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Gambling at an online casino is a favourite pastime that has been on the legal fringes for quite some time, in quite a few countries.  If you were to look at the pattern over the past few years, or decade, the walls have been steadily closing in, whereas the picture in South Africa is quite the opposite.

In fact, any form of gambling – apart from horse race betting – was illegal up until 1996!  The unbanning of gambling has led to a prosperous market that not only benefits online casino operators and players, but the government too.

According to the National Gambling Board of South Africa, the county’s betting market amounted to R32.7 billion in 2020 alone.  For the government, that meant a neat revenue of R3.2 billion.  It is estimated that as many as one in ten South Africans gamble in one way or another – and everyone is benefiting.

Partly due to this quid pro quo situation, online gambling is legal in South Africa.  Thus, playing at Springbok Casino remains a number one internet-based activity enjoyed freely – and legally – by the masses.  Just because our online casino and joining our player base is legal doesn’t mean that all casinos in South Africa are operating legally…

South African Gambling Laws

Let’s take a look at a few snapshots of gambling and the law that governs it in South Africa.  In 1996, the National Gambling Act was passed.  Eight years later, the National Gambling Policy Council was introduced as part of the Act.  This was to ensure policy alignment both nationally and on a provincial level.

As with all things where big money is involved, there are laws and regulations that govern gambling, whether offline or at an online casino.  This is to protect players and operators alike.  Apart from the Council ensuring compliance and reviewing licenses, they also keep tabs on gambling trends and the overall impact.

This is a good thing as it allowed for the establishment of organisations such as the South African Responsible Gambling Foundation (SARGF).  SARGF offers free and confidential counselling and treatment to players affected by problem gambling.  See, not all laws are bad!

How to Find a Legal Online Casino

To start off with, precisely what defines a legal online casino is perhaps the first thing to focus your attention on.  The reality is, anyone can start an online version of a casino – but there are hoops you need to jump through, and continue to jump through, to keep things legit.

A sure-fire way to spot a legal online casino is through sheer reputation and recognition.  Firstly, if players are unhappy with their experience at an establishment, they will share this.  A quick search and you’ll find a wealth of useful information shared by other players to help you separate the good from the bad.

In terms of recognition, choosing a casino that has received positive acknowledgement from reputable reviewers, gambling news sites and organisations is a huge plus.  It takes excellent service, an overall great gaming experience and seriously positive player feedback to receive a thumbs up and a top-rated spot.

In terms of doing crossing your own T’s and dotting your I’s, it’s imperative that you do your homework to ensure that an online casino is legit.  There are many rogue casinos out there and you don’t want to be an unlucky player caught in the crosshairs.

What is a Rogue Online Casino?

The sad reality is that rogue casinos are plentiful.  There are countless stories across the web of players who were personally affected by these operators.  Rogue casinos appear to be proper online casinos.  They display attractive casino bonuses, you create an account, claim a bonus – and top up your account with your own money as you usually would.

The first sign of problems usually appears when the players attempt to cashout their winnings.  Try as they might, the payouts never materialise.  When players try reach customer support, they simply don’t respond.  This is why choosing a casino with tried and tested 24/7 multi-channel support options is so important!

Other tell-tale signs of a rogue casino are unfair gaming practices, fraudulent bonus offers and flawed privacy and security which leaves players vulnerable.  Along with false advertising and even encouraging problem gaming, these casinos are often not registered or regulated in any way.  This makes it is tough to hold them accountable.

If the casino is not properly registered or regulated, they are operating illegally.  Full stop.  Although these are sad but true realities, there are sites where players ‘blacklist’ casinos which makes it easier to identify a rogue casino.

The Legalities of Our Online Casino

Springbok online casino adheres to all the required laws as per gambling legislation.  We do not allow any minors to play and bet at our casino – and our minimum age requirement is 18 years, no exceptions.  We also provide a direct link to the National Gambling Program as our bid to curb problem gambling.

We are furthermore fully licensed by the Curacao Gaming Commission and in the same breath, our operations are regulated.  Fair-play and transparency is at the core of our business ethos and as such our games and payouts are audited.

Our online casino also does not accept bets from players residing in countries where gambling is illegal, such as Australia.  There are many illegal things people do every day – but we keep things as above board as our reputation truly matters to us, and you!

Springbok Online Casino – Rated the Best in the Biz!

In addition to reputation and recognition, a track-record goes a long way as trust is built over time.  Our casino has been a household name for over a decade, and we’ve proven ourselves to be the most trusted online casino in South Africa!

We have received numerous awards and accolades and what did we do to deserve them?  We offer a platform that is safe, secure, trusted, reputable – and we don’t let greed drive our business.  Our 24/7 customer support team is always available to help… even in the rare event of a withdrawal discrepancy!

So, to answer the question - is online gambling legal in South Africa?  The short answer is YES… but – there’s a ‘but’ – just because it is legal to gamble, it doesn’t mean that all casino sites are legal and compliant.  Do your due diligence… or simplify your life by sticking with the #1 online casino in the country, Springbok Casino!