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Enjoy the top casino games always here at Springbok Casino. Every month we are releasing new casino games playable on your mobile devices or on your desktop. We are using Realtime Gaming (RTG) casino platform to provide you with the best and most up to date casino games out there.

Genie is out of the Lamp and at Springbok

After tackling the themes of science, robots and steampunk, Springbok Casino embraces inspiration from the Middle East. The company bases its latest game, 5 Wishes, on one of the best known tales in The Book of One Thousand and One Nights (The Arabian Nights), Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. One of the most retold tales of Middle Eastern origin, the story of Aladdin is one of passion, desires, dreams, freedom and love. How does it translate to an online slot machine? Very well, looking at the RTG final product, a 25-line video slot with dazzling graphics and brilliantly mixed special features.

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Welcome Dr. Winmore at Springbok

Real Time Gaming is on a roll, releasing space-themed video slots of stellar quality, exploiting the new honeycomb grid as the perfect platform to introduce celestial bodies as powerful slot machine symbols in a way no one has ever done before. While Pulsar, RTG’s previous release was fully geared towards what’s going on it outer space, the behaviour of stars and how an avid slot player can benefit from these phenomena, the company’s February launch will play with combining of the space theme with a bit of steampunk.  

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RTG Leaves Us Starstruck with New Cosmos-Themed Slot

After Magic Mushroom, RTG decided to abandon fantasy and the realm of enchanted woodlands and go straight to SF. Pulsar is the provider’s latest release and it invites you to venture into a cosmic quest to the unknown parts of the universe where you will get to discover treasure stars across an unusual honeycomb grid.

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Springbok About to Release Magic Mushroom Slot

Enchanted fantasy worlds, fairies and plants with questionable effects on one’s psyche – even if you’re a rather “square” person may sound tempting. After all, there is only so much crude reality can give us, so we often try to find paths to escape the routine and find ourselves surrounded by the mythical and inexplicable. Since childhood, we are told stories of magic, heroes, monsters and forces that beat them, and we grow up finding out that very little of those stories can translate into our day to day lives.

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Rudolph Awakens - Rudolph is Back in a New Adventure

The Christmas theme is something slot designers come back to very often. It is everyone’s favourite time of the year, a kind and family holiday which symbolizes harmony and happiness. Real Time Gaming takes this theme and puts it is a little dark humour situation in Rudolph Awakens with its Rudolph vs. Santa series of video slots where the spiteful reindeer and his loyal elves assistants go against Santa in a bit aggressive, but still funny way.

After games such as Rudolph's Revenge, Santa Strikes Back! and Return of the Rudolph comes Rudolph Awakens in which Rudolph is at it again, determined to beat Santa in a western-like showdown.

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