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There are a few ways of conjuring up cash at the casino.  You can redeem our Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes – or you can turn to sorcery, witchcraft, and wizardry.  Choose the latter option and Merlin is your man.  He is the GOAT of enchantment… and he is on your side!

Claim Springbok Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes for No Fee Gaming

According to Arthurian legend, Merlin was the ace of alchemy.  He could conjure gold from stone, turn adversaries into pigs – and foretell the future by gazing into a crystal ball.  He was by all accounts a magician.

In the latest RTG online slot, Merlin is more than the title character.  He is an expanding and self-stacking wild that can transmute into two or three exact replicas.  When Merlin makes an appearance on the reels, riches typically follow.

When you use one of our Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes to unleash the magic, what have you got?  That would be complimentary access to Merlin and his plethora of special effects!  Hear this, gamers.  It is not only free game rounds that are in play.

What else is there to look forward to in this enchanting new slot at Springbok Online Casino?  In Merlin’s Riches slot, it goes without saying that big wins are standard fare.  Yet then there is a gamble feature, a bonus feature and a modifying reel set.

When you combine all the effects into one delectable gaming extravaganza, one thing is for sure.  The probability of profiting is as high as Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites.  Hold up, there is one other major factor to consider.

What we are referring to is the added impact of our no-fee arrangement.  When Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes are bankrolling gameplay, losing your hard-earned cash is not part of the equation!  That, my friends, is how wizardry rolls right here at the number one online casino!

Gamble to Unlock Up to 50 Free Games!

What are the ramifications of hitting three or more dragon scatters on the reels?  Entry to a free games round.  In this feature, you have the option to accept the standard 10 free spins or you can go for gold and hit the gamble button.

When you do that and your gamble pays off, you can level up your 10 free spins to 15 free games.  Yet as always, taking a gamble comes at a cost.  When the toss of the coin is not in your favour, you forfeit 5 free spins.

On the flip side, when the coin lands on the gold side, you can claim the 15 free games… or gamble again!  The choice is yours.   As long as the coin shows gold, the free games tally increases – but so too does the ‘cost’ of losing the toss.

In this particular 5 reel and 25 fixed payline slot, the gamble feature is capped at a mouth-watering 50 free spins!  Think about how much cash you can accumulate in ‘half a century’ of free game time.  All you need is for Lady Luck to conspire in your favour!

Then of course there is the added bonus of being bankrolled by one of our Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes.  There is absolutely zero luck required to cash in on what of these!  What does that tell you?  Divination is clearly alive and well at Springbok Casino, the #1 online casino.

The magic doesn’t stop there.  In fact, it is Merlin himself who can help you pull off a cash coup.  During the comp game rounds, up to three expanding wilds can appear stacked on the reels.  That, everyone, is where you really can win a ton of money.

You are forgiven for thinking the free games bonus feature is where the wizardry resides.  If you hit multiple Merlins, along with the high-paying gaming icons, you can keep your betting balance well in positive territory.  Yet as promised, this hot slot offers more… much more!

Accumulate Bonus Icons for Mind Blowing Bet Multipliers

Besides the chance to bag 50 free spins, the bonus feature in Merlin’s Riches slot is undeniably magical.  This fun and endlessly rewarding feature is triggered by three or more dragon claw crystal ball icons.  It is also plays out on a smaller 5 x 3 reel set, which is a nice little break away from the regular gaming interface.

In the bonus game, there are no standard gaming symbols on the reels.  All positions are either empty or filled with two possible icons:

  • Bonus
  • + 1 Spin

Once the symbols have ‘regenerated’, you are awarded three bonus spins.  For every + 1 Spin icon on the gameboard, you are awarded one extra reel spin.  As for the Bonus icons, they are the big cheese!

As the Bonus symbols appear on the gaming interface, they are added to a tally displayed in the Bonus meter. For every five accumulated Bonus icons, you progress to the next level.  At the end of the feature, you are awarded a bet multiplier corresponding to that level.

Now, this is the part that is about cast a spell on you to play Merlin’s Riches slot right now…  The available multipliers range from 3 x to 500 x!  With a betting range that extends from R0.25 to R125 per spin, there is a serious amount of money to be won!

With Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes waiting in the wings, one thing is for sure.   Merlin’s Riches may well prove to be the best-ever RTG online slot.  If not, then at the very least right up there amongst the top RTG slots ever developed!

Before you trot off to register, deposit, bet and play Merlin’s Riches slot at Springbok Casino, let’s talk about what you can win in the base game.  King Arthur pays up to 1,000 x the line bet.  That is the equivalent of R5k when the maximum stake is in play.

The lovely Guinevere has a top prize of 600 x the payline bet.  Excalibur, still buried in stone, offers 200 x, while the sword’s hilt unlocks up to 100 x.  The playing card ranks, 10 through Ace, deliver between 30 x and 50 x apiece.  Nice and tidy wins for low-ranking symbols!

How to Redeem Springbok Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

If you want your share of free gaming, sign up at Springbok Casino right now.  As a registered patron, you are eligible for a varied selection of online casino bonuses and promotions.  Some offers are displayed on our Promotions page, while others are sent to you by email.

In order to release the free cash, simply login, pick the best bonus and enter the code at the cashier.  Remember to keep an eye out for the extra special Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes that frequently appear in your inbox.  The free funds are always generous in value – and so too are our playthrough requirements!