Powerful Viking and Aztec Kingdoms as portrayed in slots games

Television shows that go back in history have always been popular.  The show Vikings takes place in 8th century Norway and England.  Two other shows that have been popular recently are both 18th century shows.  Poldark takes place in Cornwall in the southeastern corner of England and Outlander takes place in Scotland.

Naturally, there were no smartphones in those days!  One of the best ways for modern people is to experience ancient cultures and societies is through some of the best Springbok online pokies.  In this article, we’ll review two top pokies from Real Time Gaming and featured here at Springbok, the top Aussie online casino.


This pokies game is based on the culture of the Norsemen, those that the Kings of England who were threatened by them called the Northmen.  The game features 243 ways to win and a large assortment of bonus features.

The culture of the Northmen is today considered mythological but to them their gods were real.  This game brings that sense to the pokies screen.  The Northmen thought of their gods as warriors.  So, one of the main bonus features is called the Thunderbolt in which a large number of Golden Wilds shower down upon the reels in the same way that the archers’ arrows showered down on their enemies.  This feature turns entire reels wild.  It can turn all five reels wild if that is the will of the gods.

The Golden Wilds make it much, much easier to win!

The Place of the Gods

Asgard is the place where the four main Norse gods lived.  The gods were Odin, Freya, Loki, and Thor.  Each of these gods has their own bonus feature in Asgard. 

First, you begin the free spins bonuses, called the goddess feature, by getting three scatter symbols.   In the Goddess feature, you get 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier.   Getting free spins with three scatter symbols is a standard feature of almost every pokies game so nothing new yet.  But wait!

When you get the Goddess feature for the fifth time, you are rewarded by the gods with Loki’s Magic of 20 free spins and additional wild symbols.  These new wild symbols appear on the third reel and as is the nature of the wild symbols, they dramatically add to your winning chances.

The fifth time you fall under the spell of Loki’s Magic, you’ll enter the Thunder God’s feature which is a massive 25 free spins and multipliers for wins that can quickly get up to as high as x6.

Now, you’re ready to shoot for Odin’s Valhalla which includes 30 free spins plus new symbols that turn into other symbols all of which reward you richly for your devotion to the Norse traditions.

A Wild Game for Wild Men

As we see in the TV show Vikings, the Norsemen were wild creatures.  So, it is very fitting that so many winning ways and multipliers are based on the wild symbols.  With Asgard, you never know what might happen next!

Aztec’s Treasure

Let us now venture forth like the Vikings did to a new continent.  The Aztec culture had its heyday about 700 years ago in what is today the country of Mexico.

Aztec’s treasure features the best graphics and sound available online.  Aztec’s Treasure uses color in beautiful, natural ways and elegantly juxtaposes the lush green of the foliage with the deep blue sky.  Big wins are accompanied by great music and visual dramatizations.

Aztec’s Treasure is primarily a treasure hunt.  You get paid royally when you find the witch doctor’s mask, beautiful Aztec women, small items made of gold, the leopard, and many more.

The free spin bonus round features a x3 multiplier.

The Aztec Queen, the royal jewels, and the jaguar symbols pay when only two symbols appear.

The King is the wild symbol.  Since the King only appears on reels two, three, and four, it cannot create wins on its own.  So, it acts strictly as a wild symbol.  The King is so powerful in Aztec society that in this game, he can be stacked on a reel.  Sometimes the King is stacked on more than one reel.

The Gold Statue is the scatter symbol.  It sends you to the bonus rounds as per all scatter symbols and it has an extra multiplier feature: five scatters carry a whopping 100x multiplier.

Finally, Aztec’s Treasure has a progressive jackpot that is unlike your standard progressive jackpot.  In this game, you can win the jackpot even on a losing spin.  That’s because the progressive jackpot is totally random with its own setting on the random number generator which is the software that determines the outcome of every spin.

So five of a symbol doesn’t guarantee a progressive jackpot win and a sad compilation of symbols on any given spin can win many thousands of coins.

Value of Pokies

These days there is so much to worry about in the real world that most of us need distinct diversions.  For some, the best diversion is footie or rugby.  For others, the best diversion is reading.  But most Aussies like to play pokies and these two featured pokies allow us vicariously to fully experience cultures that are long gone.

Both the Vikings and the Aztec’s were super powers in their individual heydays far apart from each other. 

These pokies also play very well on the Springbok mobile platform so you can enter the Aztec or the Viking worlds for brief “excursions” even when you are on the go in the modern world!