March 1, 2021 Johannesburg, South Africa (Press Release) -- This month, Springbok Casino (www.SpringbokCasino.co.za) pays tribute to some of South Africa’s most remarkable animals. Record-Breaking South African Animals features the tallest, heaviest, strongest -- even the deadliest. 

"We’re known for the Big 5," noted Springbok's manager, Daniel van Wyke. "But South Africa has a lot of other special animals that deserve our attention as well!" 

Record-Breaking South African Animals 

Smallest: The size of a house cat, the Blue Duiker is the smallest antelope in southern Africa. 

Strongest: A dung beetle can push a ball of elephant dung 50 times its own body weight 

Fastest: Cheetahs are by far the fastest sprinters on earth, reaching up to 130 km/h. 

Largest: The African Elephant is the world heavyweight champ, weighing up to 6 tons or more 

Deadliest: The venom from a black mamba is the deadliest and fastest-acting of any snake anywhere on the planet. 

Most Common: The national animal of South Africa, Springbok are a common sight in rural bushveld and semi-desert regions. 

Springbok's Record-Breaking Animals feature can be found at:

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