Bitcoin is real money at Springbok

Springbok, the top online casino for Kiwis, now accepts bitcoin for deposits.  Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency even though there are already dozens of such currencies in circulation.  In this article, we will talk about the significance of cryptocurrencies and why it is important that Springbok has decided to accept them for deposit.

Casino Games

First, we need to understand why people come to Springbok online casino or any other online casino.  The purpose is simply to play hundreds of casino games from the comfort and convenience of one’s home or whilst one is waiting in a queue somewhere.

Online casinos have the great advantage over land based casinos of actually costing no money to access.  You have to spend some money to travel to a land based casino.

There are two ways to play online casino games: for real money or for free.  Many gamers do play in Springbok’s free play mode especially when they are learning a game that they are not yet very familiar with.  However, almost every gamer who joins Springbok or another online casino, eventually plays for real money.

Cryptocurrencies are Real Money

It stands to reason, then, that if the casino accepts bitcoin for deposit then bitcoin must be real money.  There are still many people who don’t think of bitcoin as being real money because they haven’t been able to figure out how cryptocurrencies work.  It is true that the way these currencies work is hard to understand.

To put it simply, you don’t have to understand cryptocurrencies in order to use them.  We use a lot of products that we don’t know how they work.  When we print a page from the internet or from Word we simply click on “print” and in seconds a printed page comes out!  We could say the same about medications, herbal remedies, and many other valuable tools of modern medicine.   Can you explain how sand becomes glass or how iron ore becomes steel?

An Israeli farmer from a kibbutz, which is a kind of cooperative living arrangement, said that modern farmers are engineers.  By that he meant that the dirt farming that kibbutzes did over one hundred years ago has given way to the complicated sciences of horticulture, agronomy, soil, and weather.

What Do We Need to Know?

If we can get used to using bitcoin without fully understanding it, is there anything about bitcoin that we should understand?  Do we need to know why Springbok has chosen to accept bitcoin for deposit?

We need to know what cryptocurrencies represent.  This understanding actually has nothing to do with online casino gaming as such but it does have serious implications for how we view the world.

In saying this, we accept that in the idea of bitcoin as a currency we have allowed politics to enter the simple world of online casino gaming.

Real Money Gaming

As we said earlier, there are two ways to play online casino games: for real money and for free.  We need to understand that bitcoins are real money.  They represent real purchasing power.   In the real world, cryptocurrencies are competition for government money.

Why Compete with Government Money?

In short, we all know how governments get money: they take it in the form of taxes and they print it.  The key to why bitcoin and all the other cryptocurrencies are real competition for government money is that they cannot be taken as taxes and they cannot be printed.

Why Do Online Casinos Accept Them?

Online casinos offer both a product and a service to gamers.  The product is the full set of games the casino offers.  Springbok has hundreds of great games and adds more every month.

Online casinos offer many services as well one of which is a form of online banking.  To that end, Springbok uses the top grade encryption software to protect your money in the same way that your online commercial bank uses the same software.

Springbok accepts bitcoin because the casino serves the public.  As more and more people have decided that an alternative to high taxes and freewheeling printing of money by the government is needed, bitcoin and the like have come along to fill the void.

In fact, the United States government has formally defined bitcoin as property and subjects it to taxes that generally accrue to property when it is sold.  The US government thus also formally denies that bitcoin is money in any real sense.

In the end, the US government may be proven right although it may also be proven wrong.

Joys and Benefits of Online Gaming

In a sense, we have come full circle in our discussion of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.  If these alternative currencies do indeed prove to be viable alternatives to government money, then it would behoove us all to have some bitcoin in our possession even if we keep them in our account at Springbok online casino.

The great benefits of online casino gaming shine through this discussion.  Even though we have to stay abreast of developments in the world, we also need diversion.  Games provide a great way to divert oneself even for a short period of time.

Most people who come to an online casino do so to spend some time just having some innocent fun.  The added element of playing for real money brings us back to the discussion of what constitutes real money.  So, the US government notwithstanding, Springbok casino has decided that bitcoins are real money and that you can use them to play at the casino.

Once you have made your deposit to your casino account, you are free to enjoy yourself to the utmost.  That is what online gaming is really all about.