes platform is to develop a community-driven currency, which is re-distributed amongst investors.  Although not yet formally launched, BIG is currently available in pre-launch sales.  Of the 2 trillion available coins, 140 billion are up for grabs.  By all accounts, BIG is selling like hot cakes.

The coins are based on a ‘crypto cathouse’ featuring large-eyed felines.  Besides the perennially popular cat meme theme, BIG is built on the Ethereum blockchain.  Critical stuff like security, decentralisation and swift transactions are all part of the package.

BIG is aiming to go big in terms of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).  Holders will be able to buy physical and digital art via an exclusive club, with more exciting features planned for the future.  At the moment, unique selling points include:

  • No transactional taxes or fees
  • 5% of earnings channelled to protect the ocean environment
  • A 24-month lock-in of the initial liquidity pool

Our cats may not have big eyes but they have the potential to pay out plenty.  Domesticated felines are one of several creatures integrated into RTG-developed online slots real money South Africa games.  Why not sign up at Springbok Casino and use our free cash no deposit bonus as bankroll?

Schrodinger (KITTY DINGER)

Everyone has heard of Schrodinger’s cat.  It was the key character in a quantum physics ‘thought experiment’ where a hypothetical cat was considered both dead and alive… at the same time.  Quite what it proved has nothing whatsoever to do with cat meme coins.

Schrodinger – the token – was launched in October last year.  It is named after Elon Musk’s cat.  Of the 100 trillion total supply, all are already in circulation.

Today, you can pick up KITTY DINGER for just $0.000000381374.  That is off a high of $0.00002791 in November 2021.  Besides the token, which has transactional value in the Kitty community, the developers have a number of features under construction, including the:

  • Kitty Metaverse, a play-to-earn online video game conceived as a fun and relaxing way for the Kitty community to earn passive income.
  • KITTUP Wallet, a cross-blockchain wallet that can integrate several addresses on different chains.

Transactions cost 10%, of which 2% is redistributed to holders, 1% is added to the liquidity pool and 7% is used for development and marketing.  A percentage will also be used to support cat shelters and charities.

Catecoin (CATE)

Catecoin is basically a rewards system for the creators of memes.  It uses decentralised finance (DeFi) features to allow holders to create and upload memes to the platform.  Memes approved by the community are adapted into non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

As creators get a percentage of sales, it is an easy way to earn bucks in a decentralised fashion.  The good news is the ecosystem ringfences 35% of the coin’s total liquidity for the rewards system.   CATE is also the native coin for the community and there is a P2E game, Rise of Cats, where you can earn tokens too.

Of the 100 trillion total coins, more than 35 million are already in circulation.  Today, you can buy CATE for $0.00000088. That is more than 65% down from its all-time high of $0.000003!

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