How to (not) get distracted at a land-based casino

There are many reasons why Springbok is considered to be the top online casino for New Zealand.  Some have to do exclusively with the games and services that Springbok offers Kiwis.  There are also many aspects of playing at an online casino that are superior to playing at a land based casino.

Having said all that, we also recognize that many online casino gamers enjoy an excursion to a land based casino and since New Zealand is a relatively small country, many trips to a land based casino can be made in a single day.  In this article, we’ll discuss ways to approach your gaming at a land based casino in terms that might indicate at the same time why gaming at Springbok has so many advantages.


Land based casinos cannot offer the same variety of casino games as an online casino can.  First, land based casinos have walls.  These walls restrict the number of tables and consoles they can fit on the casino floor.  Online casinos like Springbok essentially have no walls.  We have not yet reached the outer limits of cyberspace so we don’t know for sure that there may not be walls somewhere.  But, for now, there are no walls!

That means that online casinos can have a game that millions of people can play at the same time.  At land based casinos there may be several consoles of a popular slot or video poker game.  Nevertheless, you might have to wait for one.

Avoid Getting Distracted

The above discussion about games leads directly to the next thought which is that land based casinos have many ways to distract you.  They benefit when you get distracted.  If you have to wait for the game you want to play, you will probably play a game that is your second or even your tenth choice.  If it’s a game where you need to know good strategy to win, you may not know all the nuances of strategy.  When that happens, the house wins for sure.

Another way a land based casino will distract you is with flashing lights.  You concentrate on the light rather than on the decisions you need to make.  Land based slots are notorious for flashing lights, bells, and whistles.  Casinos know that these external effects attract players.

Casinos encourage women to dress provocatively because they know how much of a distraction it is for most men.  The casino won’t actually invite women to dress in skimpy clothes; it will have its own female employees dress provocatively and that will set the tone for casino gamers.

Land based casinos set an atmosphere and the atmosphere itself is both part of the attractiveness of the casino and a distraction to gamers. 

Land based casinos don’t have windows or clocks.  Many players get so caught up in gaming that they play long after they would have stopped if they were playing at home and certainly if they were playing at Springbok Mobile Casino.  When you play online, you always know what time it is.  At a land based casino, you might leave your phone in your room.  We suggest taking that old fashioned wrist watch out of “mothballs” and wear it when you go to a land based casino.  That way, you’ll always know when it’s time for you to turn into a pumpkin!


The biggest distraction at any land based casino is free alcohol.  Just one drink is known to reduce the average player’s decision making ability by a percentage and casinos make money on small percentage advantages.  At Springbok, we encourage everyone to play for fun and entertainment and to avoid alcohol whilst gaming.  The alcoholic drinks are readily available whenever you want them so close out a gaming session and imbibe if you wish.

Responsible gambling and responsible drinking go hand in hand.

The casino will also bring you free non-alcoholic drinks.  The trick goes like this: you drink a lot so you have to go the loo but you don’t want to give up your seat so you carry on valiantly.  Within a few minutes, you get up anyway because nature is calling.  The few hands you played whilst trying not to go to the bathroom are another small advantage to the house.

Free Restaurant Meals

The grand buffet at many land based casinos is already part of legend.  The casino will give you a voucher for a free buffet meal.  The voucher is worth a relatively small amount of money.  But by giving it to you whilst you’re playing, the casino knows that you will suddenly start to feel hungry.  You’ll think about the generous portions of meat you’ll eat when you go to the buffet.  And this amounts to a valuable distraction for the casino!

You continue playing and the distraction of the food you’re thinking about is worth a certain additional percentage edge to the house.

Avoid Unnecessary Travel Costs

It’s ironic and rather counter-intuitive but most gamers take a larger bankroll to a land based casino than they set out to play with online.  That’s because if you lose your bankroll at a land based casino there is essentially nothing g left for you to do. 

As we said, New Zealand is a small country so you could make a Saturday or Sunday trip to land based casinos and still get back home by midnight.  If you want to make an overnight stay out of your casino trip, try to find a weekend with a sale on hotel rooms.  Luxury hotels at casinos may be fun the first or second time but soon enough you start to wonder if the price is really worth it.

After all, if you can afford a luxury hotel room, your home is probably very comfortable as well!

Since the land based casinos in New Zealand are all accessible by car, we suggest that you never fly to one of our land based casinos.  Save your expensive flying out of New Zealand for a real vacation.

Springbok Online Casino

All in all, gaming here at Springbok is the best way to maximize your gaming fun!