Night of the Demons

Does it get any creepier than spending the Halloween night at a mortuary? Clearly the authors of Night of the Demons though this would be a perfect place to communicate with spirits. The story starts when Angela and her friend Suzanne decide to throw a party at an abandoned local mortuary which is said to be inhabited by evil spirits. A bunch of high school kids, driving to the party location, pass a man carrying razor blades and apples.

Party starts with a séance during which one of the girls sees a face of a demon in the mirror, after which the said mirror shatters to pieces. Little do they know this has freed a demon spirit from the crematorium and will see them get possessed one by one.

From this point on you'll be seeing numerous gruesome and scary scenes, such as a girl rapidly aging and disappearing into the mirror, eyes being gouged out, tongues being ripped out.... The last two kids standing realise demons will return to hell once the night is over and actually manage to survive and escape by morning. Where's the Halloween in all this? Well, remember the guy they have passed on the road at the very beginning? He arrives to the house and starts eating apple pie prepared by his wife with apples stuck with razor blades, gets his throat cut and dies. A woman gives him a kiss and says, "Happy Halloween dear." Chilling, right?

Ok, the film might be a bit of cliché, but it has won the hearts of numerous horror fans over the years and was followed by 2 sequels and a remake. If you're into slasher / zombie movies and want to get properly spooked during the Halloween night, give it a go.