Find out how to offset risk against return at our online casino South Africa – optimise your chances of winning on slots now!

Slots are the foundation games of our online casino South Africa.  They are colourful, easy to play and feature unique themes, soundtracks and special effects.  Gaming outcomes may be completely random but there are ways to improve the odds of winning… at least some of the time!

Why Informed Decision-Making is Critical at Our Online Casino South Africa

Play slots at our online casino South Africa and the objective is to hit matching symbols on an active payline – no special skills are required.  You don’t have to memorise intricate moves or convoluted strategies.   Whether you win or lose is purely by chance.

If it all boils down to luck, that effectively leaves very little wriggle room in terms of how you play slots…  So, how can you improve the odds in online slots?  The answer is not as complex as you may think.  In fact, it all boils down to just one word – selectivity.

One way of improving your chances of winning is based on the concept of ‘informed decision-making’.  In other words, you make choices by analysing potential outcomes, benefits and risks associated with each online slot machine.  Once you have all the information at your disposal, you can select the best online casino games.

Fortunately, the selection criteria you have to consider are readily available.  They include elements unique to each online slot game featured at Springbok Casino.  Factors like the hit frequency, variance, bonus features and the paytables themselves, are critical to games’ selection.

Trick #1 – be selective about the slots you play online.  Some games have the potential to pay out more money, more often.

How to Select the Online Slots with the Best Odds of Winning

Let us take a brief look at each of the selection criteria.  We also reveal exactly how they can influence the odds of winning real money at our online casino South Africa.

Hit frequency:  This is a term describing how often paying permutations appear on the game board.  Online slots with a high hit frequency obviously pay out more often than those with a low frequency of payline wins.

The only way to determine hit frequency is through gameplay.  At Springbok Online Casino South Africa, all our slots, table games, speciality games and video poker variants are available in the fun and real money modes.  That means you can assess hit frequency without having to absorb risk.

Variance aka volatility:  These two tie in with hit frequency – but targets the average value of the wins.  RTG online slots with a high or very high variance typically have a low hit frequency.  When they do appear on the gaming interface, the matching symbol combinations pay out generous prizes.

The opposite is true with low volatility games.  They usually have a high hit frequency but the payouts are fairly frugal.  Variance in online slots is all about the ‘quantity versus quality’ of real money payouts.

How do you determine a slot’s variance?  That is easy.  Simply navigate to a particular title featured in our slots catalogue and click the information icon in the top right-hand corner of the thumbnail.  You can find the volatility listed first in the quick game overview.

Bonus features: These are the special effects integrated into virtually all slot games – from 3-reel classic slots to pays all ways games.  Common features include wild symbols, scatter symbols, cascading payline wins, prize multipliers, bonus wheels and free spins.

Special effects are designed with players like you in mind to improve the odds of winning in online slots.  It stands to reason the games with an abundance of bonus features are a better bet.

How can you determine a slot’s bonus features at the number 1 online casino South Africa?  By tapping on the information icon, as described under the volatility section.

Paytables:  This is where you’ll acquire all most pertinent information.  They reveal the prizes associated with each gaming symbol – and payouts are quoted as multiples of the current payline wager.  To calculate the cash value of the respective prizes, simply divide your total stake by the number of paylines and multiply the answer with the posted payout.

The games offering more substantial payouts are the way to go.  That is especially true if the ‘low paying’ symbols offer neat winnings too.  Besides the payouts, the bonus features and their corresponding powers and prizes are also listed on the paytable.

Trick #2 – use easily available data to make the right gaming choice.

Play Low Volatility Slots at Springbok Casino

Another trick that can enhance the win to loss ratio is to play the low variance games.  Risk is contained and you do not need a substantial bankroll.  What is more, you can enjoy extended gaming sessions at our online casino South Africa!

When you play online slots with low volatility, the payout permutations keep rolling in.  That makes gaming all the more exciting and enjoyable.  It also gives you the chance to accumulate prizes.  That way, you can slowly build a positive balance in your online casino account.

What are some of the low variance slots at Springbok Casino that you can aim for?  That would be games like:

  • Gem Strike
  • Epic Holiday Party
  • Frog Fortunes
  • Dr Winmore
  • Vegas Lux

Trick #3 - embrace a low volatility slots strategy and the probability of winning is the highest it will ever be!

Always Bet with Low Stakes

Contrary to popular opinion, the size of your wager has no influence on the odds.  That is because payouts correlate with the value of the payline bet.  Since a random number generator delivers the results, your bet value will have no impact whatsoever.  It is however true that if you bet more, your payouts will be bigger – but the risk is higher too.

A good tactic is to stick to the low to medium stakes.  That way, you won’t lose a small fortune when the reels roll in nothing of value at all.  Whether you like it or not, losses are bound to happen when you play slots online.

At the end of the day, gaming is meant to be fun.  If you happen to win a few rand here and there, that is an added bonus.  What you do not want to do is play with money you can’t afford to lose.  Approach each of your gaming sessions with this in mind, and you’ll enjoy it even more!

Trick #4 – mitigate your losses by sticking to the low end of the available betting range.

We’ve already touched on sticking with lower bet values… but this is also the perfect way to mitigate losses.  Think of it as defensive driving.  When you choose your online slots carefully and play with caution, there is always a chance of ending a gaming session as a winner!

Finally, the ultimate trick to enjoying the best slots is to sign up at our online casino South Africa!  You’ll find hundreds of titles to pick and choose from, along with handy bonuses that often include free spins on popular and new online slots!