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One thing us Saffers don’t do is stagnate.  We go with the flow, evolve with the times – we’re about as flexible as a lekker piece of fresh droëwors.  Sometimes this isn’t a good thing, but in the case of gambling online sites, it’s great!  So great, in fact, that Mzansi is taking the leap.

Online Betting in South Africa Takes the Lead

Older generations are generally set in their ways.  Remember what a hard time we all had teaching ouma and oupa how to use a TV remote, let alone a cellphone?  Well, even that has changed.  Every oom and tannie out there has a smartphone on their hip and they know how to use it too!

This brings us to how online betting in South Africa has changed.  Right when online bets in South Africa first became a thing, it was mostly the young ones who eagerly participated.  Then came the generation who was raised on technology – and that trend continued.

Today, the vast majority of the population head to online betting sites in South Africa for their gaming fix.  Why are gambling online sites such as Springbok Casino attracting more players each and every month?  There are many reasons behind this great migration…

Online Bets in South Africa are Convenient

Time is a valuable commodity in this country.  With loadshedding, it seems like we never have enough of it!  Every day is a rush to get even the most basic household chores done, let alone the things we have to do, such as work.

With limited time, enjoying some gaming action at gambling online sites is the easiest way to bet, play and win in ZAR.  You can easily spare a few minutes here and there to quickly log into Springbok Casino to place a few bets and play a few rounds.

Gambling Online Sites are Easily Accessible

We’ve already mentioned that everyone already has a casino is their pocket, so to speak.  There’s no need to drive to Monte Casino or Grand West.  No traffic jams or – when you finally reach your B&M destination – occupied game tables or slots.

At Springbok Online Casino, you have instant access to our entire game suite, 24/7.  We don’t have to close shop due to loadshedding – our instant play, download and mobile casino’s virtual doors are always open, without fail!

Online Casinos Offer Greater Perks

Sure, you’ll get the occasional incentive when playing at Gold Reef City or Suncoast Casino, but it doesn’t come close to what you can get online.  Yes, you might get perks in the forms of a free brannas and coke, or a romantic meal for two... but wait until you hear what you will get!

At Springbok Casino we reward you from the start.  Sign up as a new player and claim our R250 free no deposit bonus.  You can also opt for our 3 part deposit bonus that is worth R11,500 in total!  It doesn’t end there though, tjommies.

From our comp points to our VIP rewards, our new game promotions and cash backs, there is always something for mahala on the menu at Springbok.  At the end of the day, utilise our free bonuses and promotions to the max, and you can pay for many romantic meals and plenty of brannas and coke!


Online Betting in South Africa is Cheaper

Ja nee, we are all feeling it like a babbelas that won’t let up!  The price of petrol…  Travelling anywhere for ‘non-essential’ purposes has become a no-no.  It’s in some instances even become cheaper to get your groceries delivered than to travel to shops and malls!

Where does this leave us average okes when it comes to seeking a bit of entertainment?  Especially when that bakkie suips diesel like an elephant on a hot day in the Kruger.  Unless you fall in the top few percent who don’t live on a budget, online betting in South Africa is a cheap way to have fun without extra expenses.

Heck, you don’t even have to worry about paying for parking, drinks, tips – or any of the extra expenses that come with playing at land-based casinos.  Your only expense at gambling online sites is the real ZAR deposits you choose to make, and the real money bets you choose to place.

As you can see, like the Great Trek, South Africans are migrating to gambling online sites in droves.  Unlike the Trek, this migration is all-inclusive!  Our beautiful and eclectic Rainbow Nation is moving in the same direction collectively.

Now that you know some of the key reasons for Mzansi choosing online betting sites in South Africa over land-based counterparts, where should you play?

Springbok Casino Rated #1 in Best Gambling Online Sites

The nation has spoken and the votes are in – Springbok Casino remains the top-rated online casino for South Africans.  What makes us better than other online betting sites in South Africa?

  • Deposit, play, win and withdraw in ZAR
  • English and Afrikaans gaming interface
  • Free no deposit bonus and ongoing promotions
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Hundreds of games covering every category
  • New games released frequently
  • High-end RealTime Gaming software powers our casino and games
  • Safe and secure with the latest technology in place
  • A uniquely South African branded casino, for South Africans!

These are just a few of the reasons why our patrons consistently choose us as their destination to place online bets in South Africa.  Along with the convenience, cost-effectiveness and ease of access, Springbok Casino is one of very few gambling online sites that specifically cater for South Africans.  We might be the only one, and if not, we’re certainly the best!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out either.  Look at our casino.  We consciously and proudly chose green and gold to design our interface as these colours represent the nation.  Even our invincible national rugby team sport the Springbok colours!

If you’ve been sifting through gambling online sites, trying to find a place to call ‘home’, look no further.  Whether you prefer English or Afrikaans, our platform can transform to accommodate you.  We are also ready to take your bets in South African Rands, which makes online betting in South Africa infinitely easier!