feel good and help others

The new year may be well under way, but here’s a resolution that’s easy to stick to – make someone's day! Of course the happiness of others is all the thanks you need, but did you know many studies have shown that helping others can make you happier too! Here's 5 ways to spread the love in 2015!

  1. Volunteer: Not only can volunteering help you connect with others, it is also proven to make you on average 10% happier - what's not to love!
  2. Smile: Whether you're smiling at people you know, complete strangers, or acquaintances that cross your path, a friendly smile could make all the difference!
  3. Pay someone a compliment: Don’t be afraid to compliment that certain somebody - you know the one! Everybody loves to be complimented once in a while, so make their day, what are you waiting for?
  4. Pay it forward: When in line at a restaurant or coffee shop, show your kindness by randomly paying for your own order AND the order of the next person in line. They won't see it coming and who knows, they may do the same for someone else in the future!
  5. Be kind to your colleagues: We spend the majority of our lives with our colleagues so it doesn’t take a lot of effort to do something nice for them. Why not do all the tea runs one day, or bring in some tasty treats to make that Monday a little easier!