Lammie and Gertjie

The sight of dehorned rhinos is unfortunately not uncommon in South Africa, especially since the rhino-poaching wave in 2008 has put the survival of the species at risk. Many baby rhinos are left orphaned in this way, as was three-month-old Gertjie, found at the side of his mother killed by the poachers for her horns.

Traumatised little rhino was taken into the care of the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre in Pretoria. It was there that he met an unlikely friend, goat Lammie. The two now spend all of their days together and tend to copy each other’s behaviour.

Watching his friend bounce around, Gertjie tries to imitate Lammie’s movements and hop like a goat. It’s truly endearing to watch these two friends interact, having found what we all strive to achieve: a strong bond with someone who cares for you.

The Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre is an African wildlife facility working on conservation of rare, vulnerable and threatened species. The Centre has launched Rescued Rhinos @ HESC project, aiming to assist in the rehabilitation and reintroduction of orphaned and injured rhinos to the wild.