make your life better

By this point in the year, new year’s resolutions may seem like a distant memory so here’s one that’s easy to keep – be spontaneous!

We can all fall into the same daily routine, but it doesn't have to be that way - here are 5 ways to inject some spontaneity into your life...

  1. Learn a new skill: Teach yourself a new party trick, whether it’s mastering an obscure instrument or picking up a magic trick, it’s always good to have something up your sleeve for your next dinner party!
  2. Go for a walk: Take a five minute walk in any direction and I guarantee you’ll end up somewhere new. You don’t need to have a reason, just take the opportunity to explore your surroundings.
  3. Book a last minute trip: Few days to spare? Why not grab some holiday brochures and pick a random page – that’s where you’re heading this weekend... Don’t forget your toothbrush!
  4. Talk to a stranger: See someone every day on the commute? Why not take the time to say hello, you never know they might have been waiting for you to break the ice and you'll end up with a friend for life!
  5. Take a gamble (and not just in South Africa’s Number One Online Casino): That date you’ve been putting off, the promotion you’re too scared to apply for - just go for it! What’s the worst that can happen?