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What’s the best way to enjoy Springbok Casino online slots? With an added bonus. What’s an even better way to have fun when playing slots at the best casino in South Africa? How about with MULTIPLE bonuses? Welcome to the month of May – where bonuses and top slots collide!

Before we kick off this wild adventure that will have you fill up on free spins and match bonuses galore, here’s the most important tidbit to remember: Although the fun at Springbok Casino never stops, our two Springbok Casino online slots bonuses expire on 30 May!

Springbok Casino Online Slots Bonus 1 – Cosmic Crusade

Truth be told, we don’t know the name of the pink-haired commander or her chiseled-jaw co-pilot, but for all intents and purposes, we’ve dubbed her Commander Lerato. Commander Lerato is all set to take you on a stellar journey in the heart of uncharted cosmos with Cosmic Crusade.

To kickstart your space odyssey, how about we shoot for the stars with some generous free spins? Here’s what you can shoot (or pew-pew for) this month when you load the first of our Springbok Casino online slots on your screen:

  • Get 50 Free Spins on Cosmic Crusade with the Coupon Code “COSMIC”
  • Fly Higher with a 150% Bonus up to R3000 and 50 FREE SPINS on top, using Coupon Code “COSMIC-150”
  • Send your gameplay into orbit with a 100% Bonus up to R3000 and another 50 Free Spins by entering Coupon Code “COSMIC-100”

All these celestial offers are orbiting until May 30th, so grab them before they vanish into the black hole that is expired Springbok Casino online slots offers! Remember, a journey to the cosmos is better when you've got some fuel, so a deposit in the last 30 days is essential to redeem your free spins.

Cosmic Crusade Slot Review

Buckle up, space cadets! We’re about to blast off with the first of our Springbok Casino online slots, Cosmic Crusade, where the stars are bright, and the wins are out of this world. This isn’t your average space journey… It’s a cosmic party, and everyone at Springbok Casino is invited!

For starters, the graphics in Cosmic Crusade are so vivid, you’ll swear you can reach out and grab a shooting star – or maybe an Aurora from that recent geomagnetic storm. The space crystals are like disco balls for the galaxy’s biggest party… and those high-tech gadgets? They look like they could whip up a mean space smoothie.

Strap in and get ready to navigate through the cosmos with ease thanks to the breezy gameplay. The controls are so intuitive, even a space monkey could figure them out. Plus, with 25 paylines, there are more ways to win than there are planets in the Milky Way.

Let’s look at a few of the main winning features in Cosmic Crusades:

  • Jackpots
  • Starship Scatters
  • Free Games


Springbok Casino Online Slots Bonus 2 – Shelltastic Wins

Whilst we’re at it, we thought we’d name the adorably puffed-up pirate pufferfish Captain Shelly – because why not! In the second of our giving Springbok Casino online slots, you get to dive into the depths with Captain Shelly in Shelltastic Wins for epic wins.

Now that you’ve been to the edge of the earth and beyond, we’re bringing you right back down… Down to the bottom of the ocean! Instead of a spaceship, this time around there’s a boatload of free spins and real ZAR loot waiting to be claimed, as follows:

  • Grab 50 Free Spins on Shelltastic Wins using Coupon Code “SHELLY”
  • Score a 150% Match Bonus up to R3000 plus 50 FREE SPINS with Coupon Code “SHELLY-150”
  • Dive Deeper with a 100% Bonus up to R3000 and an extra 50 Free Spins by using Coupon Code “SHELLY-100”

Remember, folks, these splashy offers are making waves only until 30 May, so don’t miss out! Sign up, login, or do whatever you need to do to qualify for these promotions at Springbok Casino. As with our other offer, you need to have made a deposit in the last 30 days to unlock these deep-sea delights.

Shelltastic Wins Review

Are you ready to dive deep into the ocean’s abyss with Shelltastic Wins? This isn’t just another title amidst our Springbok Casino online slots collection. It’s a treasure hunt where the X marks the spot on every spin. So, grab your snorkel, and let’s swim through this review!

Leading the underwater escapade is none other than Napoleon the puffer fish (yes, we know it’s not really Captain Shelly), sporting a tricorn hat that would make any pirate jealous. He’s not just puffing around… He’s your golden ticket to the treasure chest of wins!

The ocean floor in Shelltastic Wins is littered with more than just sand. It’s a mosaic of colourful sea shells, shiny coins, and the star of the show, the luminous pink clam. Each symbol is a piece of the puzzle that could lead you to the sunken riches.

Navigating these waters is a breeze with gameplay that’s like smooth sailing. The 6x5 grid is your playground, and there are no pesky paylines to tie you down. Just match those symbols in clusters, and you’re on your way to claiming the booty. Remember, it’s all about hitting those groups of 8 or more to start the cash flow.

Here are some of the key winning features in Shelltastic Wins:

  • Cascading Wins
  • Free Games with Multipliers

May Springbok Casino Online Slots Rewards – Wrapping Up

This May, whether you're a star-travelling aficionado or a deep-sea treasure hunter, Springbok Casino online slots are equipped to fill your playtime with excitement and bustling action. Our special offers are just the cherry on top of some exceptionally designed games!

Don’t just spin the reels – spin them with style and a chance for colossal winnings, only at Springbok Casino. Go on, blast off or dive in to some of the best slots bonuses you’ll come across this month!