If you want to win real money, join our online casino for South Africa. Play strategically and payouts are almost guaranteed!

There are thousands and thousands of games out there, whether you play on a PC, laptop, tablet, on a gaming console, or on your phone.  As for what games pay real money in South Africa?  Your safest bet will always be to become a member at a top online casino for South Africans, such as Springbok Casino!

Most of the mobile and PC games out there are paid for – whether they require an initial hefty outlay, or in-game purchases to progress.  There is an undeniable market for these games, but the driving force is simply competing game progression.  There is no real money to be made in the end.

Why You Should Choose Online Casino Games Instead

Players choose to play at our online casino South Africa for a multitude of reasons.  Firstly, we’re the proud recipients of a string of awards for providing the best casino platform in the country.  Of course, players want to know that they have made the best decision on where to play!

We are also known for our generosity, which you will experience for yourself with our bonuses, promotions, and other player perks.  Besides being the undisputed leaders in the industry amongst fellow South Africans, we are also the place to come to if you’re looking to play games that pay real money.

What Real Money Games Can You Play at Springbok Casino?

Our casino games library, along with the very software behind our green and gold interface, is powered by SpinLogic Gaming.  Established in Atlanta, Georgia in 1998, RTG has built a solid reputation as one of the leaders in the real money online gambling software industry.

The SpinLogic games suite is bolstered by hundreds of titles spread across every gaming genre and category.  Access our online casino, and you’ll have the full buffet at your disposal to pick and choose from.  The best part is you can play online, via our downloadable software – or on your phone.

As for what games pay real money in South Africa?  That is a question easily answered…  At our online casino, with RealTime Gaming as our backbone, every single one of them!  It doesn’t matter what game you prefer to play and within what genre – you have the chance to win real money playing any one of them.

Which Online Casino Games Pay the Most Money?

This question is slightly more complex to answer than ‘what games pay real money in South Africa’.  If you look at games and their payouts at face value, one would naturally have to say that progressive jackpot games pay the most, as they have the biggest prize pots.

In reality, the games that pay real money in South Africa aren’t necessarily the ones with the biggest prize pools, but rather the ones with the lowest volatility and highest RTP.  This is particularly true in the case of online casino slots.

Slots inherently don’t have the best RTP, otherwise known as the return to player, or payout percentage.  You’ll find that the slots games that pay the most money at our online casino South Africa are typically those with in-game features and bonus symbols to boost your odds.

Things such as cascading wilds, free spins and ‘pick me’ features greatly increase your chances of winning real money when playing slots.  You might be playing for smaller amounts, but you can steadily build your bankroll.  On the flip side, jackpots and other slots with big top payouts are highly volatile and can wipe your bankroll out in no time at all.

As for knowing what games pay real money in South Africa when it comes to slots, Springbok Casino has taken the guesswork out of the equation.  Head over to our slots menu and hover over any game.  You’ll notice a little “i” for ‘information’.  This is where we list the volatility, theme and features – everything you need to know to make an informed decision!

Other Games at Our Online Casino South Africa to Play for Money

Winning jackpots have similar odds of winning the lotto – but it is relative to how many competitors there are.  Our national lottery offers odds of around 1 in 20,358,520 in South Africa.  This is markedly less when playing at our online casino due to our player base.

You can also take the chance and play games of luck such as slots, keno, bingo and scratch cards – or you can take control of the outcome.  Games of chance have no guarantee of paying out - but payout they do.  When playing at our online casino South Africa, the outcome is totally reliant on our special random number generator software.

With the RNG in play, the outcome is completely random – this is the case for all the games at our online casino South Africa.  Whether it is where the virtual barrels of the slots stop, which cards are drawn from the deck, or what number pops up in bingo.  A digital algorithm is the determining factor with zero human interference.

That said, when it comes to what games pay real money in South Africa where you can impact the outcome, you need to look at games that can be played strategically.  This would include games like poker – and to a lesser degree, video poker and blackjack.

As an online casino South Africa that has it all, we no doubt offer plenty of opportunity for you to beat the odds with a spread of strategic games.  Check out our video poker menu for single- and multi-hand options or demonstrate and win with your knowledge on games like 21 Blackjack or Suit ‘Em Up.

The ultimate games that pay real money in South Africa will always be poker.  Why?  Whether played online at Springbok Casino or in the gaming halls of Monte Casino and Grand West, it is the one game where strategy truly matters.  Of course, playing at a B&M casino means you can bluff your way to a win…

Nonetheless, even when you are thoroughly brushed up on the best poker strategy, you can lower the house edge to a miniscule percentage when playing at our online casino South Africa!

To Conclude: What Games Pay Real Money in South Africa? Casino Games Do!

Even if you play slots, over the long-term, you will make bank – provided you play slow, and steady, choose the right titles, and don’t get greedy.  Video poker is known for its favourable house edge too, as is blackjack.  Both these games can be tipped in your favour with a bit of strategy… and luck.

If you want a near guarantee of winning money at our online casino South Africa, we highly recommend that you start studying.  Yep – study the strategy for your poker game of choice like your life depends on it!  It is the one online casino gaming category where you can be in control of your wins and losses, random number generator, or not!