Play Online Casino Games for your Mental Health

We would like everyone to know that playing at an online casino is one of the best exercises you can give your brain!  There is a very serious scientific basis for this.  Online casino games are not the only type of games that make our brains healthier and stronger but, let’s face it, some people feel just a little bit guilty when they play any online games.  Let’s change that notion by looking at how games help us get heathier and stay healthier.


The idea is called gamification.  It refers to turning everyday activities into games.  In this way, a chore may become simply an activity.  The meaning of the word chore is something that we have to do but don’t want to do.  The more we can turn chores into pleasant activities, the better off we’ll feel and be.

Gamification refers to changing non-games into games.  It also refers to getting the most benefit out of the games we play.  Many people think that we have to play intellectual games in order to get the brain benefits that gamification can bring.  It is very interesting and amazing that even games of chance are good for us.

Chemicals in the Brain

There are two chemicals that are released when we play games that we can win at.  The first is the more commonly-known: endorphins.  These are called the feel good chemicals.  When we play casino games, we experience a big increase in our brain’s endorphins.  That’s why we feel good when we play games of any sort.

For online casino gamers, the only way the endorphins can be derailed in their desire to make us feel good is if we have a big losing streak.  That’s why we always advocate two ways to prevent losing at a gaming session from getting you down.  If you follow our advice on how to manage your gaming sessions, you’ll still feel good thanks to the increased level of endorphins even if you close a gaming session with a slight monetary loss.

The first way to keep your endorphins at a high level even if you’re going through a losing streak is by setting a gaming budget and sticking to it no matter what.  The budget should be the same type of budget you set aside for any other form of entertainment you like.  If concert tickets are out of your range, you can look for a lower priced concert.  You can listen to the performance on your music system.

Similarly, you can enjoy gaming with real money if the money is within your comfort level as a cost of entertainment.

The second method is to enjoy making small, minimum bets instead of going for broke with with overly large bets.  This holds true in all areas of gambling including the classic gambling areas such as casinos, race tracks, lotteries, and the stock market.  The excitement of the bet releases the endorphins.  If you stand a chance to win a little or lose a little, the endorphins will do their job of making you feel good.

Feeling good is good for our mental and physical health.


The second less well-known chemical is called leptin.  This chemical serves to make us feel satisfied.  When we eat out, we want the food to taste good, we want to be sated by getting enough to eat, and we want to overall feel satisfied.  Leptin gives us the feeling that we have had a good time.

When we go to the stadium to watch a ball game, we want our team to win but we also want the game to be exciting in its own right.  That chemical that gives us that feeling that we have had a good time even if our team lost is leptin.  Leptin does exactly the same thing when we play at an online casino.  It makes us feel satisfied and that satisfied feeling can last for many hours after we have ended the gaming session.

In this way, leptin helps us maintain a sound gaming protocol in terms of time and money spent.

All Casino Games Share Same Value

Some players feel that they have to play blackjack or poker to get that feeling.  Slots also contribute to both the good feeling we get from endorphins and the satisfied feeling we get from leptins.  The way slots help us is different than in the more intellectual games but the end result is very much the same.

Advantage of Online Casinos

The value of slots in making us feel good and satisfied points to many of the advantages online casinos have over land based casinos.  In slots, the story line, the characters, the symbols, the music, the graphics, and the theme all play a part in giving us a high level of entertainment.  At a land based casino, we are limited by the casino walls as to how many slots games we can sample.  In addition, we have to give up our place at one slot in order to play another.

At an online casino, there are far more individual slots games available.  Players don’t ever give up their seat to try out a different game.  And with the advent of exceptionally good graphics in the instant play format players can play at a number of online casinos directly on their server.  This allows players to check out the slots from many different providers.  All of these benefits release endorphins and leptins, making us feel very good and immensely satisfied.

Play with a Partner

Slots are among the best games to play with a partner.  You don’t have to concentrate on your decisions so you can play and interact with your partner at the same time.  Many people play a little of the games of chance before heading off to bed.  The good feeling lasts quite a while making bedtime more “pleasurable”.

End Result

Endorphins and leptin are good for us in moderate amounts.  That’s why playing online casino games are good for us as long as we play responsibly.