Springbok Does it All to Keep Players Satisfied

Welcome back to our series on how Springbok Casino works overtime and double time to keep you happy and to make your online casino gaming experience as good as it can be.

User Experience

In the first article, we introduced the term UX - User Experience.  Now we’ll go farther and show how the goal of user experience works with other corporate concerns.


You want every product or service you buy or produce to have the highest quality.  This is a lot easier said than done.  Every big company has a separate Quality Assurance department to make sure that everything it produces and markets meets the high standards the company has set forth for itself.

A small businessperson is his or her own Quality Assurance department but a big company needs a separate department to handle the powerful quality demands it places on itself.

Quality Assurance

The term we would like you to learn now is QA which as you can easily see stands for Quality Assurance.  QA is one area that leads to UX or a top level User Experience.  In business management circles, they talk about the Highway.  That means that every department must see itself as racing down a thoroughfare trying to outdo all of their competitors.

It is this concept of the highway that leads to the kind of positive results we get when we embrace economic competition instead of centralized economic planning.  There is a very close link between the ideas of QA and UX.  If the QA department sees itself as being on a highway at breakneck speed, then the UX department has to see itself the same way.

In other words, even a simple entertainment company such as Springbok Online Casino has to compete with its many rivals outside the company and has to compete internally so that no area of the total gaming experience lags behind the others.

In a company like Springbok Casino, there is a tremendous demand for the highest quality in all areas.  Remember, as we said before, a casino is a lot more than just a casino.  It is a lot more than just games, promotions, tournaments and jackpots.  Behind the scenes, many people work to bring you the best gaming possible and one of those departments is the QA department.

Here are some areas where we are constantly monitoring our performance for Quality Assurance.

Customer Service

It takes a lot more to assure good customer relations than just having a customer service office.  By now, every online casino’s customer service office is open 24/7.  So, a casino that wants to stand out has to go the extra step.


Here we must go off on a small tangent that is relevant to our discussion.  The prominent and widely-respected American commentator Dennis Prager recently wrote an article in which he described going with his wife to look for a new car to buy.  They went to several dealerships and found the young people working at each one to be wonderfully friendly, helpful, and courteous.  But he also felt that they didn’t care about the products they were selling, namely cars.

Robert Pirsig, in his monumental work “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” also described the need to care and to care deeply.  In Pirsig’s book, caring about motorcycle maintenance transforms it from a task to an art.

Another story from the United States is about caring about one’s profession.  When we see our work as a job, we care less about it than when we see it as a profession.  Robert Townsend, who took the Avis Rent a Car company to almost overtake Hertz back in the 1960’s wrote a book about his corporate experience called “Up the Organization.”  He also stressed the need to care.

The story here is that Townsend was in a taxi in a city where he didn’t live.  He had meetings scheduled and asked the taxi driver for his business card.  The driver was surprised by the request and said that he didn’t have a business card.  Townsend told him that even though he was “only” a taxi driver, he was a businessman and should see himself as such.  Townsend also told the driver that he could work with a permanent schedule of clients.  A few months later Townsend was again in that city and found that the taxi driver had taken his advice and had a booming business with many permanent customers.

The point is that Springbok Casino cares about you above all else and to get you to feel just how much Springbok cares, we go the extra step all the time.

Customer Service Part II

We got to this diversion from our discussion about customer service.  We train our representatives to know as much as they can about Springbok Casino.  We also train them to say that they don’t know if they really don’t know.  Rather than make up an answer, they go to a senior representative who does know the answer.  Our representatives learn in their first minutes of training that we want them to be the type of gate keepers who open doors rather than close them.

Eliminating Clutter

A British woman named Karen Kingston has written about the need to reduce clutter in our lives.  She says that reducing clutter releases energy.  Springbok Casino always looks for ways to make your UX as cutter-free as possible.  We streamline the casino and then revisit the streamlining process regularly to see if we can do even more.  We believe that a casino created by energetic people will look like it and energetic people are people who have as little clutter in their corporate lives.

You, our esteemed gamers don’t see the degree to which we try hard to eliminate the clutter in our corporate lives but we do so every day.

Unity between Multi-tasking and Total Relaxation

An online casino has to try to satisfy the needs of all its present gamers and all potential gamers as well.  Some players want the casino to provide total relaxation.  To this end, we provide hundreds of excellent games of chance such as slots and roulette.  We also have a great specialty game called Banana Jones.  This is about as silly as a game can be and thousands of gamers play it when they want to relax and remove the mental toxins from their minds.

Our slots tournaments are another form of the Total Relaxatiuon concept.  There is either no buy in or a very small one.  The purpose of our many slots tournaments is to expand your slots play to arrive at the purest form of fun and relaxation possible.

Other players love multi-tasking.  For them we have all the decision based games such as video and table poker and blackjack.  For these gamers, the challenge of evening the odds with the house drives them. 

Many video poker players play multi-hand video poker for the greater challenge of challenging their own analytical limits.  The most challenging games sharpen your focus and make your thoughts clearer.

The Long Reach of Caring

This edition of our multi-part set of articles on how we at Springbok do our utmost to keep you happy dealt in large part with the idea of caring.  We hope you understand the extent to which we care and try to exude the energy that come s from caring in everything we do for you.

We’ll continue this discussion next time.