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Howzit, savvy spinners and shrewd bettors! Leap Year is upon us, and at Springbok Casino, we’re all about making those extra 24 hours count in the most jubilant way possible. What’s the plan, you ask? Well, we’re rolling out the green carpet with some dazzling casino promotions that are bound to get your gaming heart racing faster than a cheetah on the hunt!

Why make such a fuss about an additional day? We’ll get into that in a hot second. We’ll also delve into an awesome offer that is exclusive to Springbok Casino – and it involves merging multiple casino promotions into one! Keep reading, folks.

What is Leap Year & Why the Fuss?

First, let’s talk Leap Year - that calendar curiosity that pops up every four years, giving us a ‘spare’ day in February to do with as we please. What’s the big deal about an additional day, you might wonder? Well, beyond the science that keeps our clocks ticking in harmony with the Earth’s revolutions, it’s a chance to dive into something out of the ordinary.

You see, Leap Year acts as a little breather – a time-out if you will – from the usual rhythm of life. It’s like finding a hidden level in your favourite game or an unexpected free spin. This rarity makes it the perfect excuse to ramp up the excitement with special casino promotions. It’s our way of marking the occasion with a bit of pomp!

Here are a few Leap Year facts and figures to put things into perfective and help you realise how special this day truly is:

  • The average person experiences about 20 Leap Years in their lifetime.
  • Over the past 100 years, there have been 25 Leap Years.
  • With each Leap Year bringing an extra 24 hours, over a lifetime, this equates to 480 additional hours.
  • These extra hours are a unique gift of time, offering us a chance to engage in activities we love, try something new, or simply relax and reflect.

Do you get it now? Leap Year is a big deal, okes, and at Springbok Casino, we believe in making the most of every opportunity – as you all know! As we gear up for this once-in-four-years celebration, remember that it’s not just about the extra 24 hours. It’s about making those hours count with unforgettable casino promotions, such as the one we’re about to tell you about.

Leap Year Adventure’s with the Game of the Month

February at Springbok Casino is where the magic happens – and that is just during a regular 365-day year! Of course, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with us each year with great offers, and there’s a new slot that takes centre stage each month. Our Game of the Month, Robin Hood Riches, happens to be our February Slot of the Month… and at the heart of our Leap Year casino promotions.

Robin Hood Riches is your chance to mingle with Nottingham’s most famous outlaw and his crew. In 2024, playing this game means your usual fun comes with added perks. We’re talking double comp points that are allocated to your account automatically – and that is just for starters...

Now, for the dish of the special day… A 150% deposit bonus up to R12,000 plus 75 free spins! How do you go about adding these casino promotions to your Springbok Casino account? With unique bonus codes, of course! Head over to the cashier and redeem each offer as follows:

  • 150% up to R12,000 – Coupon Code: M0224
  • 75 Free Spins (for recent depositors) on Robin Hoods Riches – Coupon Code: F0224


You have the entire February to make the most of these casino promotions, and YES, that includes 29 February 2024! Read our bonus T&Cs (you’ll find them alongside each offer) to get the most out of these casino promotions. What about our Game of the Month? Is it worth spending your ‘bonus day’ on? Oh yes, it is!

Leap into Sherwood Forest for Bags of ZAR with Robin Hood Riches!

Join us at Springbok Casino for a Leap Year adventure that’s as legendary as the man in green himself with our Game of the Month, Robin Hood Riches. It’s a full-blown journey into the heart of Sherwood Forest, where casino promotions and heroic wins await. With SpinLogic Gaming’s masterpiece, you’re part of an epic tale of bravery, strategy, and, of course, RRRriches.

The game dazzles with its array of features – think instant win bonuses that could see your fortunes rise quicker than an arrow flies, extra Wilds that scatter across the reels with the mischief of Robin’s merry men, and Free Games that unlock treasures as if you’ve found the key to the kingdom’s vault.

The Spin ‘N Win feature alone is like stumbling upon a hidden chest in the forest, with wins up to 75,000 times your wager beckoning. Imagine triggering that baby with a spin powered by one of our casino promotions? You could be in the money, on the house!

Robin Hood Riches is the crown jewel of our Leap Year casino promotions for a reason. It offers a thrilling mix of adventure, charm, and the chance for legendary winnings. Let the spirit of Sherwood guide you to riches beyond measure at Springbok Casino and who knows… This Leap Year might just end with you bagging a bounty fit for a king!

Grab Your Leap Year Casino Promotions at Springbok Now!

As we embrace the additional day Leap Year gifts us – a quirk of the Gregorian calendar designed to keep our seasons in check – let’s make every second count. At Springbok Casino, this means diving into the fun with both feet, thanks to our thrilling Leap Year casino promotions.

Bear in mind that the action isn’t reserved for desktop users only! You can tap into the trio of casino promotions at Springbok Mobile Casino too, which means the fun follows you, no matter where you find yourself.

Even if your plans don’t include visiting our casino this Leap Year, remember, make the most of the bonus time you’ve been given. Whether you’re spinning the reels with us or spending time in another way that brings you joy, let this day be a reminder to cherish every moment.

Here’s to a Leap Year filled with adventure, excitement, making memories – and hopefully, mega big real money wins with our casino promotions. Have a lekker leap year, Springbokkers!