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Detecting Covid-19: How Tests and Casino Games are Flattening the Curve

As many of us chill out, read a good book or play casino games on our desktop or device there is a small army of health care professionals prepping for the worst-case scenario in the battle against Covid-19.  Right now, South Africa is waging the war on two fronts – a mandatory 21-day lockdown and the mass screening and testing of people living in virus hotspots. 

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Top Coronavirus Protection Tips & Online Casino Games for Fun!

We all know the best protection against Covid-19 is to stay at home and play online casino games.  That’s all good and well, but when the pantry is laid bare and the fridge all but empty – apart from a few jars of ouma’s konfyt and aunty Mary’s bad tasting homemade Piccalilli – it’s time to take action.

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How the World is Dealing with Covid-19… or Not?

As you calmly play casino games on your PC or phone, the world is collapsing into chaos.  Leaders of the western world are looking increasingly infantile in their feeble attempts to combat the all-new scourge of planet Earth – the inimitable novel coronavirus.

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The Unique Jargon of Online Casino Games

Online casino games are the web-based derivatives of the brick and mortar casino classics.  They have made the great leap from reality to virtual verbosity without so much as missing a beat.

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Top Tips for Surviving the Coronavirus Lockdown

It’s official.  As of midnight on Thursday 26 March 2020 South Africa went into full-blown lockdown.  That means no wild parties, no sundowners on the beach and no socialising at all.  It’s for a good cause… and that of course is to save humanity from a pandemic that is simply not letting up.

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