Easy Ways To Be Healthier

So, here’s the thing. South Africa is beautiful and so are South Africans, and Springbok Casino wants to keep it that way. So we’re going to ply you with bonuses every Wednesday, straight into your inbox, but you have to promise Springbok something in return – you work to keep South Africa beautiful by staying healthy.


Here are 5 insanely easy ways to be healthier in 2015

1. Go for a walk. Get your heart beating faster on a strapping walk through your beautiful South Africa. The low-impact sport conditions your body, tones your muscles and strengthens your heart better than many other activities. And it’s free. Win-win, right?

2. Sleep wise. They say that every hour you sleep before midnight is worth double the hours you sleep after, so make a promise to yourself you’ll head to bed at 10pm at least twice a week. There’s also a lot of research saying that blue light – the light your computer uses – is damaging for sleep because it keeps your brain awake. Try turning off the computer and picking up a book (or get a blue-light cancelling app for your Android) and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

3. Cut back on meat. This is a tough one – especially for us braai lovers – but try to have two meals a week that don’t have meat. Asparagus, mielies, butternut, tomatoes, squash and potatoes are great alternatives and stuff you with goodness while giving your body a break from dealing with so much meat.

4. Drink water. The internet has been flooded recently with pictures of people who started drinking 3 litres of water a day and seeing the benefits: clearer skin, better kidney function, improved concentration and brain function, less fatigue and weight loss (because you’re not drinking sugary drinks like juice and soda).

5. Do 20 seconds of exercise a few times a day. Getting your heart pumping harder for 20 seconds can reduce stress, improve your mood and feel better. Why not try doing squats while you brush your teeth, calf rises in the shower, plies while you’re cooking, a wall sit as you watch TV and leg raises at the desk.

Just a few tiny changes to your day can make a huge difference to your life, so get motivated and get healthy … then you can reward yourself with a spin on Springbok’s R10000 January Freeroll on Achilles. Win yourself the cash for some new trainers!